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Travel, Networking and Netflix

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Published on: 02 Sep 2020

Ever had that desire to quit your job and become a travel blogger? Of course, you did. It's so tempting an offer to resist!
I was fortunate enough to earn my place in the traveller's community when I got an internship to travel and pen down my journey. It has been nothing less than a dream! Oh and trust me, the places I have been to - they hold MAGIC. Here is my list of top favourite, most exotic places to visit for you- 

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Lakshadweep Island
  • Maldives
  • Venice, Italy
  • Great Ocean Road, Australia
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Giza, Egypt
  • Spiti Valley and Ladakh
  • Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Jaipur, India
  • Barcelona, Spain

Exotic places to visit

This "Avery list" is ever-expanding. It actually comes in handy when my friends want to decide on a location to vacay! 
But my trip to Bora Bora last February has been the most memorable one so far. Not for the place but for the person I met. 

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Bora Bora had always been my dream destination. Even when packing for that trip with my brother, I was jumping all about the place while he ended up doing most of it. 
"Avery you are one lucky girl and I want to tag along."
My brother Adam was both envious and happy for me. Who wouldn't be? I was going to Bora Bora after all. 

So I survived my 19h flight from Mexico (all thanks to Netflix) and landed in Bora Bora. I was beyond myself, entirely blown away. This island of the South Pacific was captivating with its enormous lagoons and their supernatural blue tints. I checked in my bungalow to freshen up and headed out instantly. That majestic place was jaw-dropping.

Island of the South Pacific

I toured around a bit but felt alone. The place was mostly flooded with couples with only a few solo travellers like me. Nevertheless, I travelled to record and share my experience with the world. 

There was something truly enchanting about this place. It was so picturesque that I longed for my family to be there. My first day at Bora Bora was filled with sudden bursts of nostalgia. So I rang them up every now and then to flaunt my view. Other times when I felt lonely (which I was after work), I used to turn to my trusted Netflix. It gave my mind some distraction. I vividly remember watching Lucifer while overlooking the infinity pool of my stay. Netflix has been my anchor all along. With my job taking me to places and the frequently changing scenery, I longed for something permanent. Netflix was it. This was my brother's idea where he and I would decide on a show, watch it, and discuss the takeaway every time. 

woman at infinity pool

For the next couple of days in Bora Bora, I chose to tour the inner depths of the Island, away from the blue and closer to the green. While touring, I came across a fellow solo traveller, busy with his drone, and seemed a bit tensed. I went up to socialize anyway. 
"Can I be of any help?", I enquired. 
He instantly got up from the ground and replied "Hi! I am Dylan and I am struggling with my drone's broken propeller wing." 
I took a look and his drone was in really bad shape. So I offered him mine to use. He flew it up and about. I could see that he was extremely skilled with drones. He shot the most beautiful aerial videos. Dylan took such aesthetic shots with ease.

In about four hours, Dylan and I had captured more than enough footage of that spell-binding vista. We decided to voyage the island together for the days to come. I found out that he was staying just a bungalow away from me. While we sat down to dinner that night, I implored him to teach me his videography skills and he agreed. Being a travel blogger, my work included mostly exploration and writing. But pursuing my interest, I bought a drone sometime ago, hovered it a few times but never really got a chance to learn to shoot videos with it. This was my chance - hands-on experience for Avery!

For the next few days, we would both go together to adventure and explore. We even tried snorkelling and surfing. It was such a thrill.
Dylan with his drone and I with my journal wandered about Bora Bora. He regularly threw me some essential drone-related tips and I noted them down ardently. While I was revelling in our adventures, the thought of Netflix completely escaped my mind. I guess you don't need distractions with good company. 

bora bora beach

Towards the end of my trip, I became a decent drone user. All thanks to Dylan! But there was so much more left to learn and even more was the distance between us from Mexico to Florida. 
Before parting, Dylan introduced me to his community of vloggers at a networking and learning platform, Kool Stories. Here they learned and shared. I instantly got aboard.
We bid our goodbyes to Bora Bora. But to this day Dylan shares his wisdom with me through Kool Stories. The app is a goldmine for learners and skilled professionals to find each other, connect and share knowledge. Download Kool Stories now if you wish to take skill-sharing up a notch.