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The Best Fitness Strategy of 2022

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Published on: 13 Aug 2020

There have been countless times when I attempted to stick to a diet and wellness regime but all attempts to stay fit were in vain. I am Alex, a 24-year-old writer, who deliberately wanted to eat the right calories and attain the desired weight loss. But with the Internet always producing about 56,8000,000 results in 0.48 seconds, making a choice becomes tough.
My trusted browser enlists that the best fitness strategy of 2022 is -

●    Having the right calorie intake with a diet rich in carbs, fats, protein, and vital nutrients.
●    Including weight lifting into your workout strategy
●    Doing the right amount of cardio combinations like running, skipping, burpees, etc.
●    Monitoring your fluid intake
●    Listening to motivational tracks and speeches
●    Taking ample rest for weight loss
●    Indulging in relaxing post-workout activities
●    Eliminating Stress from your lifestyle
●    Incorporating different workout moves and forms into your workout

This list can go on and on. The lengthier it gets, the more difficult it becomes to be fit. Thanks to fancy fitness marketing, everyone has begun feeling out of shape.

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But most importantly, every person in my friend group had trouble keeping true to their diet strategy or finding the motivation to work out. I remember discussing this issue with my boyfriend, Noah, over the call. After complaining about the corporate culture and exchanging our daily dose of gossip, the dinner topic popped up.

girl talking to her friends

He tauntingly asked, "Is someone on board the fitness train or is she still binge-eating Pringles at the station lounge?" I shamelessly replied that I had fallen off the healthy nutrition and diet wagon.
Noah was probably expecting this answer.

He was well aware of my whimsical personality. My boyfriend and I make a peculiar couple. He is a fitness enthusiast who practices discipline and regularity with his health and workouts. I am more of a workaholic, whose love for language and writing is unparalleled.

After hanging up an hour-long phone call, he immediately video called me, "I have just these bare minimum items and I am starving. Come up with something that I can cook."
I could feel his panic from afar. He is someone who couldn't just eat anything out from a can. He is pedantic about freshly cooked meals and this was the first time he was out of essentials. I instantly asked him to download Kool Stories and put up a Query to the cooking community where he would get help on what he should cook with the ingredients at hand.  After some prompt possible suggestions from the #Koolcommunity, he prepared the most elegant dish. The helpful folks in the community literally saved the day. 

Man Learning Cooking

Learning from that incident, Noah created an entire menu for a week. This way he managed his grocery shopping and was always stocked up in advance.
To be honest, I was inspired by his management. We scheduled his meals together and it proved convenient. Moreover, his health benefited from it. Seeing him work hard for his job, his fitness, and making efforts that actually counted, I decided to make amends in my lifestyle too.

Noah instantly pulled out his whiteboard and from 13,0000 km away, he helped me create the most fitting diet and fitness regime.

"You have to ardently follow this routine. We will connect every night while cooking dinner to make sure that neither of us is tempted to order a pizza or anything unhealthy", he pressed. My diet regime incorporated all those healthy things I actually loved to eat but in controlled portions.

Every night since, we connected on a video call while preparing dinner. I became dedicated and true to my diet strategy. Gradually, Noah and I started sharing workout strategies too that could benefit us both. This was the most committed I had ever been. I could track a significant change in my health and a certain hearty spike in my energy levels because of improved nutrition. The goal of our fitness strategy was not to lose weight but to become strong by making healthy eating choices.
The bond Noah and I shared grew stronger with each passing day. I had a constant partner, mentor, and guide to help me get on track. There was a visible influence of proper guidance and supervision.


Girl teaching the right way to excercise

My friends were also moved by my journey to fitness and self-improvement. The feeling of belongingness and societal connectivity, experienced through combined efforts, made all the difference. A bunch of people from my work also decided to create a similar wellness and fitness strategy. They used to get together on a video call every night while cooking. The gym goers synchronized their workout regimes and began taking part in group events and campaigns. A key fragment of connectivity and togetherness prompted people to unite to achieve a common goal.

Whenever I tell people about how I got to turn my lifestyle around, I make sure to mention the power of joint efforts. Collaborating on a project be it personal or professional empowers everyone with a sense of responsibility. People make genuine efforts to help others while they evolve as a member of a global community.    

Technology played a major role in working out a resolution to the vast distance between me and Noah. Being in separate countries we had never felt closer. I would say that the best fitness strategy in a technologically driven age like 2021 is staying consistent and connected. Such is the power of brilliant social learning and networking handles that help brings people nearer than ever.