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Old School Fashion Revival in 2022

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Published on: 20 Aug 2020

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I discussed with my sister this fashion trend called "colour-blocking" that I witnessed on the online fashion community on Kool Stories. Here you compile an outfit made from not one but many different colour combinations. 
She outright rejected it saying, "It is loud for my taste." My sister, Stass has always loved easy and breathable clothing with single or monochromatic shades. I fathomed how the idea of colour-blocking was way out of her league. 

I on the other hand am always into experimenting with clothes. As per my taste, basic seems boring. Therefore, you will always find me in pursuit of the most out-of-the-box fashion trends. This eccentric taste has led me to become the recipient of both admiration and critique. Nevertheless, such comments and compliments never stood in my way. With the exact same energy, I established my fashion boutique two years ago in Toronto.  
My fashion sense has always served people with the chicest, awe-inspiring, and comfortable looks. 

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But recently layering and colour-blocking have caught my attention. I went online and gathered all that I could about this new fashion trend. I found a lot of resources. It seemed as if all my fellow fashion enthusiasts were bringing their own twist to this concept. 

Sitting in my studio, I wondered, "What if I were able to bring together all these enthusiasts and produce something entirely new?"

My mind was flooded with incomings of collaborating with like-minded people, who shared my interest in fashion and creation. As I pondered further, Stass shook me back to reality. 

"We better get moving. My book club friends begin sharply at 5."
I left my trail of thoughts to join Stass and her friends at this book club meeting they fondly hosted every Saturday. 
Honestly, if it weren't for my twin (who by the way is a bibliophile), I would never even consider joining a book club. 
So far I have only been to one such meeting, where I was whiling away time on social media. In fact, this time I intended to do the same. 

These punctual pedantic started by discussing their favourite books, all their darling characters, the overall impact of the book they read, and which upcoming books were on their 'read list'. This was the regular way these book club meetings generally proceed. 
But during the last segment, Ayesha came up with a novel idea. She came up with the concept of "reading skills exchange". To me, it sounded like a college program! But I was sold when she went on to explain what it entailed. 

This reading skill exchange was an activity where each group club member was to prepare a list of their reading strengths and weaknesses. They were to analyze themselves on their reading abilities and largely realize their strong suites, pleasing and problematic genres, any/all reading skills, and measure themselves on all related verticals. The aim of this activity was to teach and improve each other together. 


Although it took these girls an extra hour to complete this activity, I sat there dumbstruck and amazed at the learning opportunity they created for themselves. 

I wondered if my peers and competitors would be up for something similar in the Kool Stories fashion community. 
On our way home I had already prepared a formal invite to my event that I called "Learning for Fashion". 
I formatted my invites and sent them out to everyone in the Kool community. It is a lifesaver! I was easily able to find all like-minded people genuinely interested in being a part of my endeavour. The 200+ global skill communities on the app make it a wholesome learning and knowledge-sharing experience. Try the app now! 

I was shocked when most of them RSVP to it. Now I was to host, learn, and collaborate. 

Two days later all these people actually showed up. But the one person I really looked forward to was Oliver. Since our college days, he had earned the reputation of being the one with the most striking style and unique ideas. So, I pestered him to get involved in my little initiative through a video call. 

After addressing everyone with a slight round of introduction, I explained the objective of the meeting just like Ayesha. They were all down for it. All fashion wizards in the room were ready to learn. We sat down and discussed all that we could. We dug up old and recent trends, pulled out magazines, went down the internet abyss to unearth lost icons and their styles. Even without being physically present Oliver mightily contributed sitting all the way in the fashion capital of the world. 



We brewed a mixture of old school and the latest spring trends of 2022. Besides that this "Learning for Fashion" meeting shaped up into a huge source of interaction and learning. My peers were impressed with this idea. Moreover, I had found the greatest source of inspiration and creativity among my community of fellow designers. Since then, I have greatly benefited from this venture and look forward to joining the first of its kind, upcoming digital and social learning platform - Kool Stories. The best part about it is its genius to bring together like-minded people to share and collaborate. People willing to learn can readily find any mentor and grow in the presence of a global community.