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Live Streaming- A Real Life-Saver

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Published on: 20 Aug 2020

We all are aware of the many wonders of the internet. Social media platforms have helped us connect to one another countless times. But I remember this one incident where technology was an actual life-saver. 

I am Annie and I live in the quiet city of Shimla with my two husky babies, Frost and Bite. My cousin, Jasmine who was to get married in December was to come over to enjoy her last summer break as a bachelor. I took the liberty to chalk out these little fun activities for her scattered across her two-week stay.

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I greeted her at the airport with her two favourites, Frost and Bite, along with the beautifully handcrafted itinerary that I had prepared.
"You have outdone yourself Annie" she smirked, "All these years and you still haven't forgotten anything about me."

girl holding dog

Well, I was a perfectionist who paid attention to every little detail. Jasmine knew this but still got stunned every time I planned something so perfect and intricate. 

We went home, ate her favourite meal, and relaxed amidst the tranquil mountains. I was way too excited about her wedding and she knew that being the maid of honour I couldn't wait to show her my great book of ideas. 

"Common Annie, let's see all those designs and details that you have come up with." 
I sprang from my chair and went to get my big book of ideas. I am really into handcrafted things and this book I created had brilliant ideas about all things wedding. 

We sat down for hours discussing every detail, down to events, dresses, dances, gifts, etc. We had so much fun planning and making notes. The big wedding book became our holy grail by this time. 

Jasmine's stay with me ended quicker than I had imagined. All that fun we had was too captivating. Fourteen days passed us by in a swoosh. Nevertheless, we stayed connected. 

girl with her friend

It was November and I was to fly to Jasmine in three weeks. I was beyond myself with excitement. But suddenly I got down with this fever one day in the middle of the night. I tried my best but it didn't seem to go away. Finally, I visited the doctor only to be diagnosed with dengue. I was shattered. Besides being concerned about my health, I was really bummed about being unable to attend my best friend's wedding. 

It was a disaster breaking the news to her. My big book of wedding ideas could feel my pain. 
After a week of complete bed rest and care, I was somewhat able to sit straight. I had so many unanswered texts and missed calls. But the first person I dialled was Jasmine. The busy bride-to-be answered in a ring. I could see her panic. She was upset about return gifts not coming out the way she expected them to be. She held out their awful packaging and decoration for me to see. They were a sight!

I instantly came up with an idea to ask for suggestions from the decor community in Kool Stories. Their swift, valuable inputs were extremely helpful. Jasmine even met a local wedding planner online who was ready to come to her rescue in person. The app was a lifeboat. Download Kool Stories now- it makes learning, skill sharing and networking simplified.

decorations with unique ideas
The little decorations we created with my unique ideas came out lovely. They were just like Jasmine and I had pictured them to be. Even from afar, this maid of honour could be of actual help.

The wedding was just perfect and dreamy. Being the best girlfriend that she was, Jasmine arranged for a live stream of the entire thing, covering every ritual so that I could attend from a distance. It was the most magical wedding that I had ever attended.

Till today Jasmine and I recall how we came up with those last-minute decorations and the unexpected manner in which I was able to attend her wedding through live streaming. 
Strangely enough, all of Jasmine's friends have started getting in contact with me for help on kind of DIY projects. I have come to be popularly known as the girl who has a knack to create little beautiful and innovative things. While sitting at home in India, I can be a source of help and learning to many through Kool Stories. Learners and enthusiasts like us, can easily showcase their skills, gain visibility and transfer their knowledge in a digital upskilling platform and grow as a community.