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I Am Limitless!

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Published on: 02 Sep 2020

A student meets with countless obstacles in his learning journey. But one that is most difficult to overcome is surviving with limited resources. While most of us have access to numberless assets, others have to manage with just the basics. I belonged to the latter group. My friend Esha and I faced this issue in college, where everyone was busy in their pursuit, while we couldn't. 
She often ran up to me saying, "How do people have the luxury of learning ballet, Sam? We barely manage to pay the tuition fees."

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Esha was a huge fan of ballet dancing. She aspired to become a ballet sensation like Misty Copeland. However, with all the mandatory subjects in college and the restricting schedule, her parents made sure that she gave up on her childhood dream. But Esha being Esha, religiously practised her somewhat decent ballet moves in secrecy every night. 
On the other hand, I wanted to learn how to code. Consider me as that friend, always solving some equations or busy with his head dug in a notebook. But for me, it was coding and not some equations.  

Woman with vision

When in college Esha and I were a gang of two. We were both outcasts and never got along with others. So we would often help out each other with studies or independent work after college hours. 

One day while eating takeaway food in our dorm room, Esha sprung from her chair, went to get her notebook, and drew me a flow chart.  
"This is it. We have to follow this.", 
I was puzzled, as was clearly evident from the look on my face. 
She continued, "We will gather enthusiasts like us, who have nothing but pure talent and learn from each other's company." 

Her idea was not half bad. But to socialize was my major concern. Everyone knew that an introvert like me was as good as nothing at a social group. Even at college with over a thousand students, I had no acquaintance whatsoever, just Esha as a friend. She was well aware of my inadequacy to socialize and took charge. 
"Sam, I would rope in enthusiasts like us and you figure out ways to go about our passions." 
We finished our dinner, brainstorming for more brilliant ideas.

Within a week Esha was able to find a handful of people from college who had a yearning to learn something but didn't have sufficient means. We called ourselves "The Limitless." The Limitless group had only four members initially. But we slowly grew in number. Our group roamed about after college and was often found rehearsing, reading, and learning. Sometimes we would dig the internet for valuable learning sources, and other times we simply learned from one another. The final goal was to tap into every open resource pool for some knowledge and learning. 

Limitless group for some knowledge and learning

Sooner than we realized, each of us had started to benefit from this collaboration. I often helped Kacey and Drew (members of The Limitless) with computers. Drew, in turn, was good in calisthenics and trained Esha with balance. This cycle continued for months, we kept learning and got better. 

One fine summer evening our classmate, Emmanuel, came up to me. Initially, I thought that he had come up to me for help with computers. But it turned out that he wanted to be a part of The Limitless. Emmanuel had a passion for culinary arts and had an equally supportive environment at home, with all the necessities. I was puzzled when someone as enthusiastic and famous as he wanted to be a part of our group. I welcomed him nonetheless. 

Drew, Kacey, and Esha eagerly wanted to know his story. On his first day with The Limitless, Esha exploded with excitement and asked, "We all want to know Emmanuel what drives you to join us?"
Emmanuel being calm and composed self replied, "Except for my family nobody else in this college shares my passion for art like cooking. It is often that I get mocked for pursuing my dream. My main motive behind joining The Limitless is to be with a bunch of people who share my energy and passion." 

Bunch of people who share my energy and passion

Emmanuel had very beautifully summed up what each of us often felt. We welcomed him wholeheartedly and celebrated our fifth member. 
It has been two years since college and The Limitless still exists. Thanks to Kool Stories - digital learning and skill-sharing platform, where we were able to continue this practice of learning and sharing forever. Download the Kool Stories app now to experience swift, efficient and personalised learning with like-minded people. But being limitless truly starts from yourself.