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Terveen Gill(Author & Writer)

Terveen Gill is an author of English graphic novels. Her work profile includes story research, scriptwriting, and art direction. She has self-published three short stories e-books and is an award-winning short story writer. Terveen is the editor of MasticadoresIndia, an online publication, and is a writer for the e-publications ‘The Writing Cooperative’ and ‘The Ascent’. Her passions also include scripting and directing short films which have been shortlisted and showcased at various film festivals. Her versatile writing style is her strength and has seen her through many seasons of writing. Two of her novels, works in progress, will soon see the light of day. She harbors fond memories of her childhood years in the United States, and now lives in Chandigarh, a beautiful city in North India. Website: https://terveengill.com

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Terveen Gill
Terveen Gill



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