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John Theodoridis was born in 1995 in the city Thessaloniki, where he grew and slowly took his first art steps. As a small child, he loved telling stories through his drawings and later persuited an education on 3d animation/graphic design at IEK AKMI and comics/sculpting at Comink school. His first self published comic was presented at the 2018's Comicon in Thessaloniki, entitled: Tales from the Outlands. Some of his architectural drawings have been hosted in the magazine Thessalonikeon Polis and he has also prepared a poster for the cbd method. He recently concluded illustrations for a teenage book that is soon to be released. Among the rest, he has participated to a plethora of local amateur comic conventions, such as Enati's Diastasis' Comic 'N Play. The drive to expand his knowledge on his craft is continuous, along with hopes for whatever the future may hold for his career.

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JL Theodor
JL Theodor

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