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Hana Photographer(Photographer)

Hana has been doing fashion, travel, portrait, family and couple photography for 3 years. Based in Ontario, she has had opportunities to travel worldwide and capture elements of various cultures and lifestyles. Recently sharing her talent on social media, Hana is known to have a unique style and a rare eye that captures beauty in the people she shoots with. With a craving to be independent, Hana saw doing what she's best at as an escape from the stress of life. The young photographer likes to say that she does not work a day in her life while doing something she loves. But by providing clients and family with pictures of the laughs and memories they will never forget, she is also blessed. In the process of graduating high school, Hana spends her free time pursuing her passion for photography. And in this journey, she hopes to connect with other individuals that share the same love for the camera.


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