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Cline Charles(Chef)

I grew up in a restaurant with a lot of money. One day that restaurant burnt down. My parents decided to rebuild it. During that time they went into serious debt. Dont talk to me about insurance policies... Don't pretend to know the whole story. I'm telling you what happened. Next, my dad gave up and stopped working. For a long time, it made me so angry. Honestly, I understand him now. Being a chef is hard work. People tend to criticize as if they can do better. Long story short, I worked all day, every day in the kitchen over the last decade. We sold that restaurant property but continue to cater to this day. Whats the real purpose of that story? Well, I had to take nothing and turn it into something. I had to wash a lot of dishes. Do I expect everybody to be able to do this? Absolutely not; that's why I did it. Maybe some people think I suck. Maybe some people think I'm stupid. Maybe some people think I just got lucky. Well, I don't care what they think. I like to wash dishes!

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