What is KoolStories?

KoolStories is the first social learning platform where experts and learners actively interact with each other with a common aim: upskilling. It is the ideal platform to cultivate your passions or upskill in a new domain at your own pace while exchanging knowledge with passionate learners and inspiring creators. It solves online learning's biggest problems - Stale information and passive learning. The app ensures a wholesome learning experience through learning snippets, micro-courses, community chats, and one-on-one sessions with experts.

What are the features of the KoolStories app?

KoolStories has many unique features that shape the online learning experience in a new way. The app helps users smoothly navigate with a clean and straightforward UI. The main page is filled with learning snippets, which are knowledgeable and entertaining. With micro-courses on various topics, you can gain knowledge in 30 minutes. Each course has a chat in which like-minded learners and experts exchange advice. And if all of this isn't enough, you can always book a one-to-one consultancy session with a creator that will help your get to the next level.

How does the KoolStories app work for a learner?

As a learner, you get to experience an app where you are not forced but inspired to improve. KoolStories combines the best elements of social media and e-learning platforms, providing an innovative and unique learning experience. You can browse through learning snippets shared by experts, follow them and buy micro-courses instantly. After purchasing a micro-course, you are free to talk with the expert and enter a global chat room of learners. Finally, you can also book a private consultation with an expert to resolve all the queries and questions that come with learning.

What does social learning mean?

We learn through interaction and sharing of knowledge among us. For this reason, in social environments we upskill much quicker. KoolStories incentivise skill-sharing among passionate people. Notably, the whole learning experience is enhanced by communities of people that share progress, tips, and knowledge. This makes KoolStories a social network for minds, where only educational-related topics are shared.

What are the benefits of learning on KoolStories?

Learning on KoolStories gives you the freedom to learn however and whenever you want. With its convenient mobile-friendly experience, KoolStories' educational content is easy to access and always available in your pocket. The social learning space provides a supportive atmosphere where you learn effortlessly and with a lot of engagement. Learning snippets, micro-courses and live consultations provide you with three-dimensional growth. Plus, you connect with learners with the same interests, which drives collective growth.

Is the KoolStories app free?

Yes, KoolStories offers all users a free unlimited social learning experience. You can enjoy valuable learning snippets made by experts, interact with other users and share knowledge with no limits on the app. If you want a high-level learning experience, you can always buy a single micro-course for a small amount. You will pay only for what you learn because KoolStories' mission is to unlock knowledge for everybody with little effort and money.

What are micro-courses?

Micro courses are bite-sized and easy-to-consume courses that have proved to be the best way to keep high attention spans while learning. Micro-courses are 20 to 45 minutes long videos divided into 5-minute episodes that focus on a specific skill. With the course, you will also join a chat with the creator of the course and other fellow learners, where people interact and grow together.

What are learning snippets 'Snipts'?

Snippets are one-minute educational videos where experts share skills, knowledge and tips. They are similar to Instagram reels or youtube shorts, but with a significant difference: they always have educational value. So when you watch a Snipt, you will learn something new while being entertained.

Where do I report if I am unsatisfied with a course or a one-to-one session?

Firstly we apologise for any inconvenience you may have found on the platform; we are constantly working to improve the experience because we truly believe value is the first key to success. On the app, you can report your unsatisfactions in the 'Give Feedback' section or write your enquiry at support@koolstories.com.

How do I become a Content Creator at KoolStories?

Simply sign up on the 'Become a creator' web page. Alternatively, you can email us at enquiry@koolstories.com with a general description of yourself, including your name, skill expertise, and social media/website links. Our team will then connect with you to discuss the next steps based on the submitted information.

What can I do as a creator on the app?

As a creator, you are free to connect, create and communicate whenever you want and with whomever you want. You can share learning snippets where you can share knowledge, update learners and showcase your skills. You can monetise from your micro-courses and the one-to-one session you provide through the platform.