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UI/UX designer Job Opening: KoolStories

London, UK

About KoolStories

Kool Group Ltd. (parent company of KoolStories) is a London-based start-up centred on bringing modern digital learning and networking solutions to our fast-paced world. The company was founded in 2020 by Michele Lacerenza, Alessandro Canella and Jacopo Lai. The founders have great expertise in skill-exchanging networks and solutions. They firmly believe education is about sharing, exchanging information, and meeting highly motivated people. They wish to spread lifelong learning habits to millions of people worldwide, and with this in mind, they shaped KoolStories, a platform where learning is much more accessible, social and engaging.

Why you should work with us?

If you are looking for a young, dynamic and revolutionary working environment; or a position that gives you significant responsibilities and impacts, Kool Group will meet your requirements!

We are looking for people who have big ambitions and are full of excitement. Together, we want to revolutionise the education sector, providing value to millions of people.

Job description

We are looking for UI/UX designer to help our brand software become easy-to-use for our customers. As a UI/UX designer, you responsibilities will include understanding the target audience, gathering information about audience requirements, graphic designing, and evaluating various trends and other standards. 


Being a UI/UX designer at KoolStories will bring you the opportunities to be creative and innovative. We are looking for UI/UX designers who can lead in this role with design software skills and wireframe tools. If you have a portfolio of design projects that include website or app designs, we would love to meet you. 


UI/UX designer responsibilities

  • Unleash the creative side and be a major contributor in the UI/UX design field. 

  • Evaluate user requirements and collaborate with other team members to brainstorm innovative ideas. 

  • Illustrate creative design ideas based on target audience requirements.

  • Graphic design elements like widgets, tabs, and menus.

  • Build and manage website/app navigation, navigation buttons, and search fields. 

  • Develop product mockups and prototypes to illustrate how the app and site look.

  • Create graphic sketches, images, tables, and other original designs. 

  • Identify and resolve UI/UX problems.

  • Maintain style standards (eg. fonts, images, colors, and more).

  • Maintain layout designs by analysing user feedback.