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How is Yoga Fruitful For Beginners?

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Published on: 09 Jun 2022

If you are looking for a reason to do Yoga, you have come to the right place. The ancient healing practice is the world's most dynamic and adaptive physical routine. No matter your age, location, gender or health condition, there is always a Yoga asana for you. Not to mention, Yogis experience tremendous health benefits day end day out, whether they are beginners or seasoned experts. 

The art of movement and meditation is about changing your life for the better. You will be shocked to realise the impact mindful breathing has on your overall well being.

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The Benefits You Get From Yoga:

Yoga comes with proven benefits, and its application has been the same for thousands of years. Likewise, its perks have been the same. Yogis have developed new forms to cater to the new-age lifestyle with time. Let's expose you to some of the initial benefits of regular Yoga practice.

Improves focus

Yoga is all about focus. It is not about moving weights, nor does it want you to perform athletic drills. You are guided to be present in the current moment while developing a connection with yourself. More or less, it allows you to forget everything else and relax as you stretch and bend. 

For instance - Your Yog guru would advise you to focus on getting rid of anxiety and stress while performing the Sukhasana or Easy Pose. Not to mention, increased focus will help you in all walks of life. Thus, your centre of attention will be your work at hand, not your concerns and worries. 

Improves flexibility 

There is no doubt about Yoga's effectiveness in relieving physical pain and elevating muscle strength. Yoga is known to impact our ability to move and balance our motion significantly. The downward-facing dog, aka Mukha Asana, will help you develop shoulder, back, legs, and core strength.  
As you progress, Yoga asanas will become complex and more challenging. It would be correct to admit that Yoga experts seem to have superhuman strength. We are not meant to move our bodies that way, but that's how it works. Start today, and you will be able to handle your body weight in the strangest of positions.

Weight loss

If Yoga is your motivation to lose weight, you must enjoy patience. Unlike other physical activities, Yoga will not deliver instant weight loss results or weight gain for that matter. It takes time, effort, and dedication to experience its effectiveness. With Yoga, everything is slow but steady.

The weight loss won't be drastic, either. It will be slow but progressive, which will allow your body to adapt to the change in numbers comfortably. Also, your overall muscle quality will improve with time. The transformation will be gradual for thin people, but they will surely gain lean muscle.

Improves digestion

Let's face the facts! The modern lifestyle is sedentary, to say the least, with the excessive fast food and refined food influx. What does that do? Gradually, the majority of us start to face digestion problems which ultimately leads to irritation and resentment. Not to mention, it harms our productivity.

Yoga comes as an easy and doable solution. There are numerous asanas to help you resolve your tummy problems. You can try Paschimottanasana / Seated forward bend pose, Ardha Matsyendrasana / Seated Twist or Supta Matsyendrasana / Supine Spinal Twist. It would be better to get direct consultations from a professional, as some asanas are not advised to people with medical conditions. You can get in touch with our Yoga experts at KoolStories- a micro learning app that features one-on-one sessions with experts. 

Provides relaxation

When we think of Yoga, we feel about getting relaxed and being stress-free. Isn't it? Yoga is the one lifestyle habit which pushes you towards rest, relief and restoration. When aligning with zero ( nothingness), you can bet your life on Yoga. Even the simplest Yoga asanas like Shavasana / Corpse pose can make you feel loose and free of all concerns. 

When was the last time you bargained for a stress-free life? Give or take, you might have faced failure on most occasions. But that should not stop you from trying Yoga. Feeling free as a bird and relaxed as the ocean does not come as easy and as inexpensive as it comes from Yoga. Moreover, your sleep cycle will be thankful for your efforts. Here are some easy yoga poses to help you improve your sleep cycle

Pain relief

Yoga is well known to resolve chronic issues with our muscles and joints, and it is highly beneficial for people suffering from back pain. The therapeutic sessions will relieve you from pain and other factors that accompany the issue. The improved self-awareness allows your body to heal better. 
The downward-facing dog pose is famous among Yogis for the same reason. Apart from muscles and joints, Yoga also helps you improve your cardiovascular health. There are so many health benefits that Yoga might not be less than a hidden treasure waiting for your arrival.

Improves brain functioning

Yoga impacts your body and your mind, and it activates your brain areas responsible for attention, motivation, positivity, and neuroplasticity. Thus, you experience overall well being where your body and mind function in your control and for your benefit. 

Yoga is anti-depressive too, and the positive effects on mood are directly linked to self-respect and consciousness. In a way, a Yogi finds a way to elevate them from the hardships of life. Eventually, self-assurance boosts our mental health and also improves our immunity. 

Different Types of Yoga to Consider

#1. Hatha Yoga

Every yoga asana or form of Yoga that involves physical practice is included in the umbrella word -Hatha Yoga. This Yoga type is best for beginners due to its slow approach to movement and breathing.

#2. Vinyasa Yoga

This Yoga style is meant for those looking to improve their athletic potential. Its practice and asana forms will depend on your teacher as they can choreograph new sequences.

#3. Iyengar Yoga

With Iyengar Yoga, you learn to focus on the details. It involves numerous positions where a Yogi has to focus mainly on their breath. The Yoga type is best for those with a clinical viewpoint towards actions.

#4. Ashtanga Yoga

This Yoga type demands immense physical strength, which might not come naturally to a beginner. The energetic flows require mental strength as Yogis pass through six levels of sequences.

#5. Kundalini Yoga

Those looking to include spirituality in their Yogic practice would love Kundalini Yoga. It focuses on releasing and controlling the Kundalini energy flows, which are set to be trapped in our lower spine region.

#6. Bikram Yoga

Also known as hot yoga, it is performed in a humid room, imitating a Sauna. Its session includes 26 positions which are conducted twice. Not all yoga classes provide such facilities, so you might have to search a little.

#7. Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is all about holding seated postures for extended periods. People interested in attaining a meditative state are fond of Yin Yoga positions which can be as short as 45 seconds and as long as 2 minutes.

The cool down

As a beginner, you have immense possibilities with Yoga. Your choice of a Yoga practice depends on your nature and goals. Make sure that you learn it from an expert coach who can guide you as per your needs. 
Yoga practice can also have adverse effects if done improperly, so stay away from being your boss. Learn, train and share the experience with others. 



What do you mean by yoga?

In simple words, Yoga is a technique for bringing your body and mind into harmony. It includes the physical practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques). Yoga also comprises meditation, which promotes self-love and self-care.

When is the best time to eat anything before and after doing yoga?

Yoga should be practised on an empty stomach or two hours after eating. If you’re feeling hungry on an empty stomach then you can take a banana or drink some juice to exercise peacefully.

How often should I practise in a week to lose weight?

In the early stage, try to perform Yoga twice a week. Gradually, after 15 days, do it three times a week. After one month, perform Yoga 6 days in a week and one day off to enable your body to recover and rest. 

Does yoga help you to feel relaxed and re-energised?

Yes, Yoga definitely helps to make you feel re-energised.  Every yoga style improves calmness and brings in positive vibes.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga gives us enormous physical and mental health benefits. Firstly, it improves our felxibility and boosts our immunity levels. While practicing yoga, our breathing improves, energy levels are higher and our metabolism rate increases. It also focuses on curing cardiac health, and various body aches.