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Unique Christmas Tree Decorations For a Fun-filled Festive Vibe

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Published on: 07 Dec 2020

Well... it is that time of the year already, and your Christmas tree should literally come to life because why not? It participates in all your Christmas gifts, cards and photographs; and you ought to decorate it to tie the Christmas ambience together. Take a different route this time and step up your game with uniqueness.

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Get your supplies and little helpers ready; we have Christmas tree decorations ideas fresh out of the oven. 

1- Snowy Carnival Tree

Christmas Tree Decoration - Snowy Carnival Tree

Let the snow in; it’s about to adorn your Christmas tree after all. Go for the snowy carnival vibe to decorate a statement white Christmas tree. If you have otherwise bright interiors, go for this icy look for a sophisticated contrast. All you need are white, silver or grey tree baubles, lights, ribbons, and ornaments. 
For accent, use a white fur rug to place under the tree. 

2- Ombre all The Way

Christmas Tree Decoration - Ombre all the way

An Ombre Christmas tree is best if you want to add some shade to your tree. Simply choose a colour for your tree decoration and go all the way from light to dark with the ornaments. Start with the dark shaded ornaments or lights at the base and go light as you move up. To jazz it up, there is also an option to go with brighter tree lights at the bottom and go dimmer while moving upwards.

3- Sapphire-kissed

Christmas Tree Decoration - Sapphire kissed

Go blue to bring that sapphire tint to your Christmas tree. Playing with colours is truly a unique way to spice up Christmas. For hanging decorations, use only blue coloured baubles and ornaments. As a tree topper, get a store-bought or DIY Christmas tree topper to complete the look. 

4- Lingering Ribbons

Christmas Tree Decoration - Lingering Ribbons

Ribbons and streamers can also be used for decorating trees with an edge. Adorn it with a single or contrasting coloured ribbon along with small wreaths and accessories. This will be equally fancy and festive. 

5- Rustic Citrus Brew 

Christmas Tree Decoration - Rustic Citrus Brew

Citrus is the way to go. With this Christmas tree decoration, add a tangy twist to the traditional candy canes and cookies. Go for a blend of pinecone and preserved lemon or citrus ornaments. This tree decor will blend very well with a wooden interior. 

6- Contrasting Colours- Twin-tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decoration - Contrasting Colours- Twin-tree Decorations

Ditch the single colour of decoration because two is always better than one. Choose two beautifully coordinated colours for your tree and make sure they go well with your interiors. 
Accordingly, use dual-coloured ornaments and mindfully place them to give your Xmas tree the goodness of two colours. 

7- Flowery, Feathery and Flawless

Christmas Tree Decoration - Flowery, Feathery and Flawless

Green is not bad at all, but you can’t go wrong with a little flower or feather. This modern, contemporary and unique way is a must-try if you genuinely want something out of the box. Buy white or coloured feathers in a ribbon or ornament form and make your tree flawless this festive season. 

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With these magical decoration ideas, your Christmas tree will indeed become a showstopper. Go a little crazy and opt for a modern festive look. With that being said, we are here to lend a helping hand. Give us the opportunity to introduce you to a community of design experts willing to share their ideas and innovations with you. Download KoolStories now to grow in a company of like-minded people and gain new skills in over 20+ global skill communities. 


What do you use to decorate a Christmas tree?

There are tons of ways to perfect your Christmas tree decorations. While you may think that your options are limited to hanging ornaments and lights, here are some contemporary ways to give your tree an edge:

1.Select a theme and a colour scheme for your tree decoration.
2.Thow in the lights firsts so that they remain concealed to give an added effect.
3.Use ornaments and baubles that match and add to the richness of your space.
4.Layer your tree with decorative ribbons to add to the aesthetic appeal.
5.Get a tree topper that elevates your entire tree decorations.
6.Distribute the baubles and ornaments evenly across the tree.
7.Make use of a tree skirt to finish off in style.

How do you make my Christmas tree look fuller?

To make your Christmas tree appear fuller, employ these decor techniques and finishing touches that are clever hacks to make your tree bushy and more lively:

1.Fluff out the skimpy branches to bring the tree back to life
2.Use ornaments generously
3.Stick in natural branches for an added effect
4.Spritz the tree with a natural scent
5.Use pinecones and ribbons

How do you put Christmas balls on a tree?

To hang balls or any other ornament on a Christmas tree, you can go with any of the three options:

3.Florist wire

Whichever option you choose, remember to hang each ornament at an equal distance from each other without any decluttering. The larger or heavier balls should be hung towards the tree base, where the branches are more sturdy. It also makes the tree look fuller.

How to hang heavy ornaments on a Christmas tree?

If you want to hang heavy ornaments on your Christmas tree, it is best to place it towards the base. The best way to hang heavy ornaments on a Christmas tree is with a wire and then wrap the wire around the tree’s bark 3-4 times. If you wish to be extra careful with the ornament and avoid any falls or breakage, put a padding on the ground, under the tree.

When decorating a Christmas tree what goes on first?

While you are free to decorate your Christmas tree however you like, throw in the lights first, then proceed with the ribbon and finally go ahead with the ornaments for the best, most professional-looking Christmas tree decoration.

What is the correct order to decorate a Christmas tree?

Steps for decorating your X-mas tree: 

1. Ready the tree and gather supplies. 
2. Start from the top 
3. Add garland 
4. Add over-sized decorations 
5. Add ornaments 6. Add decor embellishments

What goes first on a Christmas tree?

The first, most important thing you need to do when decorating your Christmas tree is always to add the lights first – it's more challenging to do this after adding decorations like baubles and garlands.