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11 Trending Photography Styles You Should Try

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Published on: 07 Oct 2021

If you are a photography buff, it's always exciting to know new trends of clicking pictures. Knowing what to shoot can put you way ahead in the game as a photographer or a creative of any kind. With engaging & relevant content, you can impress your clients with original ideas and one-of-a-kind results. As a professional, you could notice an increase in your bookings. It is also an excellent way for amateurs to market and challenge their competitors with the imagery they create. With emotional storytelling and realness in your style, trends put you at the top of the curve.

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You might be thinking, where can I go to stay on top of the latest trends?

Don't worry! This article is a glimpse into the emerging popular photography styles of the coming time.

Upload the unfiltered beauty

Upload the unfiltered Photos
Somewhere on your photographic journey, you must have heard the advice: "upload real". You might be wondering, will posting unfiltered photographs make my photos better? Well, in the era of filters and retouching apps, leaving your work unpolished is a bold decision.

If you have made up your mind, then congrats! You have cut down the hours spent on Photoshop. Just focus on your models & embrace their natural beauty. Now that 2020 has brought up a greater focus on realism. This visual epoch is not a step forward to show a less glamorized version of who we are but to showcase real life in all its glory. Such raw and unfiltered portraits will give a unique touch to your profile.

Capture demographic diversity

Capture demographic photos
Photography is one such tool that creators around the world can use to eradicate stereotypes. Documenting diversity in photography has been a hot topic over the past few years. That is why these photographs are likely to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. So, the next time you dream a scenario, consider gender, race, and sexual orientation as the key elements.

Create visual confusion

Create visual confusion
These photos are taken from a unique angle that makes it hard to establish a 3D space feeling. You might wonder which is the sky, which is the ground? Is that a person or just a reflection? Forced perspective is nothing but an optical illusion. You can turn tiny things into giants or shrink buildings.

Context plays a hero when it comes to forced perspective photos. The image you create is an illusion, where you want people to ask, "wow, how did you get that shot?" Simultaneously, it would be best to make it easy for people to recognize what they're looking at. People often recognize a manipulated photo. But these shots are taken from a certain angle or position, making people puzzle over how the photographer got the picture. At the same time, you should make it difficult for your audience to figure out what makes the illusion work.

Set dark & moody background

Use moody background
Moody portrait photography doesn't have to be gloomy in any way. You can photograph a laughing person and end up with a moody photo.

As you begin to stage your photographs, remember that lighting, concepts, and angle play a significant role in this style. Simply modifying one part of your image can turn it into something with depth and meaning. Arrange dark-coloured backgrounds and props. Using black objects can absorb the light and help you be strategic about the bright spots you introduce into the photo. Make sure you choose the correct camera to click less illuminated pictures, as inadequate light can fill a lot of grain in your photographs.
If this is a style you are hoping to develop, you won't regret it.

Use minimalist approach

Use minimalist
By stripping your picture down to the bare essentials, you can give your audience a visual space to think- what's happening and help build a narrative. This concept of simplicity isn't new. Minimalism has been around since the mid-20th century. It has only risen in popularity.

Again, the success of your photo will partly depend on the charm of your subject. Of course, that will bank on your audience, style and photography goals.

Create Nostalgia

Create Nostalgia
A vintage feel in photographs creates both a nostalgic and edgy atmosphere. This can enhance composition along with adding charm & character to the picture. No wonder why this effect is a trend even after all these years! The look you're trying to craft is that of the golden age of film photography when people had all their memories printed on paper.

You can add some "fade" effect to your pictures, bringing out bits of details in the foreground & make them a bit flatter. At the same time, to get a vintage feel, your photographs don't necessarily need colours or blurriness. You can conjure up fascination by using compasses or old cameras, which can bring back the bygone age. Another way is omitting all stains from your image. It gives a timeless feel to your photographs.

Also, you can talk with top-rated photographers to understand the process of creating nostalgic photographs in detail. Just download our app and connect with them face to face. 

Go aerial

Go aerial
One of the most exciting technological developments in photography in the last few years is the drone – high flying cameras that enable you to capture unique viewpoints. It can bring a drastically different perspective than the one you get from shooting on the ground.

Now that the cost of getting a drone camera has dropped, you can have tremendous fun in getting those aerial shots.

Document activism

Document activism
Truthful photographs can impact public opinion and shape social policy. Learn to use your camera for the cause. All highly debated topics (such as environmental protection, equality, protest against the exploitation of animals and zero-waste movements) seek attention & can be used for visual storytelling.

Use Smoke bombs

Use Smoke bombs
Smoke bombs can be a beautiful way to add a blast of colours to your next photoshoot & the perfect choice for your online portfolio website. That's because the smoke does create an exciting background and can achieve stunning effects.
Your smokey shots can help stand you out and show potential clients that you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Give yourself self-talk about getting in on the trend and setting up your smoke bomb photoshoot!

Share stories of mental health

Create stories of mental health
Photography is not only a coping mechanism but an escape for many. Its varying styles allow both photographer and the audience to communicate, relate and understand the distinct depths of the human experience.

You can collaborate with mental health organizations and refuge centres to help bring unforgettable stories to light. This way, you can scrutinize and communicate different aspects of mental health and expose and challenge the taboos over the matter.

Try snaps from a video

Try snaps from a video
You might have noticed that still shots from a video appeal better than a picture captured individually. Have you ever seen a paused image from a slow-motion video of a person walking? It looks incredible and cinematic.

To grab a good image from a video, you can either rely on your superb pausing skills or use software to do the hard work for you.

In conclusion, whether you're in a creative rut or just someone who loves to explore new things, this article can help you step outside of your photo genre for a bit.

Have you tried any of these techniques? What were the results? Which is your favourite? If you have any ideas or recommendations for fellow photographers, let us know in the comments below and help out other readers!

If it doesn't work, don't lose hope! Branch out to a different style, wait for seasonal changes, practice recreating a photo that has inspired you for a long time!



How many styles are there in photography?

There are plenty of different photography styles out there varying on the subject, equipment, and personal techniques.

What is the easiest type of photography?

Though the most accessible type would depend on your interest, macro photography is still the easiest and suggested for beginners. As it applies to shooting macro detailings and insects, anyone can do it with the latest feature available in every smartphone today.

What is the most popular photography style?

Fashion, photojournalism, sports, portraiture are the most popular photography styles.

What type of photography is most profitable?

The easiest to sell and likely to get published, event, marketing and travel photography remains on top in terms of profit.

What photography is in demand?

Wedding, portraiture & nature photography are the most demanding photography types. There are good chances of earning well from each area!

What are the 4 things that a good photograph should have?

Although stating a photograph good is subjective, there are four essentials of a conventionally good picture.
It includes an interesting subject, correct technical settings, good lighting and clever composition.

What should be avoided in photography?

Apart from the technical settings, a photographer must avoid clicking pictures that do not portray a story.
Random clicks will never create a sense of excitement among viewers.