Pick up Something New: Top 17 Skills to Learn

Why is it important to learn?

Learning new things is a great way to become more able and independent. For all of us, it is a fundamentally essential process. When you learn new skills, you increase your chances to upgrade your life by manifolds. Not only this, but it also promotes your cerebral development and overall personality.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young."  
              -Henry Ford

Learning is to the mind what food is to the body. 
It must be forever and it must be healthy. 

We have assembled for you the top 17 skills to pick-up today. 

  1. Bartending
  2. A sense of style
  3. Dealing with criticism
  4. Social Skills
  5. Learn a new subject
  6. Meta-Learning 
  7. Veterinary help
  8. Video Editing or Creation 
  9. Transcribing
  10. Dining Skills
  11. Computer Skills
  12. Calligraphy
  13. Basics of Spreadsheet
  14. Sewing
  15. Self-defense
  16. Pottery 
  17. Chopping Skills

Make a choice and begin your learning journey. 



Bartending is a fun skill to learn. It is not only about pouring fancy liquor or tossing glasses in the air. Bartenders make use of their:

  • communication skills
  • sharp memory
  • the skill of recognition
  • people reading abilities
  • drink consistency management
  • cash handling techniques
  • cleanliness methods 

They do this all while making you that fancy Piña Colada. 
Bartending is a superb option for people with a vibrant, outgoing personality. 


A Sense of Style


Your style is visible in all your endeavors and practices. A sense of style adds a unique touch of individuality and is inspired by your personality and taste. It is self-expression by being your genuine and authentic self and majorly contributes to personality development. 
Identify and develop your style by understanding your taste, preference, and comfort zone. Gradually, you can come up with innovative ways to infuse your style in various disciplines. 


Dealing with Criticism


Apart from artists or creators, we all face stricture in some way or the other. This makes it a top skill to learn
Not every criticism is constructive and not every person delivers it subtly. Therefore, you must be equipped with tricks to handle criticism, be it positive or negative. The skill to deal with criticism allows you to extract healthy points of improvement and genuine suggestions. Moreover, it gives you coping methods and defense mechanisms when dealing with negative or hurtful criticism. 


Social Skills


Social skills are the unique superpowers that you use to interact with others. It is a diverse arena that includes both verbal and nonverbal communication techniques. While some of us are born with it, others struggle to use or develop the most basic social skills
Enhancing such people skills will lead to better communication and increased liking. Not to forget, it will diminish social awkwardness. These skills teach you how to be your most charming self by being able to read other people and reacting accordingly in the most acceptable manner. 
Begin small with your family or friends and don't shy away from social interactions of any kind. 


Learn a New Subject


Often we are intrigued to learn about fascinating research or a concept. Or perhaps you are tempted to take up an old subject that you missed out in school or college. It can be science, fashion, law, mathematics, theatre, music, or anything else that tickles your fantasy! 
It is never too late to begin. There are uncountable Massive Online Learning Courses, MOOCs, and skills exchange platforms to learn to your heart's desire. Utilizing these platforms makes learning self-paced in control and interactive. 
Knowledge, learning, and skill-sharing have literally gone limitless.   



Learning how to learn is also a skill. It changes your entire outlook on how your mind tackles new learning or information. Knowledge of meta-learning gives you a rough idea of your brain's cognitive and learning abilities. Meta-learning arms you with mental superpowers like retention exercises, spaced repetition, visualization methods, learning styles, memory techniques, identifying habits, and much more. 
The skill of learning how to learn can be mastered by putting in research and observation. 


Veterinary Help


If you love animals, then the skill of veterinary assistance will be something interesting to learn. There are vast online and in-person programs to guide you. Developing veterinary skills is a contributor to social work and is a great career prospect too. 


Video Editing or Creation


Learning how to make videos is a superb skill and is always in-demand. Even if you don't wish to pursue it professionally, learning the basics of video making is potent to convey thoughts, ideas, or messages in a crisp and consumable manner. Additionally, learning how to edit videos will equip you with tools to beautify all that you create. 




Transcription is the art of listening (to a conversation or audio) and writing it down word-for-word. The skill of transcription is in vogue and there are several professional domains where transcribing is a well-paying job. These include:

  • Video making
  • Legal and court hearing
  • Market research
  • App Development
  • Linguistics and phonetics


Dining Skills


Before you begin with any other skills in this list, it is highly recommended to know the basic dining etiquette first. Table manners are consequential for your professional success too. Most business meals are nothing short of an interview. Your potential employer or investor will be assessing every move you make. The way you conduct yourself at the dining table is reflective of your intellect, upbringing, and a lot more. 
You must learn proper dining skills and practice them daily. You may want to go online and look up how to eat different meals based on cuisine. It is never too late to learn. 

Computer Skills


Computers and technology have seized the world and you have no option but to upgrade. Computing skills allow you to survive in this tech-savvy world. You must learn the A-Z of computing to access files, the Internet, manage data, or use simple software.
Look up common computer skills you lack and find sources to learn. All you need is a computer and some basic common sense. 



Calligraphy is learning how to write beautifully. If you are someone with a creative bend, learn the skill of calligraphy now and incorporate it into your art. 
With calligraphy, you learn how to give your writing an aesthetic appeal. There are many online sources, practice books, and virtual courses readily available. This skill has no age factor and you can easily impress people with splendid snail mail.  

Basics of Spreadsheet


A spreadsheet is a great way to present your data, arrange it, and organize it systematically. Learn the basics of a spreadsheet, as it is a worthwhile skill and is widely used across verticals. 
Managing your work through a spreadsheet makes you more efficient, productive, and vigilant. But the most convincing reason to learn this skill is that it is highly in-demand. You will become the most sought after person at your workplace or study if you possess some impressive spreadsheet tricks. 



You must learn how to sew. It is an essential life skill. Moreover, the accomplishment that comes from repairing your clothes is unparalleled. A survival skill like it is no more reduced to gender. It is necessary and everyone must learn the basics of sewing. 
If you find it interesting, there are many related aspects to it as well. These include crochet, macrame, embroidery, and a lot more. 


Self Defence 


Violence must be avoided at all costs, but you must know the fundamental self-defense skills. These skills will be useful if you find yourself in a challenging environment where you need to defend yourself or the safety of others. People, especially women, take up self-defense classes to shield themselves from any uncalled-for circumstance. 



Everyone must take up pottery once in their life. It is a skill that amplifies your creativity and also a great past-time. You create things out of clay by using your hands. This improves your motor skills, contributes to sensory development, and builds a sense of pride. It is a great mood enhancer and a stress reliever. 


Chopping Skills


Before learning the art of cooking, go through some basic knife skills. Learn how to chop, mince, julienne, dice, or chiffonade like a pro! 
There are plenty of online sources to go through and the option to seek professional guidance as well. These knife skills you learn are transferable and can be beneficial in more ways than you can think. 

These were our top selects of the 17 best new skills to learn. Try over and over until you succeed and remember that consistency is key! 

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