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Inspiration From Artists- Things to Draw When You Run out of Ideas

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Published on: 06 Jan 2021

Creativity is a whimsical little nymph. The muse is there for a fleeting moment and may vanish when you need it the most. Can’t help it! All artists are its mercy.

But isn’t it vexing when you run out of ideas for the things to draw? You don’t know what to draw or how to draw it.
While sketch artists and painters face an art block, content creators have to tackle writer’s block. Thankfully, we have adequate remedies in place. But the crux is to hunt for fresh drawing ideas and inspiration high and low. This article is your companion to help replenish your creative juices and give you crisp inspiration for things to draw.

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It’s time to unlock your hidden creative powers when you lacklustre. Get started with easy and cute drawing ideas and techniques used by professional artists which imbue them with creative energy.

Some Really Fun and Easy Things to Draw

Fun and easy things to draw

“What should I draw?” Well huh, the answer literally lies there on your desk or workstation- your sketch pen or pencil. While you were busy turning the place upside down, the solution to your creative block has been your drawing tool all along. Ergo, the rule of thumb is to pick up your drawing pencil. Sketch something random, fun and easy to give creativity a vent to freeflow.
Here is a list of the most fun yet basic things to draw. Who knows maybe one of them may strike a creative nerve and help you shape your next masterpiece!

Simple Yet Cute Things to Draw- Still-life Drawing 

Turn to still-life drawing when you run out of fresh drawing ideas. Here, your direct observational power will help extract inspiration from life itself. Sit with your sketchbook and etch these:

Stationery items: Your table is an excellent place to start. Ask any artist "what is the easiest thing to draw" and he will point towards his workstation. Your drawing tools and stationery items are the best places to begin. Stack up some books, throw in a fancy quill or place a pair of reading glasses adjacently. Additionally, a pencil pack, stapler, paper pins, thumb drive, and thumbnails can be used for added detail work.


Things to draw - Stationery items

Image credit: Vishal_Vs

Fruits and vegetables: The most grossly used still life drawing elements are fruits and vegetables. Prepare a fruit basket or aesthetically place strawberries, a bunch of grapes, pears, apples, for pencil drawing inspiration.

Electrical appliances and equipment: Kitchen appliances like coffee maker, oven, or egg beater or gadgets like mobile phones, EarPods, flat-screen, laptops are fun drawing ideas for beginners.

Toys: Children’s toys can successfully induce creative vibrations due to their comfortable and concrete structure. Pick out a toy of your choice or find a character from Toy Story to get good ideas for drawing. A cute plush toy would be a good idea. 

Natural elements: The trees, stones, seashells, plants, flowers, pets, etcetera are all-natural sources of inspiration for your drawing.


Things to draw - Natural elements

Image credit: Jenn 

Things in your closet: Swing open your closet doors! Your shoes, clothes, and accessories are all mad things to draw when inspiration leaves you high and dry. They are super easy and will take you directly into the world of designers and fashion. 

Dining table staples: Dining table basics like wine bottles, crockery, centrepiece, jars, bottles, napkins are drawing inspiration served on a platter. 

Things to draw - Dining table staples
Image credit: T Y C H I C U S

Facial features: Since still-life is all about depicting emotions, what’s better than a portrait of a human face? However, you will have to master certain drawing skills to perfect your portraits. Remember the emoticons you drew as a child? How about perfecting them by adding a 3D dimension? 

Things to draw - Facial features

Image credit: khalieeeeee_art

All that’s in your handbag: Empty your bag on a table and draw the things that spring out. Lipstick, pens, notepad, wallet, cards, all easy options if you are looking for a random thing to draw.

Cartoons: Cartoons top the list of cool things to draw. They are a product of sketching and are fun to replicate and produce. Nowadays, anime is enjoying its day in the sun. So, if you want something cool to draw, pick out from a diverse range of anime characters. The best thing about drawing cartoons or caricature is the lack of rules. Simply pick up a notepad and create a cartoon figurine. They are the most interesting thing to draw when bored.

Things to draw - Cartoons
Image credit: Anthxart

Cool Things to Draw 

Maybe those easy still-life drawing ideas are not enough. To crank up the heat in your creative engine, here is a list of cool things to draw.

Cubist/geometric/3D shapes or abstract art: Splash paint to and fro like the splattering acrylic painting technique. Otherwise, draw geometric patterns that blend seamlessly to give your blank canvas a new dimension.

Things to draw - Cubist
Image credit: Dex Hannon

Celebrities: All those celebrities with their perfect jawlines and picture-perfect personalities are classic for sketching. 

Things to draw - Celebrities

Image credit: 99_AMC

Eyes: Step up your drawing game with detailing; sometimes inspiration triggers with a challenge. Sit in front of a mirror to sketch your eyes or find yourself a deep-eyed subject. 

Things to draw - Eyes
Image credit: Fatalhail

Extraterrestrial elements: An artist with an adventurer mindset? We have just the right things for you - extraterrestrial elements. Spaceships, aliens, magic and all that exciting stuff from sci-fi and space opera-themed movies are incredible things to draw.

Things to draw - Extraterrestrial elements

Image credit: Max 

Landscape/cityscape: the best drawing ideas for beginners lies in nature itself. Take a peek into your surrounding and span the scenery to put to paper. 

Things to draw - Landscape

Image credit: khalieeeeee_art

How to get good ideas for drawing?

Those easy drawing ideas won’t always do the trick. Thankfully some special techniques and exercises help when drawing inspiration from others won’t suffice. They will not only help you draw but also serve as a long-term source of inspiration. If you are looking for painting inspiration, our budding acrylic artists have the most practical drawing techniques and ideas for you.
Because ideas are at the foundation of creativity, these tricks help you generate and rejuvenate them step by step.

7 Tricks When you run out of Drawing Ideas


1. Pen them ideas down 

Drawing idea - Pen them ideas down 

Even the most prolific professional artists run short of ideas. But instead of moping, they prepare in advance for a rainy day. Know this- creativity can be an oasis or a mirage in a desert (depending on your luck). In such a situation, an artist is to drink from the oasis when it appears- pen down drawing ideas when they present themselves. In such a situation, an artist should drink from the oasis when it appears. Hence, pen down drawing ideas when they present themselves. It is a good practice when you are learning how to draw.
All content creators must develop a system to capture piping hot ideas. Maintain a journal or a notepad that supplies the inspiration for drawing when you’re out of ideas.

2. Draw something or the other

Drawing idea -Etch something or the other

A common observation among amateur artists is that they sit idle when they have nothing to draw. This can be an excellent way to detox and think. But, why not scribble or draw something in the meanwhile?

Try doodling. It is a good way of keeping your hands engaged while your mind wanders to fish for creative ideas. 
The goal behind aimless etching is to calm your mind and draw without guidelines. Moreover, inspiration wouldn’t appear magically; you would have to work for it relentlessly. 

3. Analyse your creative rut

Drawing idea -Analyse your creative rut

If you are out of ideas for things to draw, know that it is only temporary. While you are already under a lot of pressure, stressing won't make a difference. Now that you know that this lack of inspiration phase is fleeting use tricks to get yourself out of it.
Try yoga, meditation, workout, or any refreshing activity to reply and answer questions arising from within. All you have to do is give your idea churning machine (your grey matter) a little rest. Put your thoughts on hold and fuse them with good energy to function better.

4. Follow your favourite artist or mentor

Drawing idea -Follow your favourite artist or mentor

Many times all an artist need is some direction. The influx of trends doesn't make it an easy ball game either. Enter- a mentor or a favourite artist. We believe that no two artists are alike, but they can learn and reverse engineer their art with the inspiration absorbed in each other’s company. While they tell you how to draw, you get an opportunity to dive deeper or recapitulate all that you know.

To advance this exchange of information, we have designed an open space for learners and skilled individuals to freely exchange knowledge and earn. Unlock the micro learning experiance on KoolStories today. 
If you don’t particularly follow someone, go online and engage in forums and communities to seek help or mentorship. Here are a few art communities to jumpstart your journey: 

Note that here taking drawing inspiration is different from plagiarism or crudely mimicking art and taking credit for it. The goal behind following a fellow artist is to get unstuck by following his trail and interweaving it with your unique style. 

5. Broaden and develop a fresh perspective

Drawing idea -Broaden and develop a fresh perspective

Do you know how artists do it? Produce never-seen-before art pieces? That’s the magic of perception. There lies inspiration in the most mundane objects. Have you bothered to look?

Change your perception and look at that pencil or bottle, a slice of pineapple from a different point of view. How to develop this new perspective? 
Pick up any daily-use object. Sit down calmly with it and observe the intricate detailing that makes it unique. Catch details, write them down, and start drawing ideas to reality. 
This way, you don’t have to search heaven and earth for new cool things to draw. This trick makes you avail a whole bunch of art ideas instantly. 

6. Absorb, process and produce 

Drawing idea -Absorb, process and produce 

They are probably lying when they say good things come to those who wait. Well, skilled people believe otherwise. They make good things happen for themselves. The same applies to all creative processes too.
The best artists follow the three-fold process, where they heavily CONSUME. This phase is where you take inspiration from other artists, analysing their artwork. The next part is where you ABSORB. At this stage, you incubate ideas that generate with all that inspiration consumption. Here, you map out and choose the right ideas, discard the bad ones, combine them with other elements and create a blueprint. In the final stage, you get right to work and PRODUCE art.

The mere exposure to masterworks does not suffice. Too many persons visit museums and collect picture books without ever gaining access to art. The inborn capacity to understand through the eyes has been put to sleep and must be reawakened. This is best accomplished by handling pencils, brushes, chisels and perhaps cameras.

― Rudolf Arnheim, Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye

7. Try your luck with other mediums

A specific medium or drawing technique served as the holy grail for you. But now it doesn’t have the creative juice anymore. How to deal with this creative block Give other mediums or drawing tools a try!
Although it means beginning afresh, but the learning journey can motivate, inspire and develop fresher perspectives. 
If you are skilled at pen and paper sketching, give digital drawing mediums a swing. Learn how to sketch or illustrate in Procreate app. Or, if you have been a digital drawing artist, pick up a brush or a pencil and try to capture art on paper. Meddle with different tools or techniques like stippling, cross-hatching, or pick up a can of spray paint and go berserk like street artists in London.  

You may think that generating ideas for things to draw is tedious. But hey! Our versatile list of drawing ideas comes to the rescue. Give those old techniques a rest and employ new exercises to fuel your creativity. 


What can I draw when I am bored?

When bored, you can draw a city skyline, a flower, a female face, a mandala, doodle art etc.

What should a sketchbook draw for beginners?

A beginner can sketch a butterfly, a girl, smokey eye, an old chair, fruits etc.

What app is best for drawing?

The best apps for beginners are:

2.Adobe Photoshop Sketch
3.Adobe Illustrator Draw
4.Adobe Fresco
5.Inspire Pro
6.Pixelmator Pro
8.Autodesk Sketchbook

What should I draw in my sketchbook?

You can draw what you see in the rearview mirror of the car, or your window view, a street view etc.

What is the best thing to draw easy?

The easiest thing to draw will be a sketch of a butterfly, a girl, smokey eye, an old chair, fruits etc.

How can I draw for free?

There are several apps to learn and draw free of cost, such as Kline Creative, ArtyFactory, DrawingCoach.com, DrawSpace etc.

What are good thing to draw?

You can start by drawing what you see in the car's rearview mirror, or your window view, a street view, etc.