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12 Super Interesting Skills to Learn For Fun

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Published on: 22 Nov 2021

Is there something that separates you from the crowd? If you are not sure, this article is for you. 
Being mainstream does not always work. But some amusing skills up your sleeve will surely make an impact!

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An extraordinary talent or a cool skill will spice up your personality and definitely make you stand out. This is the perk of becoming a forever learner.  
Therefore, keeping aside the basics, let us introduce you to a world of crazy things to learn, which include: 

#1 Doing magic

#2 Ambidexterity

#3 Doing a backflip 

#4 Surfing 

#5 Making Origami

#6 Tree climbing

#7 Cleaning utensils

#8 Folding clothes

#9 Juggling

#10 Solving a Rubik's cube

#11 Beatboxing

#12 Speed Reading

Get ready for a unique learning journey with these 12 super attractive skills. 

#1 Doing Magic

Don't you love the aura of fascination and wonder that surrounds magic?
It is truly an awe-inspiring art to learn. 
You can leave people wanting for more by performing a few basic magic tricks at a party.
Magic is all about creating illusions. You can even make a person disappear with it. But we suggest that you begin with something small. A coin, pen, card, spoon, or a book can be used for doing beginner-level magic. 
If you want to become the David Copperfield (the world's most revered magician) of your group, dedicate at least one hour to learning. 
While books and online videos may help out a lot, there are magic organizations like The International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Society of American Magicians, to join. 

#2 Ambidexterity

Did you know that only 1% of the world population is ambidextrous? This is how rare it actually is. 
What is ambidexterity you ask? It is the ability to use your right and left hands effectively and equally well. 
Learning the skill of ambidexterity will definitely cast an everlasting impression. It also comes with its own set of perks like:

  • Improved brain symmetry
  • Increased chances to experience synesthesia (being able to use more than one sense at a time)

While complex genetics are involved in the handedness of a person, it can be developed later in life too. Hand dominance is identified during childhood but can absolutely be evolved with practice. 

#3 Doing a Backflip

Isn't it jaw-dropping when gymnasts somersault or backflip like it's nothing? Just with the right amount of practice, you can also master this skill in no time. Learning how to do a backflip is all about agility and flexibility. A true beginner must focus on developing these two initially. 

A good coach and a safe learning environment are all you need. There are tons of videos and guides online, but such forms of advanced gymnastics should be learned only in expert guidance. 
Give yourself one month and prepare to dazzle everyone with smooth backflips anytime!

#4 Making Origami

It's riveting to see how a plain sheet of paper can be folded into enchanting structures like a crane, frog, dragon, mermaid, etc. Paper folding is truly a skill that's not only impressive but also exercises your mental muscles. Origami is beneficial for kids and adults alike. 

So, head right to your closest stationery shop and gather some origami paper to whip up some impressive origami designs. There are plenty of origamists on YouTube to learn this impressive art of paper folding.  

#5 Surfing

Do you know what sounds amazing? Riding the roaring waves as people watch you in admiration! 
Surfing is not weird, but it is definitely a fun skill to learn. If you are some with the slightest interest in water sports, give surfing a try. 

Since it is the most complex and technical sport in the world, hunt for a mentor who can teach you the right way to surf. Trust our digital skills exchange platform for some expert guidance from surfing experts around the world. 

#6 Tree climbing

As per a 2015 study by Dr Ross Alloway and Tracy Alloway (Department of Psychology) at the University of North Florida, climbing a tree can enhance cognitive skills. If this is not outstanding, then what is? 
Tree climbing is probably a weird yet beneficial skill to learn. Just scale up a tree and become one with nature by learning this recreational activity. 
As a beginner, read a bit into it, gather all the necessary gear, and seek expert guidance. 

#7 Cleaning Utensils 

Without a doubt, cooking and cleaning are fundamental life skills to learn. And believe it or not, cleaning utensils is a significant subskill. 
You may invest in expensive cookware and damage it an instant without knowing the proper cleaning method to follow.  
With these multiple cooking techniques, all kitchen equipment use versatile cleaning methods. This makes cleaning utensils a fundamental yet fun skill set. 

#8 Folding Clothes

After skilful cleaning, make way for the swift organization. We all need to fold clothes, so why not do it most skillfully? Many of you may not be aware, but you can impress others through your folding skills too. 
Yes, there are faster and more professional ways of folding clothes. Each piece of clothing has a unique way to be folded. Research and become a pro by folding clothes exceptionally. 

#9 Juggling

After learning magic, juggling is the next potential fun party trick to learn. With just the right amount of practice, you can juggle not two but more than four things at once. 
Moreover, this weird skill boosts: 

  • hand-eye coordination
  • brain development

Not to miss, learning how to juggle is ridiculously fun! 

Get comfortable juggling one ball initially. Then, try it with your eyes shut. Finally, add a second ball when you are ready. Like all other skills, juggling also comes with practice.

#10 Solve a Rubik's Cube

Want to leave people completely mind-blown? Learn how to solve a Rubik's cube. Learning this skill requires no extraordinary mathematical proficiency too. Solving a Rubrik's cube is simply a matter of following a definite pattern. Figure out this pattern, put it to practice, and you will figure it out within seconds. Take a look at some videos online to get started. 

#11 Beatboxing

Beatboxing is the most fun and original way to produce music 
You can replicate any number of cool beats or create your own by using no instrument other than your mouth. 
It is a highly popular musical art form of today. Tons of videos online will help you get on board with it.  

#12 Speed Reading

Reading is a quick and efficient way to gain rich knowledge. But have you tried speed reading? It is a worthwhile skill to learn as it allows you to go over lengthy documents in no time. Developing this mental tool, you can absorb phrases and sentences to save precious minutes. When you speed read, your total word per minute (WPM) increases from 250 to 400-700 wpm. 
Just skim the text to get a gist or simply grasp information by scanning it by speed reading.


Be it super unique skills or the most fundamental ones, your overall learning should never stop. Our micro learning platform, KoolStories, is also built around the same philosophy that promotes forever learning. Become a part of this journey and learn something new every passing day. Explore talents people want to share and become better every day. 


What new skills should I learn?

If you wish to upskill, here are the most effective skills to learn in 2021. Learning these skills will provide an added benefit to your current skill set and future-proof your career:

  • Coding 
  • Learning a foreign language 
  • Public speaking
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation 
  • Creative thinking
  • Innovative mindset 
  • Meditation and taking care of mental health 
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organisation and management
  • Verbal and non-verbal Communication 

Why is it important to learn new skills?

It is important to learn new skills as adding to existing knowledge keeps you updated with the latest trends, developments and tricks. Moreover, learning new skills aid, simplify, and add to your current knowledge, thus enhancing it.  
Learning something new is the shortest route to growth and personal development.

How to make time for learning new skills?

If you are eager to learn a new skill but cannot find the time, here are the topmost practical strategies to accommodate new learning in your busy schedule without overcrowding it:

  • Break your day into parts and figure out the time when you are most productive
  • Prioritise your daily tasks in order of their importance
  • Clear out the time slot when you are most productive for new learning 
  • Break your learning into bits
  • Celebrate your small victories
  • Revise what you learn every day
  • Develop a habit to read something related to the skill you are learning


What are the most impressive skills to learn?

If you wish to become the most exciting person in the room, these impressive skillsets will definitely turn heads:

  • Parallel parking like a pro
  • Basic sewing 
  • Changing a car tyre
  • Calligraphy 
  • Origami
  • Drifting
  • Using photoshop
  • Preparing and presenting a signature dish
  • Decorating your home 
  • Dressing up well
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • The skill to command the entire room

What can I learn in my free time?

Utilize your free time by learning: 

  • A new language 
  • To cook 
  • To write
  • Graphic Designing 
  • Singing 
  • Painting 
  • Photography 

Using micro-courses to learn new skills would be best in your free time.