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9 Tips for Successful Influencer Marketing on YouTube

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Published on: 04 Oct 2021

With an engaged 'army of followers' and a passionate audience hungry for content, Youtube gives brands a huge opportunity to leverage the power of influencers on a platform known for high engagement. Unlike other applications usually restricted by time (compared to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), YouTube celebrates 'extenso' content. This has built space for creators to deep dive into topics and give detailed reviews on the products and services.

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Many marketers intelligently engage with the platform now that consumers are turning more to YouTube for uplifting content. We all have seen many creators who work as allies in the marketing strategies of a brand. This collaboration builds a symbiotic relationship between the brand and the influencer.

Suppose you have been thinking about using this tactic but are indecisive about where to start. Consider these tips to harness the power of influencers for your brand.

1. Make your presence

Make your presence on YouTube

So you're thinking of taking the plunge into YouTube for your business. To help you along this process, we've provided a breakdown of some basics to get your YouTube business channel up and running.

Now that you are planning to approach influencers to promote your business. Wouldn't it be nice if they take a look at your content while they scout you? For that:

⦁ It would be best if you used eye-catching channel art and thumbnails.

⦁ A channel icon is like a logo for your YouTube presence. Make it match your brand and complement your channel banner.

2. Let them explore you

Explore More

Another essential complement to a successful business channel is a website. Linking your channel to your website helps influencers know about your business, and the website acts as a hub for you to feature your products & services.

3. Make the right choice when collaborating

Make the right choice when collaborating

To find and select the right influencers for your business, you need first to evaluate them. Checking on their reach & engagement rates is necessary, or you may end up with the wrong influencers or even fake ones.

Manually check the past brand collaborations and content of an influencer you are interested in. Check if their niche aligns with your business. If you're a small business with a minuscule marketing budget, you need to focus on less famous influencers with a lower reach.

4. Use influencer marketing tools to boost your campaign

Use influencer marketing tools

One of the places where you can find YouTube influencers is through platforms explicitly built for this purpose. This includes Upfluence, Socialbook etc. These platforms or agencies provide outstanding services to their customers & assist you in finding relevant influencers(people who target the same demographics and psychographics as you do) for your brand, be it micro-influencers or big names on Youtube. These platforms also analyze and indicate the rates you should be expecting to pay each influencer.

5. Hire Freelance researchers

Hire Freelance researchers

Alternatively, you can always hire a freelancer to help you find creators off the web. This might be the best option to hunt the right influencers for your business & is proven to be a time-saving and cost-effective strategy.

6. Communication is the key

Communication is the key

Make sure to have conversations with the viewers about your products. They can become your future customers! Join in the discussion in the comment box. Share your videos on your social channels as well. Be prepared to answer any question, no matter how awkward they might seem.

Know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). A little time spent researching popular keywords can go a long way to boost your content visibility. Include those keywords in video descriptions and video tags.

When titling the content, allow your influencers to give their opinions. They can develop a title that fits the rest of their content, which helps you gain the right audience to engage with.

7. Placement of ad-spots

Placement of ads

YouTube has allowed users to skip within the video. This lets the viewers scrub their way past the promoted ad spot to watch the content they are looking for. It would help if you always placed your ads at the beginning or in the middle of videos. These videos maybe 10 seconds long and go up to 10 minutes, depending on your ad campaign type. A proper knowledge of the digital marketing trends will be a game changer for you. Its usage surely has helped many to convey their brand message to the audience effectively.

Also, you can chat with top-rated digital marketers on our app and learn from their 15 minute micro courses. It is easier, smoother and less costly. 

8. Campaigns

Video Campaigns

Host Giveaways, Contests, Sweepstakes, and Event Activations

Giveaways come with high degrees of guaranteed growth as follow-ups, shares, retweets, and comments. It works by supplying influencers with products that they can give away to their followers. Many people will see this as a chance to win your products for free, and you might get additional sales from people who didn't even win the contest.

YouTube Tutorials, How-To's, Demonstrations, & Guides

Working with a famous influencer to create a helpful tutorial, demonstration, or how-to guide is one of the best ways for brands to reach millions of engaged consumers. These types of marketing collaborations serve to educate audiences &, on the other hand, provide solutions to a problem. How-to guides, demonstrations, and "life hacks" videos are cost-effective ways to influence purchasing decisions. In their videos, you could show uses for your product or how people can get the most out of their purchase. Remember to focus on benefits, not features!

Vlog style campaign

For top YouTubers, documenting an experience/lifestyle through vlogging (or video blogging) is one of the most engaging, relatable, and shareable types of content. For brands, leveraging a vlogger's attentive audience by developing YouTube marketing integrations within a vlog is one of the best ways to gain exposure to millions of followers.

You can also learn about the ins and outs of video marketing to clarify your doubts and have realistic expectations with your influencer.

9. Track the success of your campaign

 Track the success

Throughout the campaign, you need to assess whether you are achieving your objectives. For that, start pulling out all the insights & generate YouTube influencer marketing reports to know how your campaigns perform. One of the benefits of YouTube is that you can include hyperlinks in video descriptions and comments. This way, you can assess how much traffic the video generated from your inbound audience. This can also determine which videos, creators and offers are your most outstanding winners.

If you want to determine the video's effect on sales, ask the influencer to include a coupon code within the content. When consumers who watched the video attempt to make a sale on your product page, they'll input the trackable code.

Now you can move on to the next and final step of calculating the ROI.

YouTube Influencer Marketing ROI= (Profit/Cost of influencer marketing) x 100

Profit will depend on the goal (s) that you want to achieve. Suppose your goal is engagement. Your profit depends upon measuring likes, positive brand mentions and comments.

Profit= Likes, comments, shares, + Positive brand mentions.

Now to calculate the cost of YouTube influencer marketing-

Cost of YouTube influencer marketing= Influencer Fee + Content Production Costs + Product Samples & Gift Vouchers + Third-party tool (s) costs.


Remember, you have to build on your successes and learn from your mistakes. If this strategy didn't give you the results you wanted, reconsider your approach. You might be lagging in adjusting the content format. Or you need guidance from trending marketing techniques to boost your campaign's overall achievement. 


Try collaborating with different influencers who are a better match for your brand!


How do you find the right Influencer?

First and foremost, decide the platform for which you want the Influencer. For YouTube, YouTube BrandConnect should be your first window to success. You can also opt for SocialBook to filter valuable influencers for the need of your marketing campaign.

Do Influencer take payments from royalties?

Generally, brands hire influencers on a fixed fee. Of course, a marketing campaign can have a clause for royalty payments, but the chances are meagre unless you have a reputation of being an extremely flourishing influencer.

Can you make money online with social media influencer marketing?

Yes! People with a healthy following can charge brands for marketing their products among their followers. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok have helped people to curate highly rewarding influencer marketing careers.

When does a company need an influencer marketer?

A company can opt for influencer marketing when they are ready to communicate with a large audience/potential buyers. The marketing method is especially beneficial for established brands and newer brands prepared to cater to increased users' needs.

Where does Influencer Marketing go wrong?

Influencer marketing can go wrong due to multiple factors. This marketing method involves many working components like creating the perfect plan, choosing the right platform and Influencer, finalising the correct post, planning valid giveaways and a smooth product/service delivery system to new customers. Whatever the case may be, a blunder is always around the corner.

Is influencer marketing effective 2021?

As per businessinsider.com, 67.9% of US marketers trust influencer marketing.
The figure is up 5% from 2020 and is said to touch 72.5% in 2022.

What types of influencers are there?

There are three kinds of influencers.
These include celebrities, Macro-Influencers ( 100k to 1 million followers) and Micro-Influencers ( 1k to 100k followers).