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How to do Successful Influencer Marketing on Instagram?

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Published on: 19 May 2022

 Instagram is an appropriate medium for influencer marketing, because of its high engagement rate. We have seen many brands that have touched the skies through planning and implementation of a master layout on this social platform.

An Instagram user maximises reach to convince followers due to their reliability and regular activities. As content creators on Insta, they generate a sweet connection through exceptional material they produce.

To be in the limelight, you'll need to learn appropriate and best influencer marketing techniques to meet strategies and goals. Be diligent and pen down the important things to be successful in marketing.

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Here's how to lead a successful influencer marketing campaign on Instagram:

Set your Goals 

  • Improve brand recognition - Foremost goal is to improve and enhance the brand name to build trust. Through the product launch, informative product description, product services, and loyalty enhance the brand image overall.  
  •  If you have re-launched your brand after a span of time then you need to build your brand image from the start point.
  • To skyrocket Sales and Revenue - “More you broaden the reach, the more you get the revenue”. Moreover, give irresistible offers to entice customers. Target a specific audience, fulfil their requirements and you will reach your goal.
  • Broaden your reach - Once you gain the trust of your audience, widen your reach through them. Use tactics such as surveys, Q/A sessions and social media posts to build customer loyalty. Increase your followers, find out users' needs and provide them with the best facilities.

To find out the good influencer

Search for an influencer that has a huge fan following, decent communication skills and creative content. As an influencer, he or she is responsible for promoting your brand items on their social accounts. In response, many followers decide to buy from them, due to their reliability.

Elaborate user-friendly elements and objectives

  • Specific: Be specific about the message your organization wants to communicate.
  • Measurable: Measure the campaign with the help of various tools. It gives you the overall performance result. Google Analytics is a tool that works well to measure overall production and audience response.  
  • Achievable: Add a note to achieve the desired outcomes. Set your goals and tell the influencer your idea of business. Also, have a talk with them regarding the method they will use to fulfil the goals. 
  • Realistic: The content you need to disseminate to the audience should be real. Facts and figures included in the content should specify your message clearly.
  • Timely: Product launches, announcements, and updates regarding the organization should be uploaded timely on social platforms to connect with the followers.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely components are known as SMART goals for influencer marketing. 

Further, this process lays emphasis on the target audience, clearly disseminates information to the public and then evaluates your performance.
Gradually, you are able to establish a large following and earn a good income by applying the above-mentioned techniques. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

When setting strategies, always frame main objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). This is an important stage since it allows you to determine how well your campaign is running. Also, it tracks every moment and helps to determine where you stand and what you must do to accomplish your goals.

You might also run some tests such as pre-selling, and questionnaire forms to see which settings are most effective for your marketing. In addition to KPIs, you can utilise influencer marketing tools to track the outcomes of your plan. 

Send your pitch:

After the goal set-up and finding the relevant influencer for your organization, next is to pitch them.

Before pitching, go through the past projects of that influencer, what she is looking for, and how she works. It will help you to pitch in an effective manner. 

Develop a friendly connection with your influencer, and have a conversation regarding the aim of your company. Ensure your pitching is attractive and that he or she accepts it in a first meeting. 

Discuss some important aspects of your message:

  • How will the influencer work?
  • What methods will she use to achieve goals?
  • Target audience 
  • Ask for her suggestions too

Campaign Structure:

In this you need to frame proper campaign structure for your business. Here, include all the points in the layout. Discuss with your influencers and ask for their suggestions. Mentions the things to be done in your campaign, your daily targets and the goals. In your campaign, your first goal should be to focus on the new followers. 

Responsibility of the influencers: 

  • Engage more followers

The main purpose of a company is to engage more people through social networks like Instagram. Communication is the best way to involve the audience in your daily activities.

  • Gain Customer loyalty

In word-of-mouth marketing, customer loyalty is everything. Customers satisfied with your product are more likely to recommend your brand to their friends and relatives about your brand. 

  • Keep an eye on competitors

To fascinate new customers at your side you need to offer them something new. Keep an eye on the movements of competitors to analyse their strategies. Come up with some potential ideas.

Monitor your performance

  • Insights
  • Track your insights on your uploaded content. It shows the results of your planning.  
  • Check the feedback:
  • Count the number of impressions:
  • Ask the audience for their recommendations:

Click-through rate
Analyse the number of clicks you got on your websites. To generate traffic this click through rate works in favour. Use the biometric method to count the exact numbers. 
To conquer desired results from Instagram influence marketing one should adopt more than one method to influence the audience.


To make your influencer marketing campaign successful, identify a perfect person to work with, promote greatest products or services, and disseminate appropriate information through them at social accounts.
It’s the easiest way to spread the message and grow your business.

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What does this term "influencer marketing" mean?

It is a form of online marketing in which influencers from diverse niches are used to support a specific brand. Influencers usually promote a brand on their page so that potential followers can view it through the views of the creators. Influencers are known for providing honest feedback and opinions to their audience. 

Are celebrity promotions the same as influencer marketing?

They are not the same. Influencers are not as well-known as celebrities, but their following admire them for their unique approach. Content creators are more inclined than celebrities to engage with their admirers in order to create a solid and long-term connection. 

Who is using influencer marketing strategy as part of their digital marketing strategy?

Influencer marketing is increasingly being used by a variety of fields as part of their digital marketing technique to boost brand equity and earnings in a short amount of time. Daily, fresh companies are coming forth with a new campaign approach that includes influencers for improved engagement due to its efficacy. If numerous social media influencers naturally submit content about your brand, it will gain more visibility. 

How to find proper influencers?

There are several strategies to identify the perfect influencers for your company. Not all influencers are ineffective, despite popular belief. The fundamental idea is to choose influencers who have a similar interest to your company. A skilled person who has good content, huge followings on social accounts and has worked as a influencer before. Also, budget is very important when collaborating with influencers. 

How can I track the success of my campaign?

Once you collaborate with an influencer marketing firm, you may use numerous monitoring data to identify the performance of your campaign. During the campaign, your page is likely to obtain more inquiries, likes, shares, and other forms of engagement. You can monitor the reach and impression of a business account on Instagram. During and after the promotion, you should expect greater sales.