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10 Must-Have Skills You Need To Compete With AI

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Published on: 19 Oct 2020

Brace yourself to compete with robots and AI as the future is lined with disruption technology! 
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have introduced a string of changes, transforming businesses to boost economic growth through productivity. In the face of such advancement, most processes, positions, and jobs will become automated. Where do you stand in this technologically progressive job market? The answer is simple - with such equally competitive skills: 

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. Blockchain
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) 
  6. Cognitive Flexibility (CF)
  7. Critical thinking
  8. Soft Skills
  9. Emotional Intelligence
  10. Creativity 

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As machines replace monotonous human jobs and more, acquire these skills to get an edge. 

#1 Cloud Computing

Skill To Compete With AI - Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a popular technical skill to learn. It is impacting businesses, jobs, and administrative systems worldwide. Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of services through the internet. As companies shift from conventional server infrastructure, cloud platforms are the preferred choice due to their: 

  • Quick virtual accessibility
  • Vast storage options
  • Multiple control choices with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS software 
  • Advanced data security
  • Cost-saving due to remote resources
  • Scalability with workload

For these reasons, platforms like ours' prefer using cloud-based systems to present users with a quick and effective virtual learning experience. 
Due to these vital benefits, cloud computing jobs have witnessed a boom of 107% from 2016 to 2019, as outlined by Indeed. 
Thereby, cloud skills like Microsoft Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, and DevOps are massively in demand. 
Examining the dependence and utility of cloud computing engineering skills will be most competitive in the long term. 

#2 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Skill To Compete With AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the imitation of human intelligence to machine programs. Our objective with AI is to permeate machines with human-like attributes to make them think, process, and act faster in a volatile market scenario. Where, at the outset, artificial intelligence transforms the digital world with quick analysis, rapid action, and goal achievement, it also makes many jobs obsolete. 

To compete with it, you need specific skills to develop and manipulate artificial intelligence. Thus, the most valuable AI skills to have today are:

  • Machine learning
  • Python
  • R programming
  • Java 
  • Data Science
  • Natural Language Processing

Several studies and reports, LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, for instance, states the rise in hiring of artificial intelligence specialists by 74% in the last 4 years. 
The job prospects of AI and machine learning (ML) are very bright and make for one of the highest-earning careers in 2023. 

#3 Blockchain

Skill To Compete With AI - Blockchain

Blockchain, introduced in 2008, is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) for authorized and secure digital transactions. It was primarily used to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency but is now being employed across industries. It is exceedingly being used for industrial processes, governance, peer-to-peer payments (P2P), digital voting, making international payments, healthcare, media, cybersecurity, financial management, etc. 

As the world is on the verge of complete digitization, blockchain is a highly tamper-proof way to conduct such sensitive activities. Therefore, companies are embracing blockchain to increase their efficiency. This increases the demand for blockchain engineers and the relevance of this skill. 

#4 Cybersecurity

When disruptive technology continues to renovate the business and corporate scenario, it simultaneously creates and destroys opportunities. It is up to you if you can recognize the evolving market demands and the gaps in your skillset. Therefore, the only way forward is through optimization. It can be accomplished by reskilling and upskilling. 

A similar opportunity creation to recognize with incoming technology is cybersecurity. As more and more companies rely on procuring sensitive customer information, it is needful to safely store such pieces of information and networks. Consequently, cybersecurity skills are in considerable demand. Nonetheless, it is one of the most trending technical skills of 2020. The best cybersecurity skills in-demand are:

  1. Information Security
  2. Network Security
  3. Vulnerability Assessment

Skill To Compete With AI - Cybersecurity

Strictly speaking numbers, a Burning Glass Study shows that cybersecurity job postings have increased by 94% since 2013. Since the IT sector is here to stay, the market would require cybersecurity professionals

#5 Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) 

AR and VR have the potential to take your visual-interactive experience up a notch. 
VR is an immersive computer-generated world, and AR is an overlay of computer graphics to the immediate environment. 

In collaboration with AI, technology and cameras become more sophisticated to understand objects they are viewing. Trends of using application filters on the face are nothing but AR combined with AI. 
Both these solutions are incorporated in all upcoming applications and platforms for enhanced user experience. AR/VR has tremendous utility in fields of gaming and entertainment, health, education, advertising, and many more. 
It is only wise to acquire and work on your AR/VR skill development as the upcoming years predict its significant influence.  

#6 Cognitive Flexibility (CF)

Skill To Compete With AI - Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is a buzzword in the new work era. It refers to an individual's ability to adapt in response to the changing work environment and is necessary for workplace success. Since the future job market is to undergo a massive wave of change with AI, the smoothest transition is possible only through cognitive flexibility. 
This is a must-have employee skill as it helps you:

  • Learn quicker
  • Increases brain function
  • Builds better awareness
  • Creatively solves problems
  • Adapt to volatile environment fast
  • Considers multiple perspectives
  • Develops problem-solving attitude

Promoting cognitive flexibility is beneficial to an organization as it leads to much-evolved employees, contributing to higher productivity and better resource utilization.

#7 Critical Thinking

Skill To Compete With AI - Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to use your intelligence to arrive at a conclusion and make informed decisions. Workplaces and industries are always on the hunt for professionals with sound critical thinking skills. This is because computers flood workplaces with extensive facts, figures, research, and data. Only a person with quick, objective and comprehensive thinking can analyze and assess problems to find solutions. Therefore, critical thinking is the principal skill to compete with AI. 
Since all a machine can achieve is swiftness and provide a myriad of data, the ultimate decision lies with the problem-solvers and decision-makers. They necessarily ought to possess the knack of critical thinking to arrive at conclusions on time. 

#8 Soft Skills

Skill To Compete With AI - Soft Skills

Alongside rapid automation, the workplaces eagerly seek people with soft skills as they increase:

  • Workplace efficiency
  • Peer interaction
  • Work environment productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Team-work

These interpersonal, social skills are essential to survive in the workplace. The many components of soft skills include:

  1. Time and resource management
  2. Emotional intelligence
  3. Stress management
  4. Leadership
  5. Communication
  6. Team-work

Employers actively seek people with technical competence and social skills cognizance. If you want to acquire and improve your social skills, become exceedingly mindful of your actions, and adopt potent qualities to become more amicable at work. 

#9 Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the primary future-proof skill to learn. These skills make you understand your peers and workers better. While machines aren't capable enough to display human feelings, emotional intelligence gives you an edge at work. 
The World Economic Forum report also predicts that such skills of emotional intelligence and flexibility will be crucial to future workplaces. 

#10 Creativity

Skill To Compete With AI - Creative thinking

While automation and artificial intelligence (AI) calls for ultra developed technical and analytical skills, the need for creativity at a job arises to uphold innovation. Besides glossing over analytical skills in a CV, employers proactively search for creative problem-solving skills. These creative skills promote:

  • Imaginative, well-rounded thinking
  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Risk-taking
  • Value creation

While there is no one way to become creative, try some tricks to unleash your creative powers. Inculcate and include creative thinking into various spheres to speed up such right-brain faculties. 


#11 Statistics

Now, it is a fair assumption to make that the future of AI lies in data or along with big data. To come to and stay on the right end of the technology, it is essential to have a more than working understanding of statistics. After all, it is how you make sense of data. Without statistical analysis, data is just a bunch of numbers that have no purpose. The reason why the likes of Watson have been successful in healthcare is that they possess a staggering amount of data and the mechanism to suggest decisions based on it.

Emphasised by: Kristian KerstingProfessor of machine learning and artificial intelligence, TU Darmstadt, Germany

There will be a constant struggle to capture a firm footing in the forthcoming automated and AI-powered job market. Learning essential technical skills is the only means to survive and stay relevant. As businesses become more technologically inclined, knowledge of spectacular social and people skills is an add on (as outlined above). Learn in the company of like minded people on our micro learning app and get started with first-hand knowledge from seasoned professoinals
Continuous knowledge building is the only way to stay abreast of all new trends.


What skills do you need for AI?

Skills you need to be in the AI field:

1.Programming skills
2.Knowledge of algorithms and frameworks
3. Problem-solving skills
4.Good knowledge of probability and statistics

How do you compete with AI?

Becoming good enough/skilled to train an AI is how you can compete with AI. There are skills that can be developed to compete:

1.Cloud computing
3.Critical thinking
4.Soft skills
5.Emotional intelligence
6.Creative thinking
7.AI itself

What skills cannot be replaced by AI?

For example-The Gastronomy Flagship Project consists of the R&D of an AI application for new recipe creation, a robotic that can assist chefs in their cooking process. Developing a robotic solution that works in harmony with chefs - to replicate and in some cases even exceed their skills and techniques including high precision and speed is a challenge. However, in any case, most human functions yield results because they are human in nature. So, any skill that depends upon its human nature can not be replaced by AI.

Is artificial intelligence a skill?

There are elements of AI that require skills but AI in itself is not a skill.

How do I get good at AI?

Practice makes a man perfect. So, it's important to focus on some areas that will make you good at AI:

1.Consistent practice while you are learning
2.Pick a topic of your interest
3.Find the solution
4.Share your ideas with like-minded people
5.Participate in a Kaggle competition to test your skills


What do I need to learn for artificial intelligence?

Skills to develop before learning artificial intelligence: 

1. Knowledge of Programming Language
2. Good Knowledge of Mathematics
3. Learn the Concept of Machine Learning
4. Knowledge of Data Structure & Algorithms.

What skills do you need for machine learning?

Skills you need to have before learning machine learning:

1. Applied Mathematics.
2. Computer Science Fundamentals and Programming.
3. Data Modeling and Evaluation.
4. Neural Networks.
5. Natural Language Processing.
6. Communication Skills.