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Rock it on the Dance Floor with these Easy Steps

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Published on: 12 Aug 2021

Have you ever watched that one guy on the dance floor at a party just vibing and keeping it alive and wondered, 'where does he learn such moves and get so much confidence?

It's almost as if someone gave him a secret key to life, and he just can't stop having fun.

Difficult for you?

Dancing socially is difficult. There's a lot of pressure to look cool and fun — all while keeping to the rhythm and being completely spontaneous. You know what... Great dancers often master a specific routine or set of steps that they can perform without being spontaneous. So that guy on the dance floor that we spoke of probably practises his moves at home.

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We have to rush to the dance floor, right?


The Dougie


A smart way to go about this routine would be to start by putting on a song with good beats. My favourite one is "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag. But to be honest, you can do the Dougie to any song with a good hip hop beat.

Now, you can start swaying back and forthright and left, beginning with the right. Put your weight on foot on the side you're leaning towards while waiting for the beat. That's it.. right step out, left tap. Then sway to the left and repeat.

It's easy to get conscious about your hands when you're dancing. But worry you not. We got the steps for you!

Don't stop just yet. Continue with the side-to-side movement. Now, bring your hand towards you in a fist in a counter-clockwise circular motion.

A quick tip: when you've really gotten the hang of it, try dancing to teach me how to Dougie & cat daddy mix.


The four corners dance

Okay, this is a two-person routine. The key in this form is attempting to make your partner look great. This will ultimately make you look just as great.

Alright... Let's get to the steps.

Start off by putting your right foot forward across and pushing your right hip out with it. Now, move your right foot diagonally back. Repeat with your left foot and hip. This way, move to all corners one after the other. Remember, as long as you keep moving your hips in a square-ish motion, you've got it right.

The body roll dance

Think Beyonce. Yup.. that's pretty much all you gotta do to get into the zone of performing this one.

You can implement this move into any routine anywhere. All you gotta do is contract your chest in and then pop it out swiftly to make it look as if it does that as an automated move.


The head nod/head bob

This one is probably the easiest one on this list. It works best if you're planning to have a drink in your hand or standing in the corner/at the bar.

It's all about nodding to the beat.


The snap roll


Okay, this has got to be the coolest move on this list. Who else is thinking Terry Crews from Brooklyn99? Wooooo… this is gonna be fun!

Snap roll includes a couple of groovy steps. The snaps actually help you add some percussion to guide you through the steps without the awkwardness of clapping hands. Snap when you unite your feet after stepping aside, and you bounce your shoulders with the beats.

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To make things interesting, snap your right and left hands simultaneously, and then circle your wrists together in the same direction and snap together.



Note: Use this dance step only if you have sufficient space on the dance floor because this classic move mastered Soul Train requires you to travel around the dance floor.

Step to one side with the right foot and step your left foot toward the rear of the right foot to the side, and bring the left foot to meet it. Repeat! As simple as that. 

Tip: You can add variety to your steps by adding jumps, turns, handclaps, and finger snaps too!


The electric slide


Mmm... Marcia Griffiths will not let you rest!

The steps here are almost the same as in Grapevine. All you have to do is add a little flair with hand movements and amplify your foot movement. Et voila!

Tip: Dance to Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths

Alright then… It's time to get your groove on! You don't need them stinky dancing shoes. Once you've learnt a couple of steps, all you have to wear to the stage are your confidence and that gorgeous smile. However, if you want to become a charmer with professional dance moves then it's better to read one of our blogs addressing ballet skills to improve dancing.




What are the 5 basic dance moves?

These are the five basic dance steps for moves - Grapevine, Chassé/Rock step, Step-touch, Pivot turn, Jazz square. These are pretty easy dance steps, and a person with a minimal set of moves can also do them with the least effort. You can tweak your dance steps as per your comfort. Just don't forget to keep it simple and have fun. 

Which dance is best for beginners?

Beginners can start their journey with Waltz. It is a slow ballroom dance variant with smooth moves and only four steps. Apart from being easy, it also looks and feels very elegant. There are no forced moves and exaggerated expressions. People also like to start with Foxtrot or Rumba. It all depends on you. Just do whatever comes to your mind and be confident about it.

How do you dance naturally?

Adjust with other dancers. If you do not know what you're going to do, just play along with others. Do not try to be the star of the dance floor. Follow better dancers and makes space for yourself accordingly. Do not hesitate to cheer for others. Enjoy the moment and let better dancers relish the attention they are receiving.

Which dance is best?

There is nothing like the "best" dance form. It all depends on your personal choice. A person skilled in Ballet might never want to address hip hop. To badge a dance form as the best will create discomfort and disregard among other dancers. For an individual, the best dance form is the one they might be comfortable with. Remember, dance is a skill, not a movie.

Why do I look awkward dancing?

People feel awkward before looking awkward while dancing. It is all in the head. They tend to compare their moves with others and feel discomfort afterwards. Physically, the majority of us have stiff bodies. We are not used to moving ourselves in rhythm and on beats. So, what is the solution? Just keep it real. Those who try will eventually find a way to move on the music.

Why does dancing give me anxiety?

People become anxious for fear of being judged as dancing reveals a lot about them as a person. Nobody wants to feel embarrassed by their dance steps, but the anxiety won't disappear until you think about external opinions.

How can dance be liberating?

You become free of all emotions when you dance with all your heart. It helps you undergo an experience where you do not care and enjoy the highs and lows of the rhythm.