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21 Popular and Most Rewarding Skills To Learn

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Published on: 09 Sep 2021

It is always a good idea to improve yourself and amplify your skillset. While we are naturally adept at some of them, there are others we must aim to master. The sheer will of making a change will positively influence both the professional and personal aspects of your life. 

To help you make an informed decision on the skills you must learn, we have accumulated a list of the 21 most popular and relevant skills to learn today. 

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#1 Make a Striking Conversation

Communication, be it spoken or written, is a paramount life skill that we all use. None of us can do without talking or connecting. Therefore, it is only sensible to master this ultimate life skill. 
Learning to communicate will bring a natural flow, structure, and sense into all correspondence you make. Knowing this essential soft skill is vital to making a striking conversation, will be worthwhile and allow you to form relationships successfully. 

#2 Virtual learning 

Digital learning or e-learning is a major epoch-defining trend. Today when everything is undergoing transformation and going virtual, you should make the most of it and trust digital learning. There are plenty of online learning portals and networks you can use.
Considering the surge of virtual learning, we have developed an interactive micro learning app for learners and skilled individuals. Join KoolStories for brilliant learning and skill acquisition. 

#3 Time and Resources Management

Time management says a lot about distributing and delegating your tasks, scheduling, prioritising, allocating deadlines, and dealing with stress. It also indicates how well you make most of the available resources. 
Thankfully, you can learn and improve on this skill of time management practically. A good practice is to review weekly exercises and act accordingly. 

#4 Create a Website

Your website can become a powerful platform to voice your opinion or showcase any skills or talents you have. Moreover, it can teach you valuable things like making a website purchase and publishing your blogs. 
Those of you with a creative bend, especially writing, can make the most of a website. Here's a peek into the basics of building a website.

#5 Skimming and Scanning

There is a lot that needs to be read. Most people are unaware of the reading processes of skimming and scanning. Skimming refers to reading a text quickly and exhaustively. At the same time, scanning is glossing over to find information. Both of these reading methods are important and have their significance. It is extremely rewarding for everyone to develop both these reading skills. 
To add to these, there is also the skill of reading fast. This way you can read much in less time. 

#6 Public Speaking

Most of us suffer from an unknown fear of speaking in public. In clinical terms, this is called glossophobia. It is when you get panic-stricken and baffled when asked to address a large crowd. This happens to the best of us. Even the best orators were once nervous! 
Thankfully, you can overcome this fear and learn the skill of public speaking. All it takes is the right guidance, practice, and exposure. Initially, begin small by speaking among friends, your family, an academic meeting, or an open forum. 

#7 Developing your Creative Side 

A lot of us take pride and flaunt those quick analytical reasoning skills. But it is highly mandatory to pay attention and develop a creative aspect to your personality too. Pick one from our list of the 6 most satisfying creative skills to learn

#8 Financial Management

Learning how to make money is never enough. The actual skill lies in how to manage, invest, and multiple it. Managing your finances is a skill everyone must necessarily learn. This way, you can become more independent, aware, organised, and fiscal savvy. 
Begin by preparing a budget. Then gradually track and record your expenses monthly. Proceeding in this fashion, you can monitor your spendings and plan investments accordingly. 

#9 Listening

Listening is primary, and it is rightfully placed first in the four language skills LSRW, i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, most of us overlook this aspect of language because we are caught up in a hurry to communicate first and listen later. You need to analyse yourself and assess if you are a good listener or not. 
The best relationship-building strategy is to listen carefully and speak mindfully. 

#10 Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is all over the corporate and business world. Nowadays, it is the most sought after soft skill. This is because emotionally intelligent people make better leaders, manage the team much skillfully, and make more refined decisions. Being emotionally intelligent is a life skill that gives insight into empathy, sensitivity, emotions and improves interactions. Moreover, it gives you an edge over the rapidly developing Artificial Intelligence.  
You can manipulate your emotional intelligence and learn by practising in real-life situations. 

#11 Photography

Taking pictures and sharing them with the world has become an indispensable part of our lives. You might be tempted to take an aesthetically pleasing picture but may not know the basics of photography. This results in an opportunity loss. Wait no more. Here is an exhaustive guide on purchasing your first camera
Everyone must learn the fundamentals of photography to preserve their special moments in the most tasteful manner. 

#12 Being Funny 

It might sound silly, but being funny is also a skill. To be more precise, having a sense of humour adds to your personality traits and makes you more likeable.
Finding humour in challenging situations is a blessing. It can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, thereby allowing you better focus and efficiency. 
Moreover, nobody likes a grump!

#13 Videography

Videos are not only a great source of entertainment but have also become a significant marketing limb. Social media platforms and brands are extensively using video content to promote their agenda. If we keep this professional aspect of video making aside, you can develop videography skills to document anything you want. 
Simply start your research and experiment with videography basics like lighting, shooting, and editing. 

#14 Task Management

The biggest life skill is managing the tasks at hand. A successful person always has enough vigilance of the time and the tasks at hand. Hence, they can make the most of the stipulated time. 
Learn how to manage tasks by picking up healthy habits of making lists, scheduling, prioritising tasks, and proper delegation. 
This way, you learn how to work smart and also increase your overall productivity. 

#15 Master a New Language

Believe it or not, a child has much more capability and cognisance to learn or acquire a new language than you adults. But this should not prevent you from exploring rich cultures and learning their language. 
Being fluent in a new language has its perks. 
It can-

  • unearth new opportunities
  • broaden your prospects
  • enables you to communicate smoothly
  • boosts your overall confidence

All you need to do is research useful, and most demanded languages and make a choice. Finally, pick a source you find most convenient to learn the language and stick with it.

#16 Cooking 

Cooking is one of the 6 survival skills everyone should learn and is a primary survival skill as well. Even though women are stereotyped to learn cooking, this skill is a must-know in today’s times. 
Start with the basics, and you are sure to enjoy it! 
Besides being rewarding and satisfying, cooking can also become your creative outlet. 

#17 Networking

Networking is a crucial expansion skill utilised by people today. Besides entertainment, all social learning platforms are built for seamless socialising. 
Today, networking has matured into a skill. It is highly influential and significantly contributes to your public image, alongside promoting growth. When you learn the skill of networking, you quickly build relationships and advocate your professional interest too. 

#18 Art of Body Language

Successful networking is a combination of effective communication and the use of proper body language. Consider body language as a nonverbal communication method. When connecting, your body language is more prominent and noticeable than your expressions. It can make or break any communication. Therefore, it is a cardinal skill to learn. 
By learning the art of body language, you gain awareness of gestures, body posture, eye contact, touch, and use of space. Developing positive body language requires being mindful and persistent. 

#19 Writing

Writing seems to appear over and over in every list of skills to learn. This is because it is extensively used but highly overlooked. 
People everywhere are ready to work on their social and public speaking skills but procrastinate when writing. 
There is no permanency without writing, and this is its power. Learn how to write, and you can harness this strength into your professional and personal life. There are infinite resources and methods to learn writing today. 

#20 Playing a Musical Instrument

Creative skills like it aren't everyone's cup of tea. But playing a musical instrument is a method of mental relaxation and has proven cognitive benefits too. 
Music has a calming effect, but it also imparts a sense of satisfaction that comes with learning something new. Many self-taught, talented people began with a passion for music and have incorporated playing music into their daily regime. 
Pick up a musical instrument that intrigues you and seek professional guidance or hop online for self-learning. 

#21 Bargaining

Some of us may not like it, but being able to negotiate is a pretty neat skill. It saves you both time and money, leading two parties to a middle path or a mutual agreement. Not to forget, it is convenient. There is no proven or foolproof method of bargaining. It comes with practice and exposure. If you feel that bargaining is an essential skill, go out and play the field. But keep in mind to have realistic negotiation goals. 

These were our top 21 picks of the most lucrative skills to learn. 
Do tell us which skill you will be learning next and why!


Why is time management a good skill?

Effective time management skills help you reduce stress and prioritise your time. It will help clarify goals and you will have more time to achieve great results.

Why is public speaking an important skill?

Public speaking is equally essential to any other 'must-have' skills. To progress in the working world, you must have this ability to make a good presentation of yourself. Thus, strong public speaking can influence decision making and form connections.

Why mastering a language is important?

Learning a new language is always a good option. It allows you to exercise your brain with new grammar and vocabulary. It is training the brain to memorize new words and use them in contextual situations.

How playing a musical instrument benefits your brain?

Playing an instrument engages practically every brain area that is the brain equivalent of a full-body workout. It improves long term memory and better brain development for those starting young. Playing practice can strengthen brain functions with the great engagement of the visual, auditory and motor cortices.

How do I get better at public speaking?

Tips on improving public speaking:
1. Practice Breath control can help you do this. Use your stomach to push air in and out of your lungs. Take 10 slow and deep breaths before you speak publicly.
2. Prepare points on the topic you have to speak.
3. Know your audience to tailor your speech to them.
4. Rehearse your speech so that you can naturally feel more comfortable giving it.
5. Take a public speaking class

Why cooking is a basic life skill?

People who cannot cook for themselves will always be either a burden or a responsibility to someone else.
It is better to learn the basics of cooking to be self-sufficient and also to explore your taste.

Is writing a gift or a skill?

A gifted writer will never achieve their full potential without honing their skills.
Passion for writing and dedication are the defining factors for a writer to become better.