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8 Bold and Brilliant New Year Resolutions You Easily Can Follow 

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Published on: 28 Dec 2020

2020 was quite a ride. Wasn’t it? With the unforeseen challenges, highs and lows, you have made it to the end of the year, and it’s time to set some fresh new year resolutions.
Just like the rest of the holidays, New Year’s Eve 2020 will look a bit different- a little less celebratory. But you can take it up a notch with thoughtful new year resolution ideas. 

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Nothing too unachievable, this year we are going to keep things comfortable but ingenious. The resolutions that follow aren’t too drastic but will scale up your lifestyle, stimulate creative thinking, and make you a well-rounded person. 
Sit with your notepad, consider these ideas and inspire yourself to become a better person for the upcoming year.   

1. You are What You Eat

New Year Resolutions - You are What You Eat

The year 2020 has been overly taxing on both physical and mental health. Your body and mind deserve the goodness of good food and a healthy lifestyle that comes with it. Therefore, pledge to eat more veggies and cut out the junk. While you cannot directly go vegan, add a few healthy greens like Kale, Brocolli, Beans, Lettuce and the like to your diet regime. It sure is challenging to make your greens taste heavenly, recipes like garlic and sesame kale saute are easy to cook and much healthy. 
Start new year with gratitude, be kind to your body and pledge to eat healthier. 

2. Find Your Creative Hobby

New Year Resolutions - Find Your Creative Hobby

Any hobby you take is a stimulation to the mind. And this new normal is all about being sane in drastically changing scenarios. Ergo, give your mind the kindness that comes with being creative. Also, don’t just stick to one hobby for the entire year. Take up something new every other month. There are tons of creative skills to master, and you have the whole field to yourself. Try cooking, playing a musical instrument, or something totally artistic like acrylic painting. Doing something original will surely step up your game. Maybe a creative pastime resolution is all you need for this coming year. 

3. Go for Gardening

New Year Resolutions - Go for Gardening

There is nothing more satisfying than being a proud plant owner. Moreover, being around greenery is the therapy your mind needs. Research shows that exposure to plants is a good dose for mental health. Waste no time, go around a nursery, pick up plants and find the best spot to have a green corner. You can also go a bit advanced for this new year resolution and assemble an organic garden from scratch.

4. Yoga for Mental Wellness

New Year Resolutions - Yoga for Mental Wellness

There are massive benefits of yoga, and the year 2021 is when you should gain them all. For earlier new year resolutions, you may have decided on a more rigorous form of workout. But pledge to become fitter this year by doing yoga with your family every day. With each mindful movement, as you become more aware of your chakras, the progress will slowly soothe your mental chaos, while assisting good body posture and muscle strength. Since this form of workout, is easier on the body you are likely to enjoy and stick with this new year resolution. Take a step to lead a healthier lifestyle; get some activity with yoga. 

5. Vow to Stay in Touch 

New Year Resolutions - Vow to Stay in Touch

No other year like 2020 has made us realise the importance of family and friends. So, make a resolution to stay well-connected with near and dear ones in 2021 and the years to come. Apart from GIFs, memes, videos, and forward messages resolve to form everlasting bonds.  
Create a calendar and schedule a video or an audio call with the people who matter. As distance and life get in the way of being close, form groups, cement friendship on social media platforms and make it a routine to connect. 

6. Carve Out Some “Me Time”

New Year Resolutions - Carve Out Some “Me Time”

In life’s daily humdrum, it’s possible to forget about self-love. But get right back on the track and make a firm new year resolution for 2021 to reward yourself with some ‘Me Time." As activities and the atmosphere around you switch, sit with yourself and take a breather to relax. Add to your mental peace with affirmatives like “I am enough. I have enough, and I do enough” or curate your mantra. Let go off of that extra baggage and pamper yourself with meditation, writing a journal, immersing in a creative vent or doing something you enjoy. The goal for this upcoming year is to know thyself better and add to personal growth. 

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7. Be Kind to Nature 

New Year Resolutions - Be Kind to Nature

While we were given a time out, nature went on a restoration regime. With all ecosystems replenished, we can now have a start fresh. With that clean slate, resolve to be kind to nature. Since charity begins at home, imbibe activities in your daily practice that benefit the environment. Make a prudent decision to use eco-friendly or bio-degradable products. While you make resolutions for a happier and healthier life, pledge to pass on a greener planet to future generations

8. Organise Your Space for Better Functionality

New Year Resolutions - Organise Your Space

Out of all the new year resolutions, this is the most achievable of them all. A decluttered space is a representation of an organised mind. Therefore, resolve in 2021 to become more organised and planned. Create a daily planner to stick to your to-do list and clean your work station for a more organised look. 

Well, it’s a bad idea to flip your life 180 degrees for the sake of new year resolution. Anything that drastic or harsh will only make you fall off the wagon, and you bid goodbye to a chance for a better life! To stick to a new year resolution, you must make easy and achievable goals. Take inspiration from our list of ideas and curate a fresh batch of goals for 2021. 


What is the #1 New Year's resolution?

The #1 New Year’s resolution would be to work hard and save money.

Why do New Year's resolutions commonly fail?

One of the top reasons why new year resolutions fail is because of the lack of practical goals. Since most people make new year goals that are too generic, they fail to curate a step-by-step plan of action. In the absence of a clear roadmap, it becomes difficult to pursue a resolution. More times than often, people make new year goals by copying their friends or under peer pressure. It deters them from the track because of the lack of motivation to pursue. Therefore, it is crucial to make new year resolutions that you feel strongly for.

What are the most popular resolutions?

New year resolutions are a positive note to kick off the year. Every year countless people make new year promises, but only the dedicated ones follow them through. If you are also looking for some fresh and active ways to approach the New Year, here are the most popular new year resolutions to inspire you:

1.Reading more
2.Working out daily
3.Writing a journal daily
4.Quit smoking
5.Practising positivity
6.Pursuing your skill or hobby
7.Decluttering and getting more organised
8.Saving more and spending wisely
9.Eating healthy
10.Travelling more

How long do New Year's resolutions last?

It is a common belief that new year resolutions don’t cross the 1-week mark. But if you stick to them religiously and make short term goals that work according to your plans, adhering to new year resolutions becomes possible and enjoyable.

How do you make the best New Year's resolutions?

To make the best new year resolutions, look for the bad habits or poor practices in your life that you would like to give up and make a resolution to eradicate them from your life. You can also pick a passion that you would like to pursue. The goal is to induce a positive attitude or habit into your life and follow it to improve your lifestyle.

What is a New Year resolution simple definition?

In simple terms, a new year resolution is a promise to do something different in the new year.

When did New Year's resolutions begin?

New Year's resolutions have existed since the early 19th century and perhaps as far back as the late 17th century.