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Top 22 most profitable skills to learn in 2022

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Published on: 15 Mar 2022

It is one thing to have a skill, but the concept of earning money through it is entirely different. The world is opening up to new possibilities. Now and then, we hear people making millions of dollars from their craft. However, developing a good skill is a tremendously difficult task.

But don't you worry! We will help you take the first step towards growth. Find out if your skill is on our list or whether you can think of something entirely new for earning more money.

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With excellent copywriting comes excellent money. The art of copywriting is enormously crucial to sell a product, aspire emotions and create a brand. You only need a laptop and internet to create magic. This skill can land you a gratifying job at advertising agencies, marketing and SEO departments, and any firm that might need written content. (That means all of them).

Digital marketing

Digital marketing demands a creative and tech-savvy individual good in advertising. Currently, it is the core of essential advertising, and seemingly things won't change. You can be an SEO or SEM expert, influencer, social media, email or content marketer, and whatnot. The digital marketing space is evolving and has ample job opportunities.


What is designing? Developing graphics and visuals while being creatively clever. The skill can provide you enough money through freelance, let alone a full-time job, and you can charge hefty amounts with more experience. This talent is gaining significant momentum with the booming digital marketing economy and e-commerce.


Video production houses have become exceptionally profitable lately. Every brand and product has realized the power of expressive visuals, and even governments are focusing on video production to spread their word.
Social media platforms are more or less under video monopoly. There's no doubt that videographers have no shortage of work and high-paying clients.  


Clicking pictures has always been one of our most popular hobbies, but now is the time to encash your photography skills better than ever. The Instagram generation is so fond of quality pictures that it has become an essential source of information for them. Unsurprisingly, businesses worldwide know about it, and companies are willing to give reasonable sums of money to skilled photographers. Don't forget the celebrity culture in individuals too. Photographers are on the doorstep of endless possibilities.


Gone are the days when cooking was just a survival skill. Today, professionals and amateurs are experiencing new avenues of growth. Platforms like YouTube help cooks earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can also earn by sharing your cooking knowledge with the world with decent financial gains. Join the wave before this market becomes saturated.


Sales have and will continue to be a good skill, and all you need are good communication skills and hold of human psychology. Top sales professionals enjoy good salaries with massive commissions. Although it also requires years of practical experience, one must start somewhere.


Cloud computing security is one of the fastest-growing domains in the IT sector. Every business needs a cybersecurity expert to run smoothly. Although this skill is relatively hard to learn, it can be financially rewarding once you become an expert.

Public speaking

Public speaking coaches are in high demand. Everybody feels the need for good communication skills sometimes or the other. The applicability of public speaking is so broad that almost all professionals need to learn it. Thus, a person giving public speaking classes is not limited to a specific niche, and it turns out more consumers make more profit.

Data science

Data analytics has become a significant component of business development. Any person with an IT background can become a data scientist without prior experience. A person good at solving data-driven problems is an asset to any company. To start, learn MS Excel and one of the programming languages.


Investment is a skill attained with time, and it is one of the most rewarding passive income sources. Don't hold back if you have the patience and risk-taking abilities necessary to sustain yourself in the investment space. There is a wide window of opportunity with cryptocurrencies and NFT becoming more acceptable.

Foreign language

Undoubtedly, the world has collapsed in itself, and it essentially means that nations and cultures are getting together more than ever before. In this scenario, a multilingual can work in different countries, be a translator, or be a language teacher. Such a person can develop multiple income sources, and that's not going out of fashion.

Fashion designing

Fashion designing is not as easy as the world names it to be, and it is one of the most complex yet rewarding skills to master. However, if you have a knack for designing clothes, you must try your hand in the fashion world. Many platforms provide certificate education as well as opportunities to grow. Take inspiration from fashion designing icons on YouTube.

Web designing

Websites are the base of online marketplaces, and web designers are the Gods of its aesthetics. A creative and experienced web designer can earn good numbers with unlimited job opportunities. You can do it full or part-time, freelance it or run your own business, give guidance or teach others the prospects are highly dynamic.


The fitness industry is booming like never before. Every individual on earth requires a health coach, a personal trainer, a dietitian, a nutritionist, or anybody with good health advice. The fitness industry has a vast space in the online consultancy scope. What's better? Anybody can gain and share fitness-related knowledge.


Being an artist is not easy, but the digital world has opened new avenues to earn more money. They can sell their art on social media, do commissioned work, create NFTs or give classes to others. Although perfecting artistic skills takes time, the new economy has space for everybody. Start today, and you might be already selling by the end of the year.


The hair and makeup industry is always welcoming new brands. Why brand? Because every famous beauty expert is a brand in itself. It is one of the biggest industries in the world with a global reach. Hundreds of hair and makeup channels enjoy millions of subscribers on YouTube, and that is only the surface of money, fame, and popularity that comes to beauty experts.  

Editing and proofreading

Written content is gaining ample exposure. Currently, writers are one of the most in-demand experts. Editing and proofreading are essential parts of the writing industry. Enough experience and language knowledge can land you a great job as an editor or a proofreader. You can also freelance on various projects quite easily.

UI/UX design

The mobile app industry has been experiencing steady growth with more focus on user-friendliness lately. A UI/UX designer is in high demand, especially if they have creative ideas and are also aware of human psychology. Also, they can easily earn through freelance, part-time and full-time gigs.

Blockchain programming

Blockchain is the most promising technological advancement in recent times. Unfortunately, very few experts understand its concepts entirely, which also means ample space for new people who can take this technology a step further. Moreover, being high in demand, a blockchain expert is bound to earn well.


Creating nothing out of the ordinary has always been a highly appreciated skill. There will always be people interested in buying good craft products. You polish your presentation skills, market your products, and gradually, the income stream will get flooded.


Everybody can vlog, but creating a profitable vlogging channel takes skills. A person true to their subject with good people skills and storytelling ability can earn massive money through vlogging. People love watching exciting stuff, and you can be the next popular host.


These were our top picks for profitable skills in 2022. Let us know if we missed out on anyone. Money-making abilities are second nature to all the above-stated skills. You have to choose what works for you and what's against your skillset. Make sure that you do not push yourself into learning something out of your comfort zone. It's never late to find what truly goes with your education and knowledge. Anything else might just be wasting your time.
All the best! You can learn these skills in just 15 minutes with our micro courses and connect with experts on our micro learning platform- KoolStories. 



Top 22 most profitable skills to learn?

Learning cloud computing, coding, machine learning, and cybersecurity would be best. As per the current development, the IT sector is the most promising job producer in the future.

What can I learn in 2 months?

A person can understand the basics of various skills within or just over two months. However, coding, language, writing, web development, and SEO have a comparatively easier-to-understand beginning.

What is the easiest skill to learn?

Skill learning is a subjective term. An easy skill can be the hardest for any other person, and it all depends on your aptitude and goals. We advise you to understand your needs and learn a skill without looking for something easy.

What are useless skills?

There are no useless skills, and any and everything you learn will come in handy at least once in your life. But if you are only looking for profitable skills, it is best to stick with traditional expertise like engineering.

Which skill is most difficult for learners to master?

Surprisingly, public speaking is one of the most intricate skills to master. One can hone technical skills with the proper education and disciplined learning, but speaking comes naturally and can only be sharpened with deliberate practice and experience.