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6 Most Helpful Creative Skills to Learn in 2023

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Published on: 20 Aug 2020

I want to paint what I feel and feel what I paint. 

- Vincent Van Gogh

This Vincent Van Gogh energy could be dwelling within you. A waiter, a tech-product manager, an accountant, a cabin crew, or simply anyone can acquire creative skills. The list is endless, and so is the power of creative thinking.

But how do you follow your creative passions, and what are the best creative skills to learn? Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the same. 

Creativity is the thinking faculty that takes the wheel when you are inspired. It brings you all those crisp thoughts and fresher perspectives to broaden your horizons. With creative skills, you get a brighter, more colourful, and renewed outlook on every problem and scenario. While everyone is out there doing the mundane, we bring you the most fun creative skills list to pick up and flaunt.
These include-

  1. Writing
  2. Photography
  3. Colouring
  4. Baking and cooking
  5. Cake decorating
  6. Composing

Before hopping right into our listicle, you need to understand what creative thinking brings to the table primarily.

What is creative thinking?

What is Creativity or Creative Thinking?

It's puzzling when you hear the phrase "think out the box". To be honest, it's a bit ambiguous too. If you have been a convergent thinker all your life - one who uses critical logic and reason to draw conclusions, the process of thinking creatively might seem like a herculean task. 

To bring some clarity to the concept, we have attempted to define creative thinking. It is the use of imagination to give birth to a new idea, solution or concept. Creative thinking pushes you to use your mental faculties of observation, logic and vision to hatch new ways to meet challenges or execute tasks.  

Being creative is not only beneficial for those working in the liberal or performing arts. In today's time and age, innovative thinking is the backbone of birthing a new product, easing the lives of the people in the professional and personal spheres. Creativity is thus the backbone of a developing civilisation. 

Although it may seem undemanding and effortless, the road to becoming a creative person is taxing. However, we wish inspiration approached us swimmingly as it did to Keats when he sat down in his garden one evening and was carried away on the "viewless wings of Poesy" to pen down his evergreen poem Ode to a Nightingale

Don't let that demotivate you though! Let's figure out a way to become creative and unleash your artistic self.

How to Become a Creative Person? 

Since creativity is all about developing a mindset, the shortest way to become a creative person is through mental techniques. These techniques are strategies to tame and condition your brain to function in a way so that it uses its innovative abilities to the maximum. These methods are helpful to trigger original thinking and are proven to generate new ideas. A bunch of the most practical ways to develop creative thinking include:


If you are on the lookout for a solution or are building something new from the ground up, brainstorming is the way to go about it. Two minds are better than one. So just sit down with your colleagues or friends for a quick brainstorming session to reach the highest level of inspiration. 

The purpose of brainstorming is to bring all ideas to the forefront and build on them. Remember - no idea is a bad idea. Start from whatever creative solution you come up with, do proper documentation and build on them for successful brainstorming.  

Active Content Consumption

Well, it's true when they say "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Our minds are programmed to think and develop perspectives only to the extent of exposure we give it. Confine it within walls or feed it a repetitive niche-specific diet, and you'll be hindering the idea churner. So, break down those walls and start active content consumption. Watch movies or read blogs, novels and magazines that aren't directly related to your work.

The goal is to fuel your creative juices with the latest forms of visual and textual treats.   

Pen down your Ideas

It is a highly practised exercise among creative folks to pen down whatever brilliant idea comes to mind. For instance, the famed 20th-century writer, Virginia Woolf, wrote at a standing desk. Well, her idea was to step away from her work every day and look at it from a different perspective with a new dawn. But you don't have to adopt such extreme measures. Simply keep a notepad with you at all times and write down any idea that comes to your mind.  

Ask Questions

One of the simplest ways to boost your creativity is to become a little curious every day. Observe the happenings in your surrounding, ask questions, enquire, research and never settle without a satisfactory answer. 

Kids are inquisitive in nature by birth and are hence more creative than adults. 

Now that you are well aware of the major ways to unlock your creativity, tap into this blog to unravel an entire list of ideas to unlock your hidden powers.  

The Benefits of Creative Thinking

People with remarkable creative thinking have the unmatched ability to seek inspiration and innovate. This out-of-the-box approach is what drives all successful professionals of today.

But what is creativity? In essence, it uses imagination, inventiveness, and originality to brew alternatives, ideas, and recognize possibilities. As a result, this creativity skills you at the workplace and all other spheres of life. 
For instance, in the corporate sector, creative problem-solving is one of the skills employers are looking for. Survey results by Forrester Consulting show that companies that promote creative thinking achieve remarkable revenue growth over competitors. This is because new ways of thinking lead to innovation and freshness. Therefore, enlisting creative skills in a resume casts a good impression and increases your chances of being hired. But how to improve creative skills practically? The answer lies in finding your creative passion and its endless pursuit. 
Not only is creativity in vogue, but it is also a chief contributing factor to your personal growth and improvement. It is a breather from linear thinking and vanilla ideas. By developing creative habits, your manner of thinking becomes more well-rounded. This underlines the power of being creative.

Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.

 - Barbara Januszkiewicz

Such pioneering thinking skills will help you to express inner desires, thoughts, and ideas better. If harnessed properly, this skill set will bring you the ability to adopt multiple perspectives, which builds problem-solving. These powerful creative thinking skills are useful across careers and are not industry-specific. In a nutshell, creativity defines your thought process, viewpoint, attitude, and individuality. 

Summing up their vast advantages, we conclude that creative skills benefit you in the following ways:

  • Develops independent thinking:
    Creativity allows you to think independently. Your thoughts become free-flowing, and new ideas pop up automatically.
  • Brings innovation:
    A creative thinking mind can lead the way to change and innovation at work. Additionally, it will boost your productivity.
  • A burst of fresher Ideas:
    All novel ideas and outlooks stem from creative thinking. 
  • Develops a well-rounded perspective:
    Creative thinking techniques bring diverse perspectives and patterns to sight.
  • Gives you freedom:
    A creative mindset thinks freely in different directions. Since it does not restrain thoughts in a set frame, they tend to become more versatile and far-reaching.
  • A brilliant way of expression:
    When you create, you express your beliefs and feelings. Therefore, creative skills lead to authenticity.  
  • The ability to create:
    When you are creative, you build things from scratch, lead through innovation, and become more enterprising.
  • Promotes satisfaction:
    Having creativity in your skills fund is an asset. You enjoy the feeling of pride and gain satisfaction that comes from realizing your inner creativity.
  • Boosts well-being:
    Indulging in a creative life skill, a creative hobby, or a pastime is meditative. Since it is a form of expression, studies suggest that being creative relieves stress.
  • Increases resourcefulness:
    All creative skills use higher-order thinking. Therefore, you can tap into all kinds of resources you never even knew existed.
  • Enhances problem-solving:
    With increased resourcefulness, your problem-solving abilities become elevated. 

Such terrific benefits of creativity would have convinced you to pick at least one of these creative skills we have for you in-store. Gloss through our list below and learn how to start with baby steps.

#1 Writing 

Writing - Creative Skill to Learn 2022

Writing earns a bad reputation due to all those High School research papers that we scribbled monotonously. But there is something so soothing about putting your thoughts or feelings on paper. It may seem a bit tedious at first. Your skills for creative writing will develop into a powerful tool. This will help you voice your thoughts comprehensively and coherently.
In fact, this is a top basic skill everyone should learn. This creative occupation has enormous potential to develop your thinking ability. Seems like a fun, creative option? Start with these writing exercises to kick-start your journey.


Baby Steps - Pick a topic of your choice. Start by wording a few sentences or a paragraph initially.

#2 Photography 

Photography - Creative Skill to Learn 2022

All you need to become a good photographer is a vision to look past the mundane. You do not have to buy fancy camera equipment for this. A unique insight is a small element that will make all the difference. 

However, if you are confused about what type of camera to buy, tap on this quick guide to select the right camera. 
Look for eccentricities in vistas, objects, people, or in all that you want to photograph. Just pull out your smartphone and photography until you can realize your vision.

Moreover, this creative art is claimed to be a stress reliever, esteem booster, creativity enhancer, and inspiring to the brain's thinking powers. Here are the best photography tips to help you along the way.

Baby Steps - Do a bit of research on lighting angles and adjustments. Whip out your camera and begin clicking.

#3 Coloring

Coloring - Creative Skill to Learn 2022

Colouring has taken the world by storm. Experts have tracked down health-related benefits of colouring to adults. Filling colours in a pattern has proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels, increase focus and attention, improve motor skills, and aid the thinking process.
Everyone is not adept at drawing, sketching, or doodling. Here, the colouring comes in as a great alternative to unleash your creativity. This is because colour generation stems from creative thinking, the right hemisphere of your brain.
If you like to colour, consider reading about it and the various art forms worldwide. It is truly fascinating and is a great way to develop your cultural skills too.

If you are interested in colouring, try these 16 useful drawing tips to help you along the creative process.

Baby Steps - Purchase a colouring book or print out any pattern of your choosing from the Internet. Begin filling in colours.

#4 Baking and Cooking 

Baking and cooking are the two most satisfying ways to be creative: your dish, your ingredients, your choice. The sheer amount of happiness that comes from preparing anything from scratch is unmatched. It can be rightly said that cooking and baking are the best ways of creative self-assertion. Like any other creative thinking skills, they also help tackle stress, allow you to become mindful, and are the highest form of altruism.

Baking and Cooking  - Creative Skill to Learn 2022

Baking and cooking are the two most satisfying ways to be creative; your dish, ingredients, and choice. The sheer amount of happiness that comes from preparing anything from scratch is unmatched. It can be rightly said that cooking and baking are the best ways of creative self-assertion. Like any other creative thinking skills, they also help tackle stress, allow you to become mindful, and are the highest form of altruism.
Knowledge of various cuisines is also one of the many cultural skills you highly need today.

To sweeten up your baking session, give this easy-to-make Eccles cake recipe a whip!

Baby Steps - Begin by observing others cook. Start developing these cooking techniques and sort out all the recipes that intrigue you. It is best to start with something less complicated. How about a grilled cheese sandwich?

#5 Cake Decoration 

Cake decorating - Creative Skill to Learn 2022


Cake decoration videos are the most satisfying thing on the internet right now. They are nonetheless exquisitely tempting.
Developing the skill of cake decoration is the ultimate way to unleash your creative thinking. Your cake becomes your 3D canvas, allowing those natural creative juices to flow and inspire you with fresher ideas every time. There is no limit to the design, colour, or decor you choose for the cake. It is entirely up to your choice.

Baby Steps - If you are a somewhat decent baker, you can indulge in cake decoration skills right away. There are plenty of videos online to aid you. Otherwise, sign up and attend cake decoration classes for guided help and some hands-on experience. 

#6 Composing

If you fancy music or composition, this creative skill could do the trick. Composing music has a significant positive impact on both critical and creative thinking skills. It boosts your decision-making abilities, retains attention, increases focus, and significantly slows brain ageing. Moreover, music has these stunning benefits to mental health.  
With all these impressive benefits, music composition can become your best creative outlet.

Baby Steps - Begin composing music or melodies with any musical instrument of your choice. If you do not possess any, go online, and look for music composition apps or software.
These were our top picks of the most beneficial creative skills that have proven benefits to accentuate your thinking capacities.

Learning with baby steps one day at a time is the best way to progress. Building creative thinking requires time and effort. But once found, creativity will function as a mental reflex and reflect in every endeavour. There are many others like you who are set on this journey of self-improvement. KoolStories connects you with people from around the globe so that you learn and grow together. Our skills sharing and learning platform is a one-of-a-kind social learning app with added benefits of knowledge transfer and networking. Become a part of this exciting journey and join the revolution. Download KoolStories now. 


What are the 5 techniques of exploring creative thinking?

Creative thinking is a lifestyle and shouldn’t be restricted to academics or professional life only. Once brought to continuous use, creative thinking becomes imbibed in the system. However, this windmill of creative ideas may get stuck and you may need to restart. Follow these 5 effective techniques to unlock creative thinking:

1. Dwell in brainstorming sessions

2. Build up scenarios and chalk out their practicality

3. Analyze the issue

4. Employ lateral thinking

5. Change your perspective

How is being creative a strength?

Being creative is the biggest strength an individual can have because it offers diverse problem-solving in a non-analytical and innovative manner. Moreover, a creative streak leads to innovations and new discoveries or presents a distinctive way of doing things.
Creativity helps realise the fantasy into reality.

Why creative thinking skills are important to you as a creative person?

Creative thinking is the bread and butter of a creative individual. Being a creative thinker is important as it helps you create a mind-frame that allows you to look at problems and situations from a unique and unconventional perspective. This adds variety and colour to the mundane.

Is creativity a sign of intelligence?

Creativity is a type of intelligence and is taken in high regard due to the possibilities of invention, innovation and knowledge creation that it offers. Most intelligent minds have been called creative individuals for their ability to recognize a problem, analyse it and offer feasible solutions.

Why is a creative mindset important?

A creative mindset is most sought after in the corporate sector and leads to innovative problem-solving. In personal life, being creative helps deal with situations and people with more insight and a broader perspective.

Why Is Creative Thinking So Important in the Workplace?

Creativity inspires team members to work together. As they have new ideas, they seek out teammates for their feedback. Thus, it encourages employees in better teamwork and bonding.

What is the Best Way to Train People to be Creative?

Here are the main points to consider when attempting to coach creativity:

1. Give Feedback.
2. Assign people the task they love.
3. Help employees develop their expertise.