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London Photography- Places in London you need to visit as a Photographer

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Published on: 12 Jul 2021

So, you are in London with a camera. You are confused. With endless possibilities of magnificent locations, you do not know where to start. You are excited. There are numerous opportunities for architectural, street, food and wildlife photography. You are overwhelmed. London is about to overpower your creativity.

London has a reputation for being one of the most popular travel hubs. It is by far the most refined city to employ the photography enthusiast inside you. However, you can often feel crushed as a photographer in "The Big Smoke". The story, as mentioned earlier, is a harsh reality for photography lovers. It doesn't mean that you, too, have to play a role in this tragedy.

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Allow KoolStories to become your London guide for today. We will be taking your DSLR to some extremely photogenic and focus-friendly locations.

Best photography spots in London:

Tower Bridge - Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 2UP

Is there any reason not to visit the grand Tower Bridge? One of the most recognizable places in the city is documented in movies, documentaries, and other media disciplines. Although the place experiences heavy footfall, you have a small window to exploit your photography skills. Arrive before the sunrise to view something stunning. London's excellent architectural site will be your host for the dawn, with the twilight showering over your subject's elegance. 

Later in the day, you might like to dive into long-exposure photography. The Tower Bridge is among the best shoot-worthy night spots in London. Its archways provide exceptional symmetry for light trails. Do not forget to use both North and South banks.

The Tower Bridge is a modern marvel and is the perfect location for urban photography. There is no way you can go wrong with it.

London Photography Spot - Tower Bridge


The Westminster vicinity – Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1P 1LT

London is among the most famous cities in the world. But that doesn't go well with photography unless you are aiming for crowd photography.

The Westminster cathedral is full of spots perfect for portrait shoots with minimum to no people. Being a Roman Catholic church, it serves as a prime example of neo-Byzantine architecture in Europe. You will have numerous alluring options to set your focus on.

For example - The great Baldacchino strikes a visitor's imagination with an illustrious display of coloured marble, gold pearl etc.

Take a short 10-minute walk to Westminster Abbey. The Anglican Church stands in all glory as a haven for architectural photography lovers. You will love to snap the beautiful exteriors and the godly interiors. All things considered, you will have an instant love affair with these buildings.  

London Photography Spot - The Westminster vicinity


Sky Garden- 1 Sky Garden Walk, London EC3M 8AF

Cityscape photographers, it's your time to shine. You will get the most astonishing and distinct view of the entire city from the much-acclaimed Sky Garden.

The free public garden also provides a bar with an elegant sitting area. Do not forget to click pictures the moment you enter this garden. It has grand glass windows that cover the entire real estate. The plants and small shrubs within the super plush architecture is a sight to behold.

The one-of-a-kind restaurant provides an immensely charming view of London's famous skyline. You can freely explore the entire property to capture the best shots possible. However, do not forget to book your entry tickets in advance. We advise you to bring in some extra cash as it's hard to resist a casual drink on these extremely comfortable lounge chairs. It's better to visit the garden after the sunsets when the music starts to hit your eardrums.

Forget the photographs. You will never forget this experience. Just kidding.

London Photography Spot - Sky Garden


Leadenhall Market – Gracechurch St, Langbourn, London EC3V 1LT

Let's come back to the ground reality. The Leadenhall Market rests as the heart of London's financial space and a content hub for vloggers. It is a stretch of fancy pubs, desirable boutique shops, and fine restaurants. Street photographers and candid photography enthusiasts are going to love this place. It has also been used for movies due to its inclusive atmosphere. With fresh flowers, fresh cheese, fresh meat, the site has every detail a traveling photographer would ever need.  

This place is suited for capturing the playful and entertaining side of the city.

You will fall for the decorations and the spirited atmosphere. It is the complete opposite of our previous destination. It will be better to visit the place during weekends and carry extra batteries with memory cards. 

London Photography Spot - Leadenhall Market


The London Underground

Apart from famous landmarks and impressive landscapes, London possesses a new realm of possibilities. The London underground is a railway system that serves the entire Greater London. It is a fascinating mix of lights, people, engineering, ignorance and time, nothing like the all fancy- all shining city up above. 

The whole network is an excellent opportunity for lifestyle, minimalist, documentary and travel photographers. The majority of photographers do not prefer to visit here in the rush hours. They also like to carry small mirrorless cameras.

You will get superb symmetrical shots with shades of LED lighting. Profound emotions within eye-catching minimalism. Extremes of energy and dullness. A contrast of life and endless abstract concrete.

Disclaimer: You cannot use a flash, extra light or a tripod. Anything that bothers the travellers will be immediately condemned.

London Photography Spot - The London Underground


Lancaster Road

The Lancaster Road is perfect for taking some fantastic Instagram friendly pictures. It looks like a movie set with similar buildings in different vibrant colours. You can take beautiful portraits, creative shots or indulge in abstract photography. For us, this is the perfect place to do some street fashion projects.

The place also holds importance for hosting the grandest street festival of Europe – The Notting Hill Carnival. It is obviously a dramatic and lively fiesta – a gold mine for any photographer. These rainbow vibes are a pol apart from London's analogous imagery. However, you are not in a playground. These houses are private property, and any action that irritates the locals will not be tolerated.

London Photography Spot - Lancaster Road

 Some worthy mentions:


Hampstead Pergola and Hill Garden

One of the hidden places in London that encourages photography. Perfect for Pinterest centric snaps.

Hampstead Pergola and Hill Garden


St. Dunstan in the east

Not only suitable for photography but also for relaxation.

London Photography Spot - St. Dunstan


Kew Gardens

Great for a photographer interested in extensive botanical photography.

London Photography Spot - Kew Gardens


Millennium Bridge

Gives you an almost perfect frame to capture St. Paul's Cathedral

London Photography Spot - Millennium Bridge


Buckingham Palace

Do we even have to tell its importance?

 Pro tip: Make sure that you have reasonable control over the white balance settings. The dark weather and gloomy lighting can hamper your photos.

London Photography Spot - Buckingham Palace



Here ends a shortlist of the best places for photography in London.

There are endless options, and we can only give you a glimpse of its style and elegance. In fact, you are bound to find a comfortable place for urban photography in no time.

You can always check the correct timings and obligations before your shoots. Get your camera ready, and don't lose focus!

If you are eager to know more about photogenic places from around the world, get the KoolStories micro learning app  to get in touch with hundreds of exceptionally talented photographers from across the world.


Is street photography legal in UK?

Yes! Street photography is as legal as any other photography genre in the UK. You can photograph buildings and people as long as you are on public property. There are few exceptions too. Some government buildings and private lanes cannot be photographed. However, stay away from being too nosy. People won't hesitate on calling the police for a photographer intruding on their private space.

How much does a photoshoot cost in London?

The government of the UK has still not provided photography price lists to its people. Just kidding.
There is no fixed cost for photography sessions. An amateur can give you satisfactory results in much less money compared to a professional. It all depends on your choice. A world-class photographer can even charge you more than £50,000 for a single day.

Can you take pictures in Buckingham Palace?

No. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside Buckingham Palace's premises. There can be multiple reasons for this rule, but the answer remains the same irrespective of the reasoning. However, you can visit the palace during the summer months and enjoy royal luxury and beauty. The overwhelming staterooms are a sight to behold, while the magnificent gardens give us a taste of noble charm.

What is the most instagrammed place in London?

It is hard to choose one site among numerous Instagram worthy places in London. The city is full of beautiful places that possess historical value and cultural importance. Nonetheless, Big Ben and shop fronts have been the most photographed places in London. But, there is no particular answer to this question. Whatever you see in this incredible city has the possibility of being a mainstay on Instagram.

How do you take pictures in London?

You use the camera in the very same manner you might have used it in any other city. Simple!
London is a photogenic city and a hub for lifestyle photographers. There are countless destinations where photography is not prohibited. Apart from government buildings and private properties, you can use your photographer's instincts freely. Be creative and use whatever props you possibly can.