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Why is the KoolStories Learning Experience So Unique?

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Published on: 12 Aug 2022

Have you tried eLearning platforms and are unsatisfied with the experience? Have you felt you were lagging in the learning process because the course was too demanding and tedious to follow? Are you looking for an alternative to traditional time-wasting social media? 

Then, with its unique, fun, and exciting approach to learning, KoolStories is the application you should definitely try. Why? Keep reading this article to understand better how KoolStories differs from any other eLearning platform you have encountered. 

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Let's begin with a brief description of the platform. 

What's KoolStories?

KoolStories is the first micro learning platform designed for dynamic learning. It is the ideal platform to cultivate your passions or upskill in a new domain at your own pace while exchanging knowledge with passionate learners and inspiring creators. KoolStories leverages the concepts of microlearning and micropayment. Its mission is to release the inner talents of millions of people worldwide. 

If the concise description above hasn't been exhaustive, keep reading to find out how the platform will disrupt the way you learn and provide a more feasible path for upskilling.

What's the KoolStories vision?

Kool Group Ltd. (parent company) has recently launched the beta version of Koolstories' platform. This means that the start-up is in the middle of its growing stage, full of excitement and brand new ideas. Kool Group's vision is to shape the future of learning in a dynamic, highly interconnected, and passionate world. The journey to fulfil the vision began with the launch of KoolStories, a social network that focuses on passions and learning rather than "what people do". It is a platform where learners meet because they share the same passion and belief in positive interactions as the way to grow and release the best version of themselves. The company aims to create a positive social media that brings value to its users' lives and helps them upskill every day to become the best versions of themselves. 

You learn from being on the KoolStories because you will only see what you want to learn. Join us in the journey, exchange the time you waste each day, on other social networks, with upskilling time, and together we will realise this vision.  KoolStories goes one step beyond e-learning through social learning. If you want to understand how social learning can be a challenging alternative to e-learning, read here.

Are you still wondering why KoolStories is about to be the hot topic in the world of learning and social media? We have 7 reasons that prove this claim. Let's get started!

7 Reasons to begin your learning journey on KoolStories

As a micro learning platform, KoolStories is highly innovative in the learning world. After two years of research and brainstorming, the founders have shaped a platform that brings value to your social behaviour by providing an experience which aims at upskilling. Here are the reasons why: 

1. Meet people with the same interests. 

On KoolStories, shared interests and passions drive the interaction between learners, thanks to an algorithm that reads interests, not the number of likes. You will meet like-minded people with whom you share the same passion. So, if the lack of similar interests has ever kept you from connecting with someone, you will understand the impact that a platform like this could have on your social life. 

2. Forget about isolated learning

Most times, eLearning is dull and vain. Listening all day to a lecture on a PC doesn't always turn out to be effective at the end of the day. Due to the lack of engagement in the learning experience, you get bored and distracted easily. 

On the other hand, KoolStories provides a social learning experience; in simple terms, it enhances eLearning with the best social features. This means that while following a course, you will interact with the creator of the course and other learners. For example, you can engage in the community chat with your queries, doubts, feedback, ideas, comments, and more. Understand how upskilling can help you majorly in 2023 here.

3. Learn dynamically thanks to a mobile experience.

KoolStories is your pocket bestie. With it, you can acquire new knowledge anytime, anywhere you want. While most learning platforms have designed their experiences for PC, KoolStories is a mobile-based platform since the company strongly believes in the power of dynamic learning. Since it allows you to learn various skills for survival and growth while commuting or during a break from the job you are trying to leave. 

4. Learn with more engagement and less commitment

At KoolStories, we know that learning is all about being involved in the process wholeheartedly. Without it, any interest dries, and passion never arises. KoolStories solved the low engagement issue by developing learning reels and micro-courses. Through 15 to 30 min long micro-courses, you can learn a specific aspect of a broader topic at your own pace. Learning reels are perfect if you want to entertain yourself while still learning during a 5-minutes break. 

5. Enhance your social behaviour

KoolStories differs from other socials because its experience focuses on knowledge sharing. You will find only valuable content created by approved experts that will strictly be related to the interests that YOU are following. This content will be in the form of learning reels and micro-courses. Imagine how much knowledge you could acquire if you stopped watching regular reels and started watching learning reels with tangible value. 

6. Learn one step at a time

The best way to learn is one step at a time daily. Hence, you can build the right balance in life. Forcing yourself to learn too many things simultaneously gives terrible results. Like we said before, KoolStories strictly believes in dynamic learning. You decide what you want to learn, where and how you want to learn it, and how much time you want to allot. KoolStories has bite-sized knowledge, ideal for learning 1% at a time, every day. This strategy gives you vast knowledge without forcing yourself into outstanding commitments.

7. Experience all the learning steps in KoolStories' one-stop solution

eLearning platforms provide quality content created by experts, but the experience is everything but engaging, and it lacks social interactions. On the other hand, social media offers an entertaining experience full of interactions with other users, but its content has little value. Therefore, social media users waste, on average, 3 hours per day scrolling through content that can't pass any knowledge. What if there is a platform that has a bit of both experience? 

KoolStories combines the best e-learning and social media elements, providing you with a wholesome experience through:

Engaging content

You will find videos and podcasts that will keep you hooked on the learning process. Skip all the boring and inefficient methods. KoolStories provides highly effective content that sparks curiosity and the pleasure of learning. 


You can buy affordable micro-courses from skilled experts to step ahead in your learning process. Choose what you want to learn, whenever you want to. Instead of putting yourself through tedious two-three hours of lectures, our micro-courses are short and informative. This way, you learn step-by-step without getting bored. 

Community chat

Social interactions are an essential aspect of learning. We learn from the surrounding environment and the interactions we can build. KoolStories is built around this idea. Hence it encourages you to interact with like-minded people who are learning the same skills. Share your opinions, feedback, and perspectives. You will build relationships with people that share the same passions and interests, which gives a massive motivation to learning.

One-to-one sessions

Questions are an essential part of learning. Yet, few learning platforms allow you to speak to experts to clarify your doubts. When your doubts are left unheard, you feel lost and unmotivated. KoolStories has invested in the one-to-one session feature that allows you to schedule video meetings with the perfect expert to solve your doubts and queries. Our creators are happy to answer your questions to help you learn in-depth. 

So, now that you know all the benefits of KoolStories, are you ready to start your upskilling journey on it to become the best version of yourself? 
Join our micro learning revolution, and together we will build a dynamic learning community.

Live curious, live passionate, live KoolStories!




How is KoolStories different from traditional e-learning?

Unlike traditional e-learning courses, KoolStories does not just focus only learning through reading or online lectures. Instead, it takes the learning method a notch up with features like learning “snips”, micro-courses, chats, and more.

Can I register for free on KoolStories?

You get to not only register on KoolStories for free but also explore the whole world on engaging learning “snips” built by creators. You can acquire a valuable learning experience for free on KoolStories.

Can I text people on KoolStories?

The chat option on KoolStories allows you to connect with other creators and learners who share the same interests. Chat all you want, share feedback, discuss your progress, and more.

Is KoolStories available for android?

The KoolStories app can be downloaded by both iOS and Android users. You can download the app for free!

Can I learn cultural skills on KoolStories?

By cultural, if you mean skills like art and singing, you definitely can. KoolStories has a wide range of skills like learning how to play musical instruments, building communication and problem-solving skills, painting, writing, videography, photography, and more. Explore now!