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KoolStories - The Next Big Social Learning App

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Published on: 12 May 2022

The human psyche is programmed to learn best in the company of others. In fact, social groups and environment play a pivotal role in learning, as pointed out by Albert Bandura in his Social Learning Theory. With the augmentation in technology, these properties of human behaviour were previously employed on social networking sites. But understanding the need for human learning in the company of like-minded people, we have curated a one-of-a-kind social skill-sharing platform - KoolStories.

With a much-enhanced vision in mind, our app is a riveting instrument that incorporates the aspects of social skill sharing and knowledge transfer into one revolutionary upskilling and social learning app.

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Why Social Learning?

Over the years, the traditional one-on-one exchange of knowledge within the four walls of a classroom has been the only source of learning. But now, with the augmentation of technology and the rapid development in the digital world, the concept of online learning or E-learning has gained currency.

Although digital learning was only looked upon as a source of extra learning it was only until the pandemic that e-learning and working became the new normal.

Now that the digital learning sphere has gained much-needed popularity companies are taking measures to make the online experience better. Since students and professionals prefer to work from their homes it is high time to bring some warmth into the otherwise isolated online learning environment.

KoolStories social learning app is built keeping this concept in mind. It aims to give the masses a platform to learn, socialise, interact and share. The need for such a product stems from the fact that dropout rates for online courses are high. A burning reason for this is the lack of collaborative learning, isolation, and passive or stale courses.

KoolStories solves this issue for the learners as they get an opportunity to learn from mentors of their choice, build connections and share their progress. There aren't any long-term ties or fees for enrollment either.

More importantly, these capsules of information are perfect as they allow a learner to easily circle back and re-learn.

In fact, learning with KoolStories is a two-way street. While creators share their knowledge and give one-on-one sessions, the learners collaborate with others

The Demand for an Improved Social Learning Platform

KoolStories is an amalgamation of two essential elements of human life- learning and socialising. Both are indispensable, and both are continuous. While social networking platforms fulfil the component of socialising, there was yet a need to introduce a social element into learning. KoolStories is the glue that establishes a connection between these two quintessential components that run our lives - learning and socialising. Continued learning is that leverage to achieve greatness and satisfaction. Most importantly, this learning and skill enhancement has become a crucial part of the corporate and business realm. Studies by the World Economic Forum support this clause. It states the drastic need for employees to reskill or upskill their knowledge to meet the market’s evolving requirements over the upcoming three years.

To enhance this picture, there is an isolated but fundamental element of "networking" that leads to connecting and learning with like-minded people. Socialising has a profound effect on our daily functions. We are hooked on social networking platforms to know the latest and most recent. There is also this keen desire to expand our reach and grow as a community. But this element of socialising remains isolated from skill enhancement or learning portals.

We, the makers of KoolStories, identified this gap between learning and networking and have come up with the most revolutionary learning app.

What is KoolStories?

KoolStories is brought to you by KoolStories Pvt. Ltd. Our vision is based on a unique fusion of networking and digital learning features. It is a distinctive app built to cater to all your skill learning and networking needs. Since its inception, the app has been built around features that promote social skill development.

The application uses algorithms that facilitate the knowledge sharing process by serving people with skill-oriented content of their interest. Understanding the needs of the modern user, KoolStories has fabricated a remarkably elegant app built for learners and seasoned professionals. It facilitates a user to find, connect, learn, and grow with like-minded people.  

In addition to acquiring skills, KoolStories features a highly contemporary way for you to socialise and share. Our application harbours an ideal space where you communicate with people who are learning the same skill you are learning.

The Vision and Aim to Transform

The ultimate goal of creating a portal like KoolStories is to expose all its users to unlimited possibilities of growth and learning. We understand the exceptional power and zeal within each individual to pick up something new or follow their passion. So, we let you realise your interest and go on a self-improvement journey with the people you connect with.

KoolStories does this by accumulating talent from across the globe and brings them to your screens. Countless learning and connecting opportunities unlock before you through this state-of-the-art digital skill learning app. Therefore, KoolStories stands true to its vision, allowing each individual to release his inner talents.

Getting Onboard with KoolStories

To get started with our social learning endeavour, Download KoolStories now. Get empowered with all the tools required to establish a strong network with people from around the globe. You simply begin your journey to discover greatness by preparing your profile. This aids you to develop a safe haven for your learning. Next, you choose the skills you want to learn and your home screen gets filled with engaging content, courses and up-skilling information.

KoolStories is an all-inclusive skill-sharing app. The fusion of social networking and knowledge sharing allows learners to upskill and skilled individuals to find their target audience.

The KoolStories app- the ultimate upskilling, networking and social learning platform - is designed to cater to the needs of both:

   - Learners

   - Skilled individuals

Through the app, learners can readily access skill-specific content and gain from the knowledge provided therein. The Rating system of the app, in the form of Kools, depends on the usefulness of the content. An expert’s high average Kool rating indicates his proficiency in the skill domain. A high Kool rating increases his chances of gaining visibility in a particular skill community.

Apart from the categorised content within skill communities, the interactions are facilitated by one-on-one live sessions and messaging options. In the presence of these features, the learning experience in the KoolStories app becomes well rounded, wholesome and social.

Also, we have changed the concept of learning with the production of micro audio and video. Since long articles, blogs, PDFs, and assignments seem dry and uninteresting, the concept of 5-minute content packets is the right amount of knowledge one can easily grasp and retain. We chose micro-content as the perfect way to share information so as to remove any unnecessary pieces of content that usually accompany long-form digital content.

While learners gain knowledge socially through professionals. Skilled individuals who aim to monetise their talent can massively profit from an appreciative audience. The app is built to solve the biggest concern of experienced experts and content creators - to find a suitable marketplace for their talents. The KoolStories app, thus, accelerates the process of gaining visibility and exchange of knowledge by facilitating interaction between potential learners and talent across borders. The app achieves this by creating a hub of 30 global skill communities where community support lies at the crux.

In a Nutshell

The KoolStories app is designed to provide the users with a wholesome entertainment and educative experience. Its useful features allow one to reach their true potential while having fun. Our innovative social learning app is a one-stop solution for learners and skilled individuals alike.

We understand the ever-rising demand and enthusiasm for gaining knowledge and skill. Combining this cardinal element with the growing need for digital social interaction, we have curated the perfect platform for learners and skilled individuals.

All in all, KoolStories is patterned to develop into an impeccable social skill-sharing app. All its associated nuances and features help its users to explore their true potential. This simplistic innovation is laden with stellar features that give you unparalleled digital learning and an incredible social experience.


Why is social learning important?

Social learning helps us build real-life connections with experts and fellow learners. Thus, we not only understand a theory but also embrace the practicality of its application. We learn together, grow together and experience active expert guidance. 

How to use social learning?

Social learning can be used in offline and online learning. We should aim for active engagement among experts and learners. Being an online learning platform, we use highly interactive features like snipts, global chat and one-on-one consultations. It helps us create an inclusive environment where continuous two way communication improves learning.


How to become a content creator for KoolStories?

You can become a content creator for KoolStories by simply dropping us an email at support@koolstories.com 
Come say hi and our collaboration specialists will help you out.

Is KoolStories a free app?

Yes, the KoolStories - Social learning audio-video app is an open to all, free of cost app.

Is social learning better than digital learning?

The social learning concept in the digital sphere is a fairly new concept. It brings together collaborative learning, peer learning and group learning to the online learning experience. It removes isolation from online learning and definitely makes it better.

How does KoolStories help learners?

The KoolStories app is everything a learner needs for a fruitful digital learning experience. He/she can easily pick his preferred skills and interest areas to dive deeper for knowledge attainment. Moreover, they can connect with fellow learners in the domain to share progress and network.

What is the psychology of social learning?

Social learning promotes the idea of interactivity. Albert Bandura ( a Canadian-American psychologist) states that learning involves observance, imitation and emotional reactions to others. Besides cognitive abilities, behavioural features and environmental aspects also affect a person's learning curve.

How does Kool Stories help content creators?

Kool Stories is the ultimate app for content creators to showcase their talent and gain maximum visibility. The app provides a direct link from the creator to the learner, eliminating the middlemen. This makes it easier for a user to navigate content within a skill community, pick a content creator to learn from and book a learning session. The content creator also has the flexibility to fix his/her prices per session and dates of availability.

What is the best example of social learning

It would be unfair to term an example to be best. But to give you an idea, let's focus on a music class. A student learns not only from music theory and its principles but also from other learners. They experience different music styles,  abilities, music tastes and the overall environment of the class. It is safe to say that their creative juices flow when they rub shoulders with other musicians.