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How To Unlock Your Hidden Creative Powers? 

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Published on: 31 Aug 2020

You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.

- Maya Angelou

The I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings writer has superbly strapped the power of creativity in a few words. But what about those of us who aren't even aware of their creative potential?

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We have just the right ideas that will give your thoughts the desired creativity -

1.    Say Goodbye To Your Comfort zone
2.    Time To Find Your Vent
3.    Do a Research Thoroughly
4.    Seek Inspiration from Creative Minds
5.    Hop Into A Shower
6.    Get Out for Creativity
7.    Daydream With Pride
8.    Do Things Differently
9.    Develop A Creative Routine
10.   Notepad At An Arm's Length

The need for creativity cannot be undermined in today's times. The most successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons have a strong grip over creative powers that help to enhance their thinking capacity. Creative thinking offers a spectrum of benefits. To relish these gains, all you need to do is evoke your inner creative powers. Let's dive right into a breakdown of all these effective methods of unlocking your creative goodness.

#1 Say Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone

Take it from Einstein when he says,

A ship is always safe at the shore but that is not what it is built for.

-Albert Einstein

Think of your mind as the ship and take it out to the sea. This is the principal leap to take before starting your hunt for creativity.
To tap into your inner creativity, you ought to dabble in all kinds of activities. For this, bid farewell to your comfort zone. Doing stuff, the old ways will only refrain you from those vistas of new horizons. Think out of your safe atmosphere and be prepared to go the extra mile. This way of thinking may seem eccentric at first but will give you a clearer view of your creative limits and thought process.

Unlock Creativity - Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone

#2 Time to Find Your Vent

Sit down with a notebook and start thinking. Jot down all the things you like doing or fancy learning. This doesn't have to be work-related and neither should you hesitate to exaggerate a bit. Now that you have a list, highlight the top two most appealing things.

Take a week to look into these two favourites - research, dive deeper into their associated branches, assess their suitability, etc. Now pick up each creative skill and work towards it. The idea is to find that one creative outlet that opens the floodgates to unlocking creativity. A creative mindset leads to success in all arenas of business, professional and personal life.

#3 Do A Close Research

Finding your creative vent is not an easy process. For starters, most of you may not be aware of any creative interests, to begin with. A good practice is to read into it.
Look up creative skills to develop and seek inspiration from available sources. It is never a bad idea to follow what's trending. Your research will lead you to an inner creative calling.

Unlock Creativity - Do A Close Research

#4 Seek Inspiration

Finding your creative vent may take a while if you had entirely alienated the creative aspect of your personality. In this case, you can use some inspiration from creative people.
This is how you begin- 

  • Think of the most creative people in your life. 
  • Call them up and schedule a meetup. 
  • Stir up a conversation regarding creative topics. 
  • Analyze their reaction, learning habits and views
  • Ask for their opinion on your creative vent and how to begin?
  • Record their ideas and brainstorm them with your own.

You can also alternatively execute this process to find inspiration. Go online and closely follow all those motivating and inspiring people with extraordinary creative minds. Our upcoming digital skill-sharing and networking platform makes this process even more interesting. You get to connect and learn new skills instantly. That is some quick inspiration for unlocking creativity. Surf inspiration-filled skilled communities online on KoolStories. We have a hub of 200+ global skill communities where you can join skill communities, get in touch with inspiring, skilled individuals to share your talents and help others in the process. Join KoolStories now to start your upskilling and learning journey. 

Unlock Creativity - Seek Inspiration

#5 Hop Into A Shower

Weirdly enough, many creative people have agreed to have sudden bursts of ideas and insights in the shower. Apart from Archimedes, Agatha Christie, Dalton Trumbo, and many others perceived their next big hit while making bubbles and playing with a rubber duck in their tubs.
Long showers are not only relaxing for the body but also seem to calm those mental knots and lets your unconscious mind flow with ideas.
You must surely try this trick to unlock creativity ASAP.

Unlock Creativity - Hop Into A Shower

#6 Get Out For Creativity!

Follow this step literally and metaphorically. Firstly, you need to climb up those mental walls and jump down. To put it simply, escape your general thinking habits. Then, you need to step outside to be creative. Nature is a go-to for creativity. Writers and creators do it religiously. Moreover, science and research backs it up too. A 2012 Study named Creativity In The Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning Through Immersion In Natural Settings shows that regular exposure to nature increases your creative powers by 50%. Another Howard study (2014) by Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz also demonstrates that walking increases creativity.
It is for this reason that Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Jack Dorsey hold walking meetings.

#7 Daydream With Pride

Daydreaming is a creativity booster. Tell this to the next person who pulls you out of the cloud of your unconscious mind. Or maybe cite Christopher Nolan's example where he conceived the idea of his chart-buster Inception from his lucid dreams.
Many of you may think that daydreaming is futile, but research by the Georgia Institute of Technology says otherwise. It suggests that a wandering mind is a creative problem solver.
Hence, you may also bring your mind to daydream. Who knows what million-dollar creative ideas may strike?

Unlock Creativity - Daydream With Pride

#8 Do Things Differently

What good will come out of doing things in automatons? Day in and day out most people are stuck following mechanical routines. To unlock your creative thinking, you must:

-   change your way of looking at things
-   not be afraid to try a different approach
Doing even the most mundane things differently will fire up your brain's inner creativity. This will slowly become your mind's basic functioning methodology and you will start to establish a positive creative aspect to thinking.

#9 Develop A Creative Routine

Being creative is a habit that needs steady execution. These habits will come naturally only when you include creative thinking in everything you do. Therefore, discipline and regular practice is the crux to its success. Not only this, they highly aid the creative minds. After following the above-mentioned tricks, you must execute this practical step of building a creative routine. Include and arrange steps systematically into your practice and follow the customized methods to unlock creativity without fail.
If you feel that your current creative routine is no Bueno, stir things up. Change or beautify your ambience, work ethic, or model, and observe the changes.

Unlock Creativity - Develop A Creative Routine

#10 Notepad At An Arm's Length

It is highly unlikely for your mind to come up with creative ideas while you struggle with daily chores and duties. But once at rest, your unconscious mind can instantly swing into action. It is for these times that you need to have a scratch pad with you.
Inculcate the habit of writing everything down and don't forget to go through it later.

If you think that creativity is just for the creative minds, it is time you think twice. Creative problem solving is one of the most sought after soft skills nowadays. 
Using all the methods to boost creative genius as enlisted above, you are bound to become your most creative self.


What it means to be a creative person?

To be creative simply means to think outside the box, develop observational skills that allow you to look past the mundane, indulge in the process of creating that involves the highest degree of self-expression.

How do you trigger creativity?

Creativity is not just something inherent but a trait or a way of thinking that can be developed later in life. If you are generally a divergent thinker or someone who would like to explore the depths of your creative abyss, try these practical steps to trigger creativity:

1.Start consuming quality content that ignites your interest and forces you to think
2.Express what you feel through writing, painting, or demonstrating
3.Eat good food
4.Brainstorm ideas with yourself and others
5.Observe people and their patterns
6.Look for inspiration in nature
7.Introspect to detect a problem or a block

What are the 5 traits of a creative person?

We often come across great problem solvers and fail to understand what makes them come up with creative solutions. These creative people have a fun, multilateral thinking process with a keen sense of finding solutions and loopholes. To develop such traits of creativity, here are five characteristics all creative individuals possess:

1.The ability to take risks and think freely.
2.They choose to be different.
3.Their thinking process is playful and disciplined, yet realistic and imaginative.
4.They are rebellious in their approach and willingly consider diverse perspectives while making decisions.
5.They are impulsive and whimsical.

How do you unlock your imagination?

Imagination today isn’t limited to only those in the creative domain. It is the power that separates the mundane from the extraordinary and paves the way for innovation. Using your imagination is so much more than daydreaming and allows an individual to look past the reality to give shape to something out of thin air. However, unleashing the imagination is a tricky business, especially if you are an analytical thinker. Here are some tricks to unlock your imagination:

1.Find inspiration from things around yourself by scouring the internet, news, blogs and nature.
2.Understand how the real world works and figure out the psychological need of people.
3.Get out of your comfort zone to think openly, adopt perspectives and expand your horizons to understand your limitations.
4.Allow yourself room for distraction to think about situations and matters from an outsider's perspective and bring more freshness.

Why are some people creative geniuses?

Some people are creative geniuses because of their developed cognitive processes that combine divergent and convergent thinking skills. This ability helps them come up with feasible solutions that are practical and feasible. Moreover, a creative genius observes and deconstructs the minute details in a process, breaks it down into bits, analyses each part, and develops a better, creative solution and innovates. Executing these mental processes makes a creative genius intelligent, professionally different because of their playfulness and energetic in their disposition.

How do I know if I'm truly a creative person?

Signs that you are a creative soul:

1. You hate rules, guidelines and conformity. Because thinking in the box is not your thing at all.
2. You approach problems in a new way.
3. You spent most of your time-solving puzzles, compiling lists, or planning your next trip.
4. You are curious.
5. You tend to take failures a bit less personally and see them as the springboard to a new idea.

How can I practice creative thinking?

You can spark your creativity by following some of these tips:

1. Practice daydreaming
2. Allocate some time to exercise creative thinking about something specific.
3. Learn to pitch your ideas