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How to Promote Your Audio Content [Podcast] ?

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Published on: 19 Apr 2022

So you have spent hours recording and editing your finest podcast. You have successfully survived the struggle of speaking and sounding good. Is that all you can do for your audio content? No, you've won only half of the battle, and the harsher half remains.

Promoting audio clips can be an unimaginable pain if done incorrectly. First of all, not many people can guide you, and secondly, you have to experiment with your promotional efforts repeatedly.

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But isn't that an adventure in itself? Don't we love discovering new dimensions?
Kool Stories is here to be your pilot in your podcast promotion expedition.

There are several professionals, practical and logical ways to market your podcast. However, you will never recover the time wasted picking in searching for the best ones. We have a solution, though. Let's touch on the most rewarding tips for becoming the so-called overnight success.

Beginnings matter

The first few podcast episodes carry significant weight as they set the tone for your content career. Even though you can change your content, losing a few initial supporters won't be good. Make sure you have already decided on a series of podcasts that you will air irrespective of your reception. These podcasts should closely connect to the first episode or anything that links them all together.

Also, a single podcast would be a bad start. You must release at least 3 to 5 episodes to kick off a decent show. Let people know that you have content for them to bounce back, and you are here to stay.

Use social media

Create a new page for your podcast on every social media platform you love. Be professional and create good quality content for this page regularly. Connect with people with the same goals and collaborate with them with a vision. Promote your podcast on your social media handles to get the initial traction.

You must also decide on a theme for your page. As a rule of thumb, it should be similar to your content and personality. Think of yourself as a brand that promotes audio content. As importantly, use paid promotion to reach a bigger audience as it will help you gain your casual audience.

Focus on YouTube

Although the video-sharing giant comes under social media, you have to cater to it separately. Everybody uses YouTube, and your audience is no different. Have you ever seen video podcasts? People love them unconditionally.
You might be an audio purist, but recording a video of your podcast will give your podcast a personal appeal. It will help you get more views, and it will be perfect for subjects that require visual explanation. Moreover, famous guests on your video podcast will give you more ideas, popularity, and hopefully more money. You can also create a quality thumbnail if you are uncomfortable with video production.

Develop a website

We are not talking about the generic, goes for all, type of website, but unique for your content. A website is your formal and most legal face, and its development must include a vision and a wholehearted effort. It will help you SEO, shareability, and collect emails of people invested in your podcast.
Take your time to structure a bold and beautiful website that is easy to manipulate. Remember, the UI/UX of your website will tell a lot about your professionalism, and we don't want you to give a wrong impression.

Catch the popular wave

You won't get famous in the early days unless you endorse what's popular among your audience. Riding a wave is not bad until you give intelligent input on matters. Let people know that you are updated and have opinions. It doesn't matter if you speak something controversial unless it gives people a reason to listen to you.  
Also, use brand names and popular characters for a subtle collaboration. Most people are not interested in listening to self-observing rants, and they want to know what you think about events and famous people. It's a small change, but it has a massive impact on your listeners' psyche.


You cannot ignore other podcast creators. Sooner or later, you will have to connect with them to get easy promotions. Help them out and let them know that you care for their product. Be on their shows and invite them to your podcasts. Develop a community with like-minded creators to boost your clout.
Fundamental human interactions significantly impact our work—link with all those people, brands, and shows that cater to your audience. Let collaborations be a normality in your production schedule. It will give you faithful followers and well-wishers apart from random irritating encounters.


Most people listen to audio content while doing some other stuff, but they love to read what they listen to once they get their eyes hooked. Audio transcription improves your content consumption as people have another reason to listen to you with greater interest. In response, people unconsciously become addicted to your product and finally indulge in the word of mouth promotion. There is nothing better than being the talk of the town.

You can also share e-books or create chapters of your podcasts. It creates an environment where your content impacts more people. Nonetheless, it helps you in your SEO campaigns.

Include giveaways

It makes sense! People would like to connect with you if you have some tangible gifts for them. Extra value always comes in handy while pushing the channel forward after initial success. Your contribution must be relevant to your subject matter, your brand, and the people who listen to you.
Bonus tip: People will reject a giveaway session if the gifts are unnecessary.


Audio content is hard to promote as it is a whole new creative arena. Podcasts are getting popular but with a somewhat slow speed. However, it also means that you can create new promotional techniques. It would boost your podcast while cementing your legacy as a creative person. If you wish to explore and learn from audio content, we have a solution right here for you. KoolStories- A micro learning platform designed for upskilling in just 15 minutes! 



How do I increase my podcast content?

Talk about things you love but only if you know about them. Ask questions, tell stories, create smaller podcasts, and get more guests on your show.

What makes a podcast successful?

It's subjective. For some creators, download numbers matter, and some hope to create a fortune out of their content. Few of them are even doing it for their love of podcasts. All of it depends on your goals.

How do I promote my podcast on Spotify?

Simple! Share the podcasts with as many people as possible. Use social media to create a buzz about your podcast. Work for as many plays as possible, so the algorithm works in your favour.

What should I talk about on my first podcast?

Your first podcast should include your introduction. Let people know who you are, what you do and did, why these podcasts matter, and what your vision is. Be open and talk about something close to your heart.

Should I put ads in my podcast?

No! ads are disturbing, and they do negatively impact the listener. If necessary, you must be thoughtful about the timing of the ad to avoid irritation among your audience.