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How to Do Video Marketing: Learn from 3 Ultra-Successful Video Campaigns

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Published on: 14 Dec 2020

Right now, this very moment, a potentially viral video is under construction. This means a digital marketer or a content marketer in some part of the world knows how video marketing works. He knows it, and now it is your turn. 

Your brand demands a video for a marketing strategy, and your audience is thirsting for an engagement, why not deliver some groundbreaking content?
Indulge, invest and churn out easily consumable content via edgy videos. Here are some of the highly liked and successful videos marketing content examples. Get, set, go you, experts! It's time to learn and take notes from the best. 

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What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Marketing

Video marketing is a digital marketing strategy that leverages videos on social and digital platforms to promote a service or a product. It is on the rise since videos are a source of building engagement, awareness, maximizing reach since they are more effective. 
Not one, but separate types of videos work to make video marketing powerful. These are:

  • Product videos
  • Promotional/awareness videos 
  • Explainer videos
  • Interviews
  • Awareness videos
  • Video bogs (vlogs)

Brands utilize and market videos depending on their needs. Moreover, each video content has its own role to play.  
The data never lies, so let’s see what the trends have to say on how beneficial marketing videos actually are. 

Video Marketing Statistics 2020 

Video Marketing Statistics 2020

The audience over the digital realm is searching for unique content that satisfies their questions in the most effective and digestible manner. Videos stand true on all these grounds, and nothing else does the job better. 

Content Marketing Strategies: How Video Marketing Works?

Content Marketing Strategies: How Video Marketing Works?

Content marketing is all about producing quality content - content of all types and content for all. It circles around creating, designing, shaping, distributing, sharing and issuing content to reach the right audience at the right time. 
With that said, each platform that you choose demands a platform-specific content. Since there are many different ways to serve it, digital marketing requires you to pick the best one. This is where videos content comes in. 
The online experience is wholly powered by videos in this new age. It overpowers and tremendously outshines all other types of marketing tools. Therefore, video marketing is enjoying its moment in the sun. 
Brands quickly realized the impact and power of video content on the audience and jumped to capitalise upon it. As a result, 'video' became a sought after tool for building influence and reaping benefits. This is the ground reality because, in comparison to its counterparts, something visually appealing is easily consumable. Consequently, in a showdown of visual content, videos win (hands down). If you are still not convinced, think of how apps like Tik-Tok with its video, and Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest with their Stories became massive producers and storehouses of video content. 

While you digest that food for thought, here are five videos from the last decade, which changed the face of content marketing. 

Successful Video Marketing Productions

Successful Video Marketing Productions

Videos are a great addition to your marketing efforts. They have a strong influence, distribution and consumption rate. 
These successful video marketing productions have altered content marketing forever. The examples we illustrate below execute and hit all the right spots, making a superb digital marketing campaign. 

Product Launch Video - Apple’s Don’t Blink

Product Launch Video - Apple’s Don’t Blink

This product launch video is hands down the best example of how to introduce a product in the market so that it reaches the maximum audience. It has all the elements lined up in perfect symmetry, sequence, sense and synchronization.

Why is it so good?

The best appeal to emotions: The video begins with a challenge - don’t blink- that is somewhat doable or not, considering its length (1:58 mins)

The perfect music:

Music and sound effects are the flesh and bones of a video. As explained in our videography guide, it is one of the seven vital aspects of video production. This particular video has feet tapping music all throughout. But there is just the right amount of emphasis on the relevant elements. 

The required emphasis:

In a video, timing is everything. Since this is a product launch video, fast tempo music with halts at the right places is enough to emphasize the product. Take a look at how the music faints at 0:18 (with crash cymbals) to reveal their iPhone. The same strategy is repeated at 1:11 (revelation of air pods) and at 1:15 (unveiling the apple watch) 
The right amount of emphasis at the right time, on the right product/place, is how you create an impact.

The text:

The script or the copy of the video is simple, readable, and clear. Even at a fast tempo, all the text is clearly visible. This is due to the usage of good visuals and timing. 

The perfect colours:

The video is a blend of basic, beautifully contrasting and appealing colours. Moreover, the colours are somewhat closer to their products. From a video marketing point of view, there exists a good balance between all elements of an exemplary product launch video. 

What Makes a Successful Product Launch Video?

What Makes a Successful Product Launch Video

This launch video is a product of all the basic elements described below: 

  • A comprehensive script that explains the features of the products and revolves around it. 
  • Stunning creative execution to differentiate you from the competitors, to arouse interest and increase awareness. 
  • Voice over, music on-screen talent to maximize impact through the spoken word.
  • Details storyboard to plan out the tone and flow of the video. 

Awareness Video - Nuggets

Awareness Video - Nuggets

This video is the best example of spreading awareness without even saying a word or instructing the audience. In this video marketing content, the creators hit the nail without the use of actual words. The Nuggets' journey explains it all.

Why is it so good?

Crystal clear message:

There is no specific title to the video that explains a message to be conveyed. Instead, the awareness and crux of the message is described through the actions in the video itself. 

Appeal to emotions:

In such awareness, creating videos with the element of relatability is subjective. Therefore, scriptwriters should make an attempt to play on neutral grounds. In this video, too, the addiction story has been played out through a nugget, instead of a person.

Animation growth:

With each stage in the nuggets' life cycle, a certain physical and mental change is depicted. These slight changes in posture, pace, and bodily attributes are highlighted through animation. This continuous growth is vital to tell a story. 

Colour magic:

In an animation video like this, the usage of colour is restricted to two. This is to emphasize the role of each and their symbolism as well. 

Just ample audio:

There is no voice-over or continuous background music in the video. Only a feeling of ecstasy and nugget's footsteps are given an audio attribute to mimic these elements as naturally as possible. 

If you have to analyse this clip as a video for marketing online, it satisfies the requirements of an awareness-raising video. 

What Makes a Successful Awareness Video?

What Makes a Successful Awareness Video

  • A clear understanding of the target audience and the objectives that the video aims to fulfil. This is the basis of all marketing strategies. 
  • Optimal timing and usage of space in the video.
  • Deciding on the tone as well as the method of dissemination of message in the video.
  • A powerful emotional relation to the issue and the target audience, achievable by developing empathy. 
  • Ingeniously structuring the video content to tell a story that includes facts, the problem, its causes, and resolve.

Promotional/Advertising Video by Red Bull

Promotional/Advertising Video by Red Bull

This video by Red Bull instantly comes to mind while devising a video marketing strategy for promoting a product. It achieves so many things to fulfil the purpose of advertising and adding value to the brand. 

Why is it so good?

Subtlety in promotion:

Nobody likes it when the promotion is as clear as day. Red Bull understood this to formulate a plan for promotional video content creation via a sly or subtle message. Only in areas like the Felix Baumgartner space unit and helium balloon did they use their brand for advertisement. 

Adding value:

Promotion videos become an eyesore when they don't add value and blow their own trumpet. This isn't the case with Felix Baumgartner freefall video. They convey the message of being limitless with their energy drink by sponsoring something valuable and huge, like setting a new world record. 

Playing the brand perception:

“Red Bull gives you wings” couldn’t possibly be better explained by an adrenaline-filled aerial action like such.

Real action, real audience:

A product is effective only when it brings real changes for the best. In this clip too, a surreal experience is unfolded as it happens. 

Tapping emotions:

Going with the brand tone and their product USP (unique selling point), Red Bull promoted the ‘stoke factor’ to get a viewer excited. The best way to do it was through an action-filled sport. This was accomplished by knowing the target audience. 

This particular promotional/advertising video is all about curating excitement and giving the audience something to digest, inciting a willingness to try the product. 

What Makes a Successful Promotional Video?

What Makes a Successful Promotional Video

  • Deploying general or well-known people to show the impact of the product.
  • Supporting a cause to make things interesting.
  • Arousing enough curiosity in the viewer’s minds.
  • Being subtle with the visual representation of the brand by sparingly using the logo or brand name. 
  • Showing the development and improvement angle via a seemingly authentic storyline. 
  • Highlighting where your product adds value. 

These three video marketing campaigns tell us all the best practices of using videos in digital marketing. As you learn from them, take special care of the most commonly made mistakes in video marketing. 

Commonly Made Mistakes in Video Marketing

mistakes to avoid in video marketing

Excessive promotion: 

There are few things worse than self-pomp & show in marketing. A brand's perception is a critical element in determining the success of any campaign. Even if the production cost is high, the aim should be to make it look easy. We recommend a self-developed parameter-set that we like to call the 'SEC collar'- Simple, Elegant & Comprehensible. The perception of a simple entity with elegance & class makes not only the content's but also the brand's attempt comprehensible to one and all.

Losing the Sense of Purpose:

The ultimate goal of all digital marketing efforts in today's time should be to add value by giving something valuable to the target audience. This purpose sometimes gets lost while producing or marketing a video. Scriptwriters should attribute direction or purpose to a video so that both the audience and your brand benefits from it. 

Lack of Creativity:

Honestly speaking, people are tired of consuming advertorial data. They want something entertaining and valuable. Thus making the job of videos in marketing even tougher. Therefore, anyone with a vision to do video marketing should develop creative methods to impact people.

Poor Execution: 

Sometimes, a flawlessly written script needs a flawless execution, as well. In this case, try different ways of execution. Play around with different types of videos and see what fits best. Maybe animation is better than real video.

Using the Wrong Funnel: 

This is a creator's nightmare for two reasons: firstly, because this part of marketing isn't usually in their hands. Secondly, because the quality of the content has nothing to with success here. Now, a marketing funnel is all about putting the content in the right places and making it available to the consumers at the right time. perfection here comes with in-depth market research & building detailed 'buyer personas'.

With renewed audience preference, video content is becoming a major part of content marketing plans worldwide. With a greater vantage point over other types of content, graphics and videos and infographics have a bigger market value. So, get on board the trend and take your marketing initiatives impactful by learning everything about video production from experts. Download KoolStories to get in touch with expert videographers and learn the art of making videos that convert. Our skill-sharing app is the ultimate place to learn and upskill in the company of learners and seasoned professionals. Start your wholesome micro learning journey today.


What are the types of video marketing?

If you want to take advantage of video marketing, you can include these types of videos to fulfil your purpose:

1.Educational video to teach and inform your audience. They can be in the form of explainer videos or tutorial videos.
2.Company videos to showcase your organisational culture, work ethics and mission. They include brand videos and event videos.
3.Product videos, which includes demo videos and product launch videos to educate the audience about your offering.
4.Testimonial videos that present authentic audience feedback to create a positive image in the market. These testimonials can come from both users and employees.

What is a video marketing strategy?

Video marketing is an essential aspect of marketing in the digital age. Now, content and images alone aren’t enough to engage the audience. So, videos are the most effective component to incorporate into your marketing strategy. The most comprehensive video marketing strategy is built when it includes:

1.An understanding of your target audience.
2.The message you want to put across.
3.A creative way to put across your message.
4.Specifically curated video for each channel.
5.A dedicated budget.

What does a video marketer do?

A video marketer is involved in the management and production of all video content. They are responsible for:

1.Determining the type of video to be produced.
2.The platform for which it needs to be produced.
3.Its strategic distribution.
4.Optimising the footage as per SEO.


How do I make a brand video?

A brand video is your company personality put in motion for the world to see. It incorporates your product/service, vision, mission, goals, beliefs, brand story and the emotion you wish to convey. A brand video can be seen as an inseparable part of the marketing process and contributes to the company identity. To make a successful brand video that attracts and draws in more loyal customers, you must:

1.Know your target audience up close.
2.Determine a plan of action with your video objectives and a solid concept.
3.Give people the stories they can relate to and consume.
4.Use a consistent brand voice throughout the video.
5.Pay attention to the content/concept of the video before investing in a large video production company or specialist.
6.Share your videos on all social media platforms.


How do you make a video trendy?

Creating trendy videos is not a shot in the dark and depends on the content you choose and the creative way you demonstrate it. Moreover, the platform’s algorithm where you decide to put up your video also plays a crucial role. Apart from these factors, here are some practical tips to make your video trend:

1.Introduce content that evokes emotion.
2.Play with short-format video but keep it impactful.
3.Introduce a new concept or entertainingly present the existing ones.
4.Hop onto a viral trend and add your value to it.
5.Create a clickbait or engaging thumbnail.
6.Promote your video on diverse platforms.
7.Keep engaging with your video.

Why is video marketing important for small businesses?

Video marketing helps businesses increase engagement on their digital and social channels, educates the audience, and reaches them with a new medium.

Why is content important in social media?

Content plays a crucial role in achieving business and social media objectives such as brand recognition, thought leadership, audience engagement, and lead generation. Compelling content will help you build long-term relationships with your audience, ultimately increasing revenue for your organization.