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How to Become a Successful Drawing Artist

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Published on: 21 Sep 2021

What is success for you as an artist? 

Does it mean having many admirers, or should monetary benefits be the benchmark of artistic success?
For some of us, choosing one of the above options signifies our love of art, but a mix of fame and money is the calling for the majority. 
Whatever success might be for you, it is undoubtedly a never-ending source of inspiration. 

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Let us explore some authentic ways of becoming a successful (famous and well earning) artist. 

Marketing your art

Success as an artist

Have you ever realised the number of skilled artists who never took off due to wrong or no marketing? Some of them had all the talent in the world, but they couldn't prosper. Some tried to promote themselves but failed because they were not skilled or misguided. 
We are not asking you to become a marketer but let's not discount the potential of making waves through social media and the internet. It is more than just having a social media handle and a website. It requires persistent efforts and continuous engagement to be the next prominent artist. 

Use popular social media platforms to create a following. Let people know about your art, your goals, your views and your lifestyle. Connect with other artists and share as much content as you can. 
Remember the flow: Consume content, Create content, Collaborate with others, and convert them into your followers. 
Also, there is no set roadmap to social media success. Just be yourself and beat your own trumpet. 

These basics, combined with the most practical tips to make money as an artist, will skyrocket your creative career. 

Consulting and Freelancing 

Consulting and Freelancing

Although it might seem obvious, artists are still prone to leaving some stones unturned. More than often, they cannot cash on the enormous possibilities of freelancing and consultation services. So what is the problem? 
First of all, freelancing websites thrive on cut-throat competition. They might have a significant client base, but they have a high commission percentage too. To put it straight, artists find it hard to survive on freelancing platforms and gigs. 

Secondly, one cannot rely on social media handles, blogs, websites to generate consultation and freelancing opportunities. There might be few monetisation instances, but it cannot be PLAN A for any artist. 

But things do not have to remain the same forever. KoolStories is about to change the concept of consultation and freelancing. It is a platform where you gain popularity for your artistic skills, and you earn by giving one-on-one consultancy services to your followers. You can significantly impact budding artists and enter a place that helps you prosper financially. 

Connect with your mentor

Connect with your mentor

 Would you like to skip some lies and obstacles the world has to offer? If yes, you should indeed look for a mentor who can expose you to the core of making it big in the art business—a person who can save you from negativity and guide you on the best path possible. Learning the art of building a business from the ground up becomes planned and conducted with advice from those in the industry. Hence, a mentor. 

Being an artist, you already have a huge burden of being unique and visionary. You also have the responsibility of managing resources and schedules. There is every reason to make mistakes in such an overwhelming situation. Thus, having someone who can save you from goofing up is bliss. 

Also, you will get to use their connections. Isn't that awesome? You will be a step ahead of the majority of artists who survive on their own. Of course, we are not asking you to be parasitic, but what's the harm in being a little ambitious? Even without those connections, you will have an experience of a lifetime at your disposal. At the very least, you will have a clearer idea of becoming a successful artist. 

Break-up with perfectionism 

Break-up with perfectionism

So, you are fond of giving the harshest criticism to your art. You are not alone. The majority likes to dream of achieving a mythical milestone of perfectionism. Does that work for them? Undoubtedly, the answer is NO. 

We are so hooked on the idea of creating something absolute that we forget that flaws are the core of genuine creativity. The entire notion of self-comparison (self-hatred) is a significant leak in our productivity. It does not matter if you are not able to generate art equal to Picasso. You are unique. You will not happen again. Understand your value and accept your so-called shortcomings. They can be your blessings too. Try to be yourself and throw out the desire for utopia. 
Now, this suggestion might seem to be a psychological hack, but it is reasonably practical too. Success comes to those who are persistent in their field. They do not look for perfection. They look for fulfilment. Something like perfection does not exist, and if you believe in it, you are harming your innocent creative soul.



An artist can not stick to one single source for recognition and monetary gains. The business of art is the cumulative management of tiny platforms. You have to maintain your presence in all sorts of venues, from art festivals to art exhibitions. Let people know who you are and what you do. The goal is to make some noise! Initially, it won't be gratifying, but gradually you will develop connections and the art of salesmanship. 

Does that sound like a very long process? 

Indeed, it is an endless loop. You never know which art collector or art dealer you might face next. It is a gamble, but the same logic goes for being a full-time professional artist. By and large, never shy away from exposing yourself to new platforms. Every unique opportunity guides you to new possibilities. If you fail, you will have connections, but you will also experience never seen before popularity and money. Whatever the case may be, you will always be a fantastic artist drawing incredible designs. 

Simply put, the road to artistic success is ever transitional, ever dynamic and ever-changing. You cannot achieve success in somebody else's shoes. The process of carving your path will be exhaustive too. 

But, our guidelines can help you mitigate the risks of being uninformed. You can create a plan to achieve your goal, and even if you fail, our tips will guide you towards revival. We respect art, and we love to help artists. Finally, never fall for fake websites telling you how to become an artist. 


How do I start my drawing career?

To kickstart their career, artists need to choose between getting a job or being a freelancer. The option you choose is entirely dependent on your requirements. Once you pick your road, it all comes down to hard work and probabilities.

Is art a good career?

If you are okay with spending most of your time in front of the canvas, then art is the perfect career for you. Also, be prepared for low initial income, societal comparisons and struggle to find your unique selling point.

Why do artists fail?

Are artists a different group of species? No. Then, the reasons for their failure will also be subjective. However, you can improve your probability of not failing by persistent efforts in the right direction.

Can anyone become a successful artist?

Absolutely! Anyone with intrinsic skills, exceptional willpower, a nack for hard work, persistence, and the right connections can become a successful artist.

What jobs are good for artists?

Artists can find conventional jobs in teaching, graphic designing, animation, illustration, industrial designing and fashion designing.

What are 5 things an artist needs to be successful?

Although nothing can guarantee success, these five traits can improve your chances of succeeding:
Patience, Passion, Persistence, Discipline and Courage.

What are the 7 elements of art?

The seven elements of art are line, shape, texture, colour, space, form and value.