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Step up Your Vegan Hosting Game in 2021

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Published on: 22 Jan 2021

How is that no meat, no dairy food preparation coming along? Let us take a wild guess. 
It’s either that you promised, you thought you’d deliver, but now you lost track mid-way. Or you are the best host in the world who knows the tidbits of catering to vegans and is currently looking for more tips to bring on your A-game? A third probable scenario is where your kitchen is now an anarchic hotchpotch in an attempt to become The Conscious Cook like Tal Ronnen. While all that happens, you are probably thinking of ordering vegan food through Deliveroo. Don’t give-in!

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Wherever you think you are on your vegan party hosting journey, we are here to lend a helping ladle. From vegan meal ideas to giving the perfect vegan experience, this article is the real OG. 
Those of you familiar with vegan food and living might want to skip the basics and jump directly to mastering a vegan menu. Those of you new to the vegan world, we are beginning with the basics.

What is Veganism, and What can Vegans Eat?

What is Veganism

Out of all the viral video challenges, fashion and diet trends, something trendy and impactful is veganism. People worldwide adopted the V-word, and a new wave of conscious consumers cropped up. They are called the vegans.  
The number of Vegans in the UK quadrupled between 2014 and 2019. As per the Vegan Society, 1.16% of the population, i.e. 600,000 people, are vegan (source: the vegan society). 
Veganism is a lifestyle choice which eliminates the use of animal products. Vegans are people who don’t consume animal products to limit animal cruelty and exploitation. 
The total vegan experience is a lifestyle alteration where you choose not to use goods, like food, clothing, etc. that results from animal abuse.  
Veganism has had a significant impact on diet. There is no space for animal products like fish, meat, eggs, dairy and gelatin. So, what can a vegan eat?
The vegan food list fruits, nuts, vegetables, soy products, bread, legumes, pasta, spices and oils.
Besides solving many environmental issues, choosing the vegan lifestyle is a matter of ethics and health too. 
If being vegan is so good, don’t your options become limited? The answer is no. The gradual rise in the vegan population has nudged brands to develop vegan alternatives like faux meat, eggs, mayonnaise, ice creams, milk etc. This is good news if you are somewhat intimidated to host a vegan spread. The many vegan alternatives have made it simpler to prepare dishes.

Mastering a Vegan Menu 

Mastering a Vegan Menu

There is no such thing as too many courses at a dinner party. Take the liberty to create a menu as you wish. Because hey! Your party, your rules. 
The ideal way is to kick off with a light starter like vegan sweet potato pancakes, pomegranate salsa, spring rolls, hummus, or muhammara. 
Jump to the main course, go for vegan noodle dish like garlic sesame noodles. Cabbage steaks with croutons, crispy tofu with rice, squash risotto, and frittata make up your vegan main course dishes. 
After a filling main course, the final step is to finish strong with a dessert. You cannot skip dessert because no matter how full they are, your guests will look forward to dessert. Moreover, your dinner party is incomplete without a sweet munchy. 
Some amazing vegan desserts include vegan apple crumble, vegan chocolate cheesecake, vegan meringues, and vegan toffee puddings.
So, besides the number of courses, you decide to go for, the goals are to stick to veganism tenets. 

Be More than Salads

Be More than Salads

It may seem scary to prepare food without meat, dairy, or animal produce. And the first recipe that comes to mind is a salad. Sure, that’s the easiest choice but isn’t the only choice. As a host, you must know that instead of coming up with an altogether new recipe, you have to veganise the existing ones with vegan alternatives in the ingredients. 
You can simply replace a non-vegetarian dish with nutritious veggies, faux meat, and sauces. 
Some easy-to-make yet tasty vegan dishes that are not salads are:

  • Vegan coffee cake
  • Vegan pot chilli
  • Vegan gingerbread 
  • Vegan pizza

Slide-in With Vegan Side Dishes 

Slide-in With Vegan Side Dishes

With a vegan menu, there is a lot of scope to be creative. You can quickly whip up vegan-friendly side dishes. Get some nuts, vegetables, bread, and bake the perfect vegan cornbread. Here are other vegan side dishes you can try for a vegan dinner party:

  • Southern vegan potato salad 
  • Mushroom and Garlic Kale mix
  • Quinoa Spanish rice
  • Vegan macaroni salad

As a host, you ought to know about your guests- their preference and allergies. Knowledge about all these aspects would be excellent for deciding the menu. 

Go Big with Decor

Go Big with Decor

Apart from preparing lip-smacking vegan food, your guest will have a good time when you build the perfect ambience. As a host, both your culinary skills and interior design skills will be tested. So, if you want your guests to have a good time, make sure your guests have the perfect evening and look forward to hanging out with you.
Dimmers, light music, clean table spreads, attractive cutlery, and fun games, tie the whole experience together. 

Tips for hosting a Vegan Dinner 

Tips for hosting a Vegan Dinner

Being a vegan or a hosting one can get tricky, especially when you're trying to keep it interesting. But the one important thing to remember is that just like in any other diet, the interest or the fun depends on the little things like flavour, dips, salads and more. Well, what are we waiting for? Here are some addition tips to keep it exciting in a vegan spread:

1- Potato Salad: potato makes everything better. Mmm.. potato!

2- Guacamole: If ever pulverising resulted in something delicious, it was every time someone decided to do it to an avocado.

3- Pizza: Let's face it. Vegan/vegetarian pizzas are better than most non-veg ones. Go crazy with the toppings.

Vegan/vegetarian pizzas

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What is the best vegan meal?

A best vegan diet: eat at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. Have base meals on potatoes, bread, rice, pasta or add other starchy carbohydrates (prefer wholegrain where possible) take some dairy alternatives, such as soya drinks or yogurts (choose lower-fat and lower-sugar options).

What do you call a vegan who eats seafood?

Pescatarian is the name for a person who eats seafood and is a vegan.

What should a vegan buy for beginners?

As a beginner vegan you should at these items to your grocery list:

1.A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
2.Spices and dried herbs, nuts and seeds.
3.Dairy alternatives like cashew or almond milk.
4.Whole grain based food such as pasta, bread, popcorn or oats.
5.Cereals can be the best option.

What should I cook today vegan?

There's a lot of vegan recipes to try out: You can try the vegan pizza and pasta recipes. Also, you can add chickpeas and tofu to your food. There are soups and thupka to try.

Do Vegans eat rice?

Yes, vegans do eat rice.