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6 Healthy Habits That Make You Mentally Strong

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Published on: 05 Jun 2022

Mental health is often an ignored and overlooked topic because we willfully neglect our habits damaging our mental stability. But why? What's the reason for such a tragic mistake? 

The answers are deeply rooted in our ability to skip over things we don't understand. We avoid complicated solutions and don't want to have another reason to think.

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But that's how we shut ourselves into horrors of a weak mental shape. To be honest, our mental health depends a lot on our habits, and it is more affected by what we do repeatedly rather than what we think. Thus, we can enjoy an improved mental shape by implementing tiny but effective lifestyle changes.

Let's see if you have them already!

Embrace positive thoughts

"How obvious can we be?" 

We bet you are thinking the same but haven't you forgotten to indulge in positivity? We are so caught up in building a "LIFE" that we don't realise it's missing links. More than often, we feel low for reasons better known to nobody. Our mornings are an alarm for doing work we don't like, and our evenings are stuffed with binge-watching unproductive shows. 
Surprisingly, we know it's not right, but we continue in fear of missing out. But, we are also missing the boat to mental peace. Let yourself enjoy the hidden positivity you possess, and allow yourself to enjoy moments of tranquillity. You must think better of yourself and your actions. Nonetheless, celebrate the tiniest reasons to smile while saving yourself from excessive contemplation. 
We suggest you join a meditation class or connect with someone you respect. Every positive thought brings your back out of despair. 

Try a hobby

"Isn't it too convenient?" 

Yes! That's why it works. You must have understood that our mind tries to dodge complicated stuff, but a hobby is something entirely different. Pick up a hobby that comes naturally to you. If you have a busy schedule, try an activity that takes less time and effort but gives utmost happiness. It will help you improve creative brain activity and soothe your soul. 

If you don't know where to start, then look around. You will find a lot of hobbies in your close vicinity. In any other case, the internet will surely help you. The world is filled with inspiring endeavours you can follow, and you might even catch up to a skill you always had. 
Likewise, choose a hobby that practically fits into your schedule. We don't want to hamper the work-life balance.


Take rest

"You want me to do nothing?"

We are not asking you to sleep but to indulge in mindful resting. In simple words, we want you to take rest while getting aware of yourself. It includes mindful breathing, mindful observation, mindful awareness and mindful listening. We guarantee that the effects are more dynamic than you will ever imagine. 

Being mindful means living every moment consciously and being present in that second. It's not hard either; you just have to focus on yourself, and your energy flows. Accept who you are without thinking about anything else. Sooner or later, you will have control over your sensations, and the act of being at rest will become easier. 

In case you want an instant result, then it is better to be comfortable in your safe haven. Ease into the luxury of not doing and thinking about anything. It will be the detox from the excessive information you gracefully carry.



"How would small talk help me?"

There is a massive difference between unproductive gossip and being genuinely interested in communicating with people. The latter situation mainly occurs with people we love. You might feel vulnerable initially, but it is okay to open up about your mental health. Those who care won't judge you but help in any way possible. 

You may say," I don't need help," but isn't it okay for you to be in a positive presence? It is always good to have someone who listens to you without calculating solutions. You might not have such a person in your life, but if you don't look around, you might never have them. 

Give yourself a chance to speak up about your fragile side. Download the KoolStories app and get in touch our mental health experts so things can be handled maturely. Try not to be the strong person who can take it all. Instead, ask for help!

Note - Do not look for attention!


Avoid negative people

"But you just advised me to socialise."

Yes! But it is essential to stay away from the crass talkers. Your mental health depends a lot on the words you come across. If a person talks negatively about others or belittles you, then it's time to say, I'm out. Pessimism spreads faster than a wildfire and should be dealt with without remorse. 

Be in an optimistic company! Spend time with those people who inspire you without being rude. People might try to use reverse psychology to push you up, but it's subtly damaging more than often. 

Most importantly, avoid negative self-talk. Nobody can save you from self-hatred, and it becomes severe with time. Be proud of yourself and focus on the good things, even if they are outnumbered. It is hard to completely eradicate gloomy thoughts, but it is certainly possible to actively concentrate on happiness and self-belief.


Take a break

"But I can't afford a break."

You can't afford to disturb your mental health, either. It is wise enough to detox yourself from all the responsibilities, the clutter, the social media fuzz, the bills and work. Life is all about balance. Isn't it? Timely breaks will save you from eventual burnout. 

If you are working in a high-paced, high-pressure environment, breaks become more critical. Go somewhere peaceful or spend time relaxing. You can try new challenges, join a new club or even enjoy a solo trip. Just get away from regular life and move towards new experiences. 

However, make sure that you don't live in anticipation of the break, or you will kill your productivity. Focus on what's in front of you, except the negativity. That's how you will achieve more and respect your decision to take a break. Apart from the big break, try to schedule small gaps of doing nothing. Everyday!


A healthy conclusion

Mental health is no joke and should be one of our priorities. Anything that can be hazardous to what we think and feel should be abandoned entirely. The world is too big to tolerate things against our sanity. There are so many examples of mental health degradation among the best of us. No amount of money or success can bring back internal peace. 

Think about it! Money provides instant gratification, and we come under financial stress sooner or later. Likewise, it is great to be successful, but it takes a lot of mental strength to maintain that triumph. However, we don't mean to demoralise you or want you to feel less ambitious. You must do whatever is necessary to achieve your goals, but that should not harm your mental peace. 

Remember, your mental stability is your inherent wealth and cannot be traded in the name of work, people or money. 


Why is it important to have strong habits?

It is essential to adapt habits that make you mentally strong. It gives us numerous perks to achieve something in our career, meet our desired goals, to be confident. 

How can I strengthen my habits?

To up-skill, your habits for mental strength, enhance your knowledge, participate actively, and observe people around you. Social learning provides you with an array of opportunities to learn and grow. 

What is mental strength?

 Mental strength is the ability to conquer your feelings, emotional control and logical understanding. Focus on the results to calmly cope with difficult situations no matter the problems. These things are possible when you are mentally sharp.

How to change bad habits to good habits to strengthen mental health?

 Everyone can change their bad habits. All you need is self-confidence and motivation to face the hurdles. While cutting back bad habits, you meet your hidden capabilities or inner talents. 

What are 5 habits that can improve my life?

Self-confidence, active participation, speaking for yourself, adapting to changes timely, and socialising with people. These five habits can bring positive changes in your life.