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20+ Expert Marketing Tips to Boost your Marketing Strategy

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Published on: 03 Sep 2021

  Marketing, a highly dynamic domain, is ruled by trends and user preferences. Working in a volatile field, like it, comes with its challenges. More times than often, marketers encounter the herculean task of creating a marketing strategy that works. Here, a little market analysis, a thorough knowledge of marketing trends and the audience comes real handy. Supplement these with valuable insights from marketing wizards, and you have the most effective concoction of the best marketing tricks up your sleeve.   

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Want to know how experts shape their marketing initiatives to reap the maximum return on investment? Here are the best tried and tested marketing tips, ideas and advice by leading marketing experts. Pull out your notepad, and start to jot down these pearls of wisdom.

1. Janet Machuka

Listen to your audience; don’t just speak. Engage in dialogues. This is what makes social media social.

— Janet Machuka (@janetmachuka_) August 3, 2021

I have worked with so many personal, corporate brands and even SMEs to guide them on how they can build a valuable presence on social media. These are some top tips l always recommend for personal brands.

Create a network: Don’t just create and stop. BUILD the networks. Ensure that you build meaningful networks that will stay in your circle for long.

Find your Tribe: Find communities either on social media or offline involving people with similar interests as yours. Leverage the community to request for referrals to jobs. Niche communities on Twitter such as #AfricaTweetChat can help you find people who can teach you on digital marketing approaches.

Personal Branding: A Personal Brand makes you stand out. Choose a niche, start building it by sharing your story and creating value to those who engage with you.

Above all, monitor your brand mentions and join relevant conversations especially the high visibility ones that involve thought leaders in your niche. Lastly, build meaningful communications every single day through conversations you create with people. Remember, people remember people who leave a valuable mark in their minds and trigger them emotionally.
2. Janice Wald

Twitter and LinkedIn are ideal social media sites for you to use to grow your professional network in order to expand your business.  Please Retweet #TBT #ThrowbackTuesday pic.twitter.com/iYmfdZyOEf

— Janice Wald (@MrsPaznanski) August 25, 2021

Marketers need to use videos to engage and educate. The good news is this does not entail extra work for the marketer. Marketers can turn a blog post into a video and cross purpose that way. In fact, free tools like Lumen5 draw from your RSS feed and make a video each time you publish. Then, put the video on YouTube and embed it in your post. You can put the video elsewhere such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Due to the lockdown, consumers are used to digesting information through video. That won't change. Use free video-making tools and repurpose your content. You'll save time, address the latest marketing trends, and receive wider exposure.

3. Digital Fridays

Understanding your long term value proposition not only allows you to survive but thrive in business. Following others may give you short term wins but you wont have long term success. #marketingstrategy #BusinessValues

— Digital Fridays (@digital_fridays) August 2, 2021

Digital marketing is obviously a huge area to share my knowledge on but an interesting angle to take would be around change in the digital space and the impact this can have on businesses. We've seen this through the growth of the internet, eCommerce & social media. Businesses have to adapt to new digital functions and upskill to keep on top.

4. Sharissa

Get to know your ideal audience πŸ”₯

βœ” Start a conversation with your CURRENT customers
βœ” Ask them questions
βœ” Listen to their stories
βœ” Find out why they became a customer
βœ” Monitor their activities online

What else?πŸ™πŸ»

— Sharissa | Content Warrior (@skuurstra) August 8, 2021

5. Christine Johnson

All headlines need to include your value prop. A great headline promises that you’ll solve a problem.

"4 U’s" to create a compelling headline:

1) Urgent
2) Useful
3) Unique
4) Ultra Specific

Determine the most important "U" for your brand and make that the headline.

— Christine Johnson β˜€οΈ (@CJ_250marketing) July 31, 2021

6. Ross Simmonds

Don’t assume that everyone knows something just because you do. This is what stops most people from actually creating content.

— Ross Simmonds (@TheCoolestCool) July 18, 2021

7. Masooma

5 random content marketing tips:

• Write clear copy
• Pay attention to promoting content
• Content repurposing saves time
• Distinguish yourself with a brand voice
• Create content that interests your audience + introduces your service/product

What would you add?

— Masooma | Content Writer (@inkandcopy) July 27, 2021

8. Gaurav

In content marketing, less is more.

Keeping it simple takes time and effort.

— Gaurav (@agarwal__gaurav) August 3, 2021

9. Maria Elena Duron

What is a marketing persona? (a.k.a. a customer or buyer persona!) This is a generalized profile of your ideal customer or a key segment of your target audience. You form this picture of your customer and their characteristics by using customers research and analyzing the data. pic.twitter.com/l43wtl2eMo

— Maria Elena Duron | Marketing Coach (@mariaduron) July 28, 2021

10. Olesia Deineka

Content hacks to help you grow your visibility on social media:

✨ Model Your Competitors
✨ Leverage News Hacking (Look for trending stories in the media—> find an angle to incorporate your solution)
✨ Use Memes πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
✨ Create Infographics
✨ Ask Your Audience for a Feedback

— Olesia Deineka (@by_olesia) August 24, 2021

11. Matt Thomas

Engagement is more than just clicking the 'like' button.

Reach out and make new connections.

— Matt Thomas (@insidersecrets) April 30, 2021

12. Harrison J Hepp

Engagement is such a critical piece of social media strategy.

Algorithms like engagement. Your community likes engagement. People who don't follow you yet like engagement.

Find a way to inject more engagement into your strategy!

— Harrison J Hepp (@HarrisonJHepp) October 9, 2020

13. Adriana Tica

#ContentMarketing success is SO HARD to measure. But with clear goals & the right #tracking tools, you can shed light on the content marketing KPIs that matter to your business.

πŸ‘‰ #Traffic
πŸ‘‰Bounce rate
πŸ‘‰ Leads
πŸ‘‰ Scroll depth

Get the other 11 #KPIspic.twitter.com/S1orYbJjEE

— Adriana Tica (@adriana_tica) August 24, 2021

14. Adam Payne

Open your ears, heart and mind, be present and make sure you're setup to glean every aspect of what your ideal customers are putting out on social media#Entrepreneurship #Mindset #NewWayGrowth #BGAUK #KiBpodcast

— Adam Payne (@AdamPayneFInsLM) August 13, 2021

15. Ash Mashhadi

How to turbo-charge your #OnlineMarketing in under 30 seconds. If you want to explore the ways we can help you create compelling video content for your business, say hello. pic.twitter.com/pIHrsoTvYj

— Ash Mashhadi (@inspirationguy) August 3, 2021

16. Anthony Gaenzle

Focus on strengthening the relationships with your existing network.

Growing your network is important, but if you don’t nurture your current relationships, you’ll lose them.

— Anthony Gaenzle (@AnthonyGaenzle) August 24, 2021

17. Christine McLean

A content brief is not a content strategy.

Your content strategy should be directly connected to your goals and follow the steps in this checklist.

Have you been doing everything on this list?#contentmarketing #ContentStrategy pic.twitter.com/ecxo2pQmfo

— Christine McLean (@christinespeaks) August 17, 2021

18. Gabriele Carboni

#Marketing should do a lot more about #sustainability than painting the logo green. #marketingdistinguo #EnelFocusOn  pic.twitter.com/aWordIHbaS

— Gabriele Carboni | Top5 Marketing Influencer Italy (@gabbariele) August 24, 2021

19. Alex Lielacher

68% of online experiences begin with a search engine and SEO can help you be on page 1.#contentmarketing #SEO

— Alex Lielacher (@AlexLielacher) August 23, 2021

20. Gerry Moran

10 Phrases Hurting Your Messaging

1. like
2. you know
3. basically
4. stuff like that
5. real quick
6. probably
7. kind of
8. sort of
9. I mean
10. I’ll just#personalbranding #contentmarketing

— Gerry Moran (@GerryMoran) August 5, 2021

21. The Voice of Marketing

Influencer marketing is all about how people lead communities to behave & think. It’s not a popularity contest, it is a commercial ecosystem where relationships are the currency.

— The Voice of Marketing (@LeboLion_SA) August 24, 2021

22. Simbar Dube

People don’t hate marketing; they just hate marketing that’s annoying.

Let’s not be annoying.

Let’s not try to save the world with every marketing activity we do.

It's okay to be real sometimes and weird other times.#MarketingTwitter

— Simbar Dube (@SimbarDubeZW) January 6, 2021

23. Jon-Stephen Stansel

No post succeeds because it contains a hashtag.
No post fails because it lacks a hashtag.

— Jon-Stephen Stansel (@jsstansel) August 24, 2021

24. DanaHerra

Brand voice is not optional. It exists with or without your input. Your business is sending messages by its very existence. You may as well be intentional about it.#marketing #branding

— DanaHerra🍊 (@DanaHerra) January 14, 2021

25. Richard Dedor

Creativity in marketing is awesome.

You know what is even better?

A strategy that meets the moment with the creativity to support it.

That's the magic. #MarketingTwitter

— Richard Dedor πŸŽ™οΈ (@RichardDedor) July 7, 2021

26. Asangi

The role of content doesn’t stop once a contact has converted.

Content continues to

πŸ’Ž ad value πŸ’Ž nurture πŸ’Ž fuel the buyer journey πŸ’Ž retain the customer.

Content is important at any & all stages! #contentmarketing

— Asangi (@asangi_j) August 26, 2021

27. Ashwin

But be consistent, be conscious of your message, and be aware of your audience. The cost of online advertising isn't getting any cheaper, so you may have to pick your battles even more wisely.

— Ashwin (@TheCopyTrail) June 29, 2021

28. Matt Jones


Being able to keep up to date and constantly adapt your marketing strategies can be one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Whilst there are countless websites/blogs available that will help you see news articles on changes that are happening, the online community for digital marketing as a whole is the best place to be. There are so many great marketing experts from all disciplines that share their thoughts, studies and observations across Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking platforms, who help give valuable insight into trends and changes that are usually backed up by research they have carried out themselves. Additionally, the community is extremely welcoming and happy to help, so if you are experiencing specific problems, there are usually countless individuals that are willing to have a quick chat with you and share their thoughts in order to help you. Leveraging this fantastic resource of a community of experts and thought leaders is my biggest tip when it comes to ensuring you keep progressing with your skills and career in digital marketing.

Those tips are indeed enough to give you a head start to building a successful marketing strategy. Put them in motion and cherish the groundbreaking results from all your marketing endeavours.
Apart from incorporating these valuable recommendations, it is quintessential to brush up with the latest technology and user preferences in the market.
The pinnacle of successful marketing relies on continuous evolution and adaptation. As a marketer, keeping up to date with all that’s making waves and having a keen eye is critical for success. 

For that, you can connect with top-rated marketing experts on our micro learning app. Learn new marketing skills in less than 15 minutes. Get going now! 




What are hard skills in marketing?

Marketers need a good blend of hard and soft skills to put their marketing initiatives into action. Apart from a focused speciality, you need to ace one or all of the following hard skills:

1.SEO - A sound knowledge of search engine optimisation is quintessential in blogging to make sure your content ranks on search engines and is discoverable by the target audience.
2.Writing - Apart from content writers, a marketer should know the basic writing skills for online and offline media.
3.Social media management - knowledge of social media is an essential hard skill for a marketer in an age of viral trends and chance marketing.
4.Data analysis - Making informed decisions in marketing is possible by analysing data that gives valuable insights on social media campaigns, website traffic, audience behaviour and other variables.
5.Conversion rate optimisation - Knowing the ins and outs of CRO is important for a marketer to convert the leads and the traffic their marketing initiatives drive.

What are the qualities of a good marketer?

For success in the dynamic and evolving marketing domain, a marketer needs to possess the following qualities:

1.Ability to sell
3.A keen observation
8.Team working skills
9.Effective communication abilities

How does reverse marketing work?

Reverse marketing is a marketing technique where customers are given the option to choose companies and brands rather than buying through forced or targeted advertising. This type of marketing is effective as it empowers potential customers by giving them choices. Moreover, brands get an option to humanise their persona and attract an audience by reaching out to the customer with their advice, product and help.

What are marketing techniques in business?

Although there are no pre-prepared marketing techniques, there are many isolated marketing channels to rope in to build a successful brand strategy. The most promising marketing mediums to get your business off the ground include:

1.Social media advertising
2.Inbound marketing
3.Content marketing
4.Search engine optimisation
5.Referral marketing
6.Internet marketing
7.Email marketing

What is a good marketing plan?

A good marketing plan is one that identifies the demands of business, the potent audience and the channels to approach them, along with a roadmap of the activities to undertake. While creating a marketing plan, it is vital to keep in mind the following key pointers:

1.A thorough marketing analysis
2.Well defined target audience profile
3.Realistic marketing objectives
4.Wholesome marketing strategy
5.Marketing budget

What is meant by self marketing?

As the name suggests, Self-marketing involves personal promotion rather than brand marketing.
It is helpful when people are afraid of trusting a faceless brand.  Thus, a marketer benefits a lot from self-promotion.

What is green marketing?

The popular marketing method creates an environment-friendly image of a brand or a business.
However, this marketing method needs backup from actual stats and events to build trust among potential users.