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Easy to Make Macramé Wall Hanging for Beginners- Quick Tutorial

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Published on: 08 Jun 2021

Let your interiors spruce up with the boho vibes of macrame. There are trillions of ways to do interior decor but a DIY macrame wall hanging is just the handmade trinket to bring warmth and style to your home. New to the art of macrame? Follow this blog, and you will be able to create your own wall hanging in no time. The best part is that you can quickly learn and incorporate new patterns or designs of your own. 

Macrame Decor Design

Macrame is the 'it' thing as chic boho decor is all the rage in the decor domain. The appealing bohemian element instantly adds charm to any corner of your house. Be it a macrame plant holder, key chain, teepee, dreamcatcher, or styling apparel like belts, purses, earrings, footwear, etc., the possibilities are endless. 

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So, the big question is, how enthusiastically do you want to learn how to make macrame? Put all your fears behind it and let yourself submerge in this retro crafting trend. 

How to make a DIY Macrame Wall Hanging?

Macrame Wall Hanging DIY

Image Credit: Nova Koster (Macrame artist)

This edition of the DIY macrame wall hanging is for beginners. While there are many elaborate wall hanging designs and patterns, we begin with the easy to make macrame feather wall hanging. Since this macrame piece is beginner-friendly, you need not learn the different kinds of complex macrame knots, patterns or be highly meticulous about measurements. So, we begin with the simplest macrame piece - the macrame feather and put it into beautiful wall decor. 


 Macrame Supplies

Wooden dowel
Macrame cord


  • The first step is to create a string to hang your piece. Cut 1-2 inches of rope (preferably longer than your dowel) and tie it to each end of your dowel. Use glue to secure it in place. 
  • Now that you have a taut working surface, tie a long thread of 1 m to the dowel. 
  • Cut some threads 16 cm long each. Choose the colour of these threads as per your choice. Tie these threads to the long thread in a single knot fashion. Go on for around 40 rows. 
  • Tease the fibres of the feather with a comb so that they unravel. 
  • Trim the threads into a feather shape by using scissors. 

Trim the Macrame threads

  • Now loosen the long thread from the dowel, add a bead on top of the feather, and glue it. 
  • Using a Larks Head Knot, fasten the long thread with the macrame feather to the dowel. 

Use a Larks Head Knot

  • Make similar macrame feathers and attach them to the dowel to make them look aesthetic.

Your DIY feather wall hanging is complete. 

Now, all you need to do is find the right spot for your wall hanging. Moreover, it makes the perfect thoughtful gift for the holidays. Just adjust the length of the cords and pre-determine how extensive, big or small do you want the piece to be and then start right away! The bigger the work, the more time it will take. 

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Additional Tips to Help you Make Macrame Wall Hangings

Let's kickstart your macrame journey with these practical tips handed down to us by the talent in our #macrame community.

  • Search the internet (YouTube and Pinterest) for new patterns. They are a great source of inspiration and will instantly fill your mind with new ideas. 

Macrame Wall HangingsTip

Image Credit: Momo Macrame (Macrame artist)

  • Begin by gaining knowledge of how to make different types of knots. Make notes if possible. The knots on the wall hangings you see on social media may look a bit overwhelming, but the best solution is to start with one knot and learn its variations. 
  • When starting a macrame wall hanging, have a clear mental picture of how you want the piece to turn out. Then, decide the measurements based on the size of the wall hanging. Measurements are a big concern when deciding the length of the cords. If you cut it short, you will likely run out of thread halfway through the process. To avoid that, measure long and cut long. 

Macrame Tip - Measure long and cut long

Image Credit: Nova Koster (Macrame artist)

  • Give natural dowels a try. If you are willing to put in extra effort and save up a little, mother Earth has plenty of natural dowels for you. Go to the nearby woods and find a chunky piece of branch. Strip it carefully, dry it for a few weeks and voila! You have a beautiful natural wooden dowel. These woods that you handpick may not be naturally straight, and their curves are their most prominent attraction. But it may be difficult for you to figure out the measurements on a curvy log. So it's best to practice on a straight dowel first and then make the switch. 
  • Research and find out where to get the best macramé supplies at the most affordable prices. Additionally, you must figure out your favourite type of cotton. It will give you the ease of working, some idea about the finish and develop a familiarity that will lead to faster execution. 

Macrame Tip - Get the best macramé supplies

  • Practice regularly by following tutorials (like the one given above) and see if you can provide an innovative touch to it. Don't be afraid to play around and have fun!
  • Once you gain enough practice, start developing a style and distinguish it from others in the domain. It's always a good idea to make something that reflects your personality rather than simply replicate what others have done.  
  • If you plan to set up a cute Etsy shop and build your macrame business, it is quintessential for you to learn how to take product photographs. Since Instagram is all the rage, the most aesthetic pictures catch the eye and make the biggest sale. So, play around with different settings and angles to take the perfect shot. 

Macrame Tip - Learn how to take product photographs

Image Credit: Patricia (Macrame artist)

  • Lastly, know that you are not alone! Share your progress with other like-minded people in the macrame community. There are plenty of people who will support and mentor you, and it's easier to learn from their experiences.

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Since you are reading this blog, we assume that you have an interest in the domain. So, let’s look into how macrame- a long-lost art- has resurfaced in today’s time and age. 

Macrame and its Comeback

Macrame became a part of interior design in the 1970s. Now, this was an era when decor had entered a rather tacky phase. Therefore, the arrival of macrame was not much appreciated. But now, things have changed for the best, and macrame art has found its rightful place in the fashion and decor industry. This domain of fibre art is all about achieving a bohemian style characterised by square knots. 

Macrame and its Comeback

In a 1973 New York Times article, Expert John Hendel said, "It seems that rope work isn't being taken up just by older people and children, but by young adults as well." 
One reason this crafting style became all the rage is the therapeutic benefits that came with knotting. Now, there is an entire DIY and crafts community that has taken over the internet by storm. Vloggers and influencers in the domain come with new macrame patterns and find out their new practical uses.

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How do you start a macrame wall hanging?

To start a macrame wall hanging, you will first need basic supplies like a cord, scissors, and a dowel. Apart from that, it is necessary to have a design in mind or on paper. Know the length of your macrame wall hanging and then begin. If you need help, follow a step-by-step tutorial.

Is macrame an expensive hobby?

Macrame is an economical hobby. A lot can be made with a single rope, scissors and optional accessories.

What is the best size rope for macrame?

Choosing the right size of macrame cord depends on the project you are making. If you are making jewellery or small accessories, the best size would be 1-2mm. For wall hangings or plant hangers, 3.5mm cords would be ideal.

How do I get started with macrame?

To get started with macrame, it’s best to learn how to do the basic macrame knots. Knowing these knots will help you get the hang of the process.

Is macrame easy to learn?

Macrame is fairly easy to learn when you know basic knotting and practice regularly.