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10 Easy and Skillful Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones

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Published on: 26 Nov 2020

Wait! Don't put away your Halloween DIY art supplies, yet. It is time to get creative and create Christmas presents. How about we make this about thoughtful presents? 
After all, all you want to do is put a smile on the faces of your near & dear ones.
Get your gift making essentials out, it is time to make 2020 merry. 

1. Forest Bonfire Candles

Christmas Gift - Forest bonfire candles

Candles and Christmas blend like perfume and air. A personalized scented candle will be the ultimate gift for this holiday season. But we aren't going to keep it basic at all. Call out to your creative powers and begin. 

Supplies to gather:

  • Christmas Pillar candle 
  • Some fresh greenery (preferably pine or fur leaves) 
  • A long ribbon to tie around the candle
  • Scissors

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Follow these instructions:

  • Trim the leaves to fit somewhere around 2-3 inches shorter than the candle top. 
  • Cover the entire candle with leaves and secure with glue or staple. Safely attach all the leaves to the candle. 
  • Cut the ribbon to the optimal length and wrap it around the candle. Make sure to make a fancy bow.

Skills you polish:

  • Design skills
  • Craft skills
  • Cutting skills 


2. Christmas Cookie Snack Sack

Christmas Gift - Christmas Cookie Snack Sack

Nothing shouts Christmas than a faint smell of cookies in the house. Well, you will surely bake some cookie goodness and our snack sack is a fancy way to distribute this happiness with friends and family. 

Supplies to gather:

  • Small colourful bags (preferably red or printed in colour)
  • Delicate Christmas ornaments like berries
  • Contrasting tie
  • A scroll with a personalized message
  • Name tag

Follow these instructions:

  • Bake yummy cookies and put them inside the goodie bag. 
  • Secure the tie to seal it. Create an extra loop and fasten the scroll tightly to the tie.
  • Stick the ornament of your choosing on the bag with your name tag
  • Be extra fancy with your handwriting. Here's how to impress others with your penmanship.

Skills you polish:

  • Arrangement skills
  • Calligraphy Skills
  • Sorting Skills
  • Baking Skills
  • Decorating Skills


3. Exquisite Incense Holder 

Christmas Gift - Exquisite incense holder

Holidays are all about feeling good, eating good and smelling good. So, gift some incense to your friends this Christmas but do it in style. Build an attractive complementary incense station or stand too. 

Supplies to gather:

  • Clay
  • Paint
  • Toothpick or design stamp

Follow these instructions:

  • Take a lump of clay and make it into a small ball shape. 
  • On the sides, etch a design with the toothpick. On the top, create a small hole for the incense. 
  • If you have a design stamp, press it on the sides to beautify your delicate incense holder. 
  • Take another lump of clay and shape it to look like a saucer. 
  • Place the ball incense holder on top of it. 

Skills you polish: 

  • Clay modelling skills
  • Carving Skills


4. Cuddly Christmas Mug

Christmas Gift - Cuddly Chirstmas Mug

Holidays are incomplete without eggnog on the couch with family. You can add an extra touch of warmth to it by making a cuddly Christmas mug. 

Supplies to gather:

  • Glue
  • Cotton or wool
  • Glitter
  • Mug
  • Sparkle
  • Small paper cutouts

Follow these instructions:

  • Get your mug and plan a design first. Decide where you want to place the decorations. 
  • Roll cotton balls into small pom-pom shapes paste them on the mug using glue
  • Sprinkle some sparkle on the cotton balls. 
  • Paste small paper cut-outs on the mug 

Skills you polish: 

  • Planning skills
  • Design skills


5. Mason Jar Christmas Lights

Christmas Gift - Mason jar chirstmas lights

A jar full of small fairy lights will be the perfect present for anybody. The idea is to create the impression and magic of fireflies in a jar. 

Supplies to gather: 

  • Mason jar
  • Christmas lights
  • Name tag
  • Small Christmas tree ornaments

Follow these instructions:

  • Take any Christmas lights (or fairy lights that you ordinarily find) and put them in the mason jar.
  • Adjust the placement of these lights inside the jar. Now, place some ornaments into the jar. 
  • Close the lid and write a thoughtful message on the name tag. Use fancy handwriting and warm quotes to create an impression.
  • Tie it around the neck of the mason jar

 Skills you polish:

  • Craft skills
  • Assembling skills
  • Calligraphy skills


6. Embroidered Ornament

Christmas Gift - Embroidered Ornament

If you have some basic knowledge of embroidery, weave aesthetic designs onto a Hardanger Fabric Aida Cloth Evenweave Fabrics or a fancy ready-made cloth. This will make for a fabulous gift for someone who is interested in thoughtful home decor.

Supplies to gather: 

  • Embroidery thread 
  • Wooden frame/ring of different sizes
  • Ribbon 
  • Embellishments (optional)

Follow these instructions:

  • Gather your embroidery kit and pick threads in synchronization with the Christmas palette 
  • Embroider Santa, reindeer, sledge snowflake designs 
  • Keep the wooden frame intact to attach the ribbon to it. 
  • If you want, cover the wooden ring by piping the border with decorative paper. 
  • Cut a ribbon of equal length and secure it to the embroidery hoop. 
  • Decorate the ribbon with embellishments (optional). 

Skills you polish:

  • Embroidery skills
  • Design skills
  • Organization skills


7. Bottled-up Thoughts

Christmas Gift - Bottled-up Thoughts

Of course, you don’t bottle up the stuff that is bothersome. But your friends obviously want to hear what makes them so special - hence bottle up those thoughts/ideas.

Supplies to gather: 

  • Mason jar 
  • Scrolls
  • Fancy ties
  • Fake snow or salt
  • Small baubles 
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon
  • Name tag tie 
  • Sparkle, confetti, or glitters (optional)

Follow these instructions:

  • Write your thoughts or fond impressionable incidents of your friend/family on scroll paper. ( (Use calligraphy pens and artsy handwriting). You can also go creative with the scroll paper and decorate it with acrylic painting methods. 
  • Roll each one up when you are done.
  • Take your ornaments and put a double-sided tape piece to their bottom. Stick the ornaments inside the jar so that they don’t move from their allotted position. 
  • Fill the empty mason jar with snow or salt. 
  • Sprinkle some glitter, sparkle or confetti (optional)
  • Tighten the lid of the jar.
  • Tie a ribbon and a name tie tag on its neck for a personalized touch. 

Skills you polish:

  • Organizational skills
  • Placement skills


8. Goodie Box

Christmas Gift - Goodie Box

Give your loved ones an assortment of their favourite goodies. Create a wholesome goodie box and fill it with some extra Christmas love.  

Supplies to gather:

  • Wooden box
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Basic decoration knick-knacks 
  • Bunch of most favoured items of your loved ones

Follow these instructions:

  • Start by decorating the wooden box to make it fit the Christmas theme. You can use ribbons, tassels, cotton-made snowflake balls and the like.
  • Place the items inside the box either directly or reuse paper shreds.  
  • Seal the box with love. Attach a handwritten note at the end. 

Skills you polish:

  • Organizational skills
  • Placement skills


9. Trendy Terrarium

Christmas Gift - Trendy Terrarium

You can give an entire ecosystem to someone. Just put together a terrarium for this holiday season. 

Supplies to gather:

  • A glass terrarium
  • Sand gravel and stones 
  • Plants (either one or a group of small different ones like succulents) 
  • Christmas ornaments (optional)

Follow these instructions:

  • Assemble a terrarium. Make sure to evenly spread the soil, root the plant/s and water them appropriately.
  • If you desire, find a spot or two to place any ornament. (optional)

 Skills you polish:

  • Gardening skills
  • Assembling skills


10. Juicy Christmas Wreath

Christmas Gift - Juicy Christmas Wreath

This is a must gift item for your sweet-toothed folks. A candylicious wreath is just the right addition to your DIY Christmas presents list. 

Supplies to gather:

  • White snow fluff
  • Glue 
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Candy (choose candies with a shiny wrapper or poppin’ colours)
  • Store-bought wreath

Follow these instructions:

  • Take the wreath and decide on positions to stick the candy and ornaments.
  • Stick these to the wreath using a hot glue gun. 
  • Add some extra character to the wreath and intertwine the white snow fluff to the wreath. 

Skills you polish:

  • Sorting/cataloguing skills
  • Design skills
  • Abstinence from candy

Greet the holidays in style and attempt to create wonderful Christmas presents. Use your skills, imagination and loads of creativity to bring a smile with your precious gifts. Looking for some Christmas activities inspiration

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What are common Christmas gifts?

Some common Christmas gifts that make the rounds every year include:

1.Self-care kits
2.A pet
4.Makeup products
5.Homemade gifts
6.Stationery items

What are some good Secret Santa gifts?

Some popular, secret Santa gifts include:

1.Adult colouring book
2.Printed socks
3.Engraved pen and pencils
5.Soap bar
6.Manicure and pedicure kits
7.Scarf or bandana

What are good small gifts for friends?

You can surprise your friends and put a smile on their faces by gifting them small, thoughtful gifts like the ones listed below:

1.Mugs and glasses
2.Aroma candles
4.Spa kit
7.Photo album
8.Soap bar

How do you buy a Christmas gift on a budget?

It’s easy to go overboard with your Christmas shopping because of all the shiny gift items on display and the attractive holiday prices they come at. But if you want to impress your loved ones without making a hole in your pocket, here are the top tips in which you can shop for Christmas on a budget:

1.Prepare a list and stick to it
2.Go shopping alone
3.Start early and don’t wait for the last minute
4.Buy in bulk
5.Give DIY items a try
6.Make a budget and carry cash
7.Hit the discount stores or sales
8.Don’t overdo it with toys or repetitive gift items for kids
9.Wrap each gift individually

What are cheap Christmas gifts?

Going Christmas shopping can dig a hole in your pocket. The solution? Buy budget-friendly or cheap Christmas gifts. Here are few options to choose from:

1.DIY cookie jar
3.Christmas baubles or decor items
4.Homemade cookies
5.Photo frame
6.Christmas greetings in a mason jar

Why we exchange gifts on Christmas?

To Christians or those who celebrate Christmas, the gifts are symbolic of the tributes made to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men after his birth. It was during the story of the Nativity.

When did the story of Santa Claus begin?

The story of Santa begins in the fourth century AD in Turkey. A man named Nicholas became the bishop of a village called Myra. He was later canonised and soon became one of the most popular saints in Christianity.