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8 Crazy Skills That Make You More Attractive

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Published on: 23 Nov 2020

Acquiring skills can help upgrade and transform you physically and mentally and also help to develop various aspects of life. And life is not just about getting a job or being better at your job, is it? This is because your abilities and skills shape your personality, career, perspective, and a lot more. All these things make you attractive to several prospects.  Here, have a look at the 8 skills that make you instantly attractive: 

  1. Social skills
  2. Dancing
  3. Speaking a Foreign Language
  4. Cooking
  5. Creativity
  6. Personal Grooming
  7. Storytelling
  8. Mathematical Skills

Take a peek and see how each skill works to make you more appealing.

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#1 Social Skills

What is the first thing you notice when you speak to someone? Is it their manner of talking, the way they conduct themselves, their accent, body language, or confidence? It's not a single trait but a combination of social skills that instantly makes someone noticeable. Therefore, many essential factors contribute to creating an impression. They are clubbed together as social skills. 
The importance of social skills cannot be undermined in either professional or personal life. They instantly make or break your relationships. Since first impressions are all that matter, work on your: 

  • Communication skills
  • Soft skills
  • Cultural skills

Knowledge of these three skill sets will surely bring a drastic change to your individuality. Since they cannot improve conventionally, adopt practical ways to improve your social skills.

Crazy Skill - Social Skill


#2 Dancing

Dance is the purest form of expression. This performing art has what it takes to make you attractive. Since it speaks of a confident body language, you can impress people with your dance moves. If you have a deep-seated desire to enroll in Salsa, Zumba, tap dancing, contemporary, or any other dance lesson, now is the time. 

Crazy Skill - Dancing
As we stay confined indoors, dancing has become one of the most popular skills to learn during quarantine. Get together with your friends virtually, join an online class, or learn dancing all by yourself by copying basic moves and prepare to win hearts. Apart from this, it adds to your physical fitness and gives you an attractive dancer's physique.  


#3 Speaking a Foreign Language

Knowledge of a foreign language is a skill to succeed in your career. It facilitates communication with many people and truly liberalizes your thought process. Similarly, it adds to your cultural skills set and makes you a global citizen.

Learning French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, or any other language is also a plus point from a business perspective. Moreover, it enhances your creativity too. Fluency in a foreign language is definitely a skill you can flaunt, and it is bound to make you more likeable. 
Apart from students, it is one of the preferred skills of entrepreneurs. Learning a foreign language is all about having access to the best teacher (preferably someone with a native bilingual proficiency) and dedication to the process. Since it is a top-ranking skill to learn remotely, use our social learning platform, Kool Stories, to gain fluency in a foreign language. Here, you can simply pick a language, connect with native speakers, and learn virtually from anywhere. 

Crazy Skill - Speaking a Foreign Language


#4 Cooking 

Cooking savoury dishes is a sure shot way to become popular among your friends. Everyone must learn basic cooking; it is a life skill. But if you want to entice others with your food, use all the wonderful cooking techniques used by master chefs worldwide. Knowing such cooking basics will make you more independent as you also control and monitor your health. 
The skills of a person furnish his overall personality, so be mindful of the skills to learn. Life skills are survival essential, and learning how to cook is one of them. It is a gender-neutral art to learn and is widely used by men to impress women.

Crazy Skill - Cooking


#5 Creativity

All creative professionals have a distinct aura and personality because they make things out of thin air. They see the extraordinary in the mundane, and this makes all creative skills attractive. 
If you fancy writing, painting, photography, music composition, or a similar creative passion, start to develop them into sound skills. There are many perks of being creative but professionals can profit from it as it is an in-demand future-proof skillset too. 
Since it is all about innovation and novel ideas, people find it difficult to channel their creativity. It is for these times that such ways to unlock your creative powers come in handy. 

Crazy Skill - Creativity

#6 Personal Grooming

 Before you actually talk to someone, the first thing that strikes is their appearance. You could be the most intellectual person in the room, but your poor grooming skills won't prove your case. Therefore, learning how to dress up is a skill in itself. A sharply dressed person will always be preferred over someone who is not dressed to impress. Hence, know all about personal grooming as it literally makes you attractive. Gain an understanding of: 

  • personal hygiene
  • clothes to wear as per the occasion

Crazy Skill - Personal Grooming


#7 Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. It is a superb conversation starter. Thus, a pro tip is to strategically use storytelling. Prolific storytellers engage their audience, gain their attention, and subtly convey their points. This way, thoughts can be put across and get absorbed by the audience more permanently. Be it businesses or big brands, people like to hear their stories. So, this makes storytelling the number one skill to learn in 2020. 
Though it is a part of the powerful communication skills used at workplaces, storytelling is also judiciously used by creators. They illustrate their story through expressive means and successfully gather responses from the audience. 
To develop storytelling as a skill, learn to practice it professionally. Follow techniques used by great storytellers. This is the most practical way to upskill.  

Crazy Skill - Storytelling


#8 Mathematical Skills

There is a separate fan base for people who are good with numbers. The ability to perform mathematical functions quickly is an attractive skill. Professionally speaking, sound mathematical skills help to develop the following:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Analytical thinking
  • Logical reasoning
  • Derivational skills

Just like creativity, such a hard skill develops over time. While some of us are born with it, others may get a grip over numbers gradually.  

Crazy Skill - Mathematical Skills

Whatever skill you may want to learn, the ultimate goal should be knowledge enhancement and value addition. This list of skills that people find most attractive will not only increase your likeability but also eventually amplify your personality so that you become the best version of yourself.

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What are some badass skills to learn?

Impress others and build your charm with some badass skills. Master these to become the centre of attraction:

5.Lighting a fire
6.Solving a Rubrik’s cube
7.Doing a handstand

What new skill can I learn at home?

If you are looking for productive ways to spend time at home, here are the skills you can independently learn at home:

1.Speed reading
2.Learning the basics of drawing
4.Organising and decluttering
8.Communication skills
9.Home repair

What are the most impressive skills to have?

Want to steal people’s attention? Develop these top impressive skills today to become the centre of attention:

1.Preparing a delicious and fancy-looking meal
2.Solving a Rubik’s cube
4.Changing a car tyre
6.Magic tricks
8.Using chopsticks
9.Parallel parking

What is the most useful skill to learn?

The most useful skill to learn in 2021 to stay relevant to the changing trends include:

1.Digital literacy
2.Public speaking
4.Web development
5.Basic cooking
8.Content generation
9.Knowing basic investment and saving

What is the easiest skill to learn?

While some more complex skills may take time to develop, here are a bunch of skills you can quickly learn within minutes:

1.Make basic conversation in a foreign language
2.Doing the moonwalk
3.Using the sewing machine
4.Typing on the keyboard
5.Baking cookies
6.Write using basic sentences
7.Basic knot making
8.Speed reading

What are the most attractive talents?

These are a few talents that people find attractive in men and women: 

1. Dancing 
2. Able to play an instrument 
3. Cooking 
4. Able to speak different languages 
5. Art and creativity

What is the most attractive trait a person can have?

Having a positive attitude and confidence have been revealed as the most attractive qualities in both sexes.