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How a Content Creator Become a Successful Influencer?

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Published on: 30 Mar 2022

Ever wondered why your favourite influencer on Instagram or content creator on YouTube has a massive following and hoards of followers? While some may attribute a creator’s success on digital media to showmanship, others might pass a snide comment about purchasing fake followers. 
Although there might be a cheat sheet to becoming successful online, lying in the dark underbelly of the internet, it is always a set of strategies and valuable content sharing that makes one an internet sensation.  

Content creators have become quintessential middlemen for every brand and business (large or small). Since the pandemic people have been glued to their phones for longer periods. Statistics also show that their watch-time has drastically increased along with social media usage. These numbers directly indicate the influence of content creators on the masses in 2022. 

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With the help of photos, videos, ebooks, blogs and the like, businesses leverage the power of content creators for promotion and engagement. Ultimately, being an influencer has become a lucrative career option. 

If you think you have what it takes to become an influencer, we'll outline certain promising and practical strategies to kickstart your career as a content creator.  This blog will be your comprehensive guide, explaining the tasks you will need to undertake to become an influencer, the associated salary and perks, along with the dos and don'ts. 

A quick overview - Who is a content creator?

A content creator is someone who churns out regular content in all or some form of digital media to entertain, educate or both. 

To simplify, content is any audio, video, text, or graphic that is posted on the internet. When a person dedicatedly produces content that is preferred, appreciated and followed by users/viewers, he/she is called a content creator. 

The ultimate goal of content creation is to garner followers, raise awareness (regarding a product, service or cause), keep updated with trends and earn money in the process. 

The major skill that comes in handy for all content creators is the ability to be current. Moreover, all popular content creators have a clear understanding of their target audience, know their likes and dislikes and trace the latest trends with respect to content consumption.  

One can become a content creator on any digital platform - social media, websites, forums, videos and audio streaming platforms.

When a content creator has gathered a huge following he/she holds the power to touch lives. Brands and businesses use this power to get themselves promoted by sponsoring the content creator and building a positive reputation. Here, the services of a content creator in the form of his creativity, honesty and showmanship are sought after. 

So, the ultimate question that arises is - how much do content creators earn? 

Average Salary of a Content Creator

According to zippia, the average content creator salary is $57,000. This figure is subject to fluctuation depending on the niche market, industry, creativity, and use following. 

You don't need a formal educational background or qualifications to become a content creator. A basic understanding of how the market works, the channels for content creation, and knowledge of how to make decisions based on statistical analyses will be helpful in starting your career as a content creator. 

When you aim to become an influencer, it is crucial to study, understand and choose a platform for dispensing your content. A thorough study of the types of users on the platform, its content creator business model and hidden T&Cs is quintessential. 

As a digital creator, you are responsible for content creation, production editing, social media promotion and quality check. It is a full-time freelancing job initially. Later on, when your content gains visibility and recognition you may get employed in house or get hired by a digital marketing firm or agency.  

If you wish to earn your way into the content creation industry, patience is key. Start slow and build your audience and trust your content. There have been many influencers who started out without any experience in the field and have achieved tremendous success by following the basics.

Although it may look easy from afar, it definitely takes a village. But with positivity, high spirits and knowledge of content creation, you can easily become a content creator. Here are additional strategies that will help you along the way. 

How to become a content creator?

A content creator's job description is very vast and somewhat subjective. There are many tasks that may fall within the spectrum of content creation but the tasks of a content creator are defined by the platform they are working for

For instance, if you wish to become an Instagram influencer, it is understood that short and regular content creation, with an understanding of the Instagram algorithm, with its hashtags, posting time and engagement ratio is imperative. 

On the other hand, if you are a full-time blogger, doing research, engaging in SEO and creating blogs, articles, PDFs and guides, guest blogging and website maintenance will be key. 

Despite the type of content created and the chosen platform for its distribution, there are certain tasks that are common to all content creators. These include:

Knowing a brand, its target audience and the type of content they create is the first step in content creation. This helps generate ideas, and stand out from competitors.  

Understanding the type of content to create for a specific topic is where you can get creative. This is purely subjective and as a creator, you can think of ideas to make engaging and relatable content for your target audience. 

Actually creating the content is the third step. Here you will create content and bring an idea to life.

Next comes editing, retakes and approvals. Now that you have the content in hand, at this stage, you can brand it, give your personal touch 

Finally, you get to promote your creation. As an influencer, you can do this yourself organically, but there are many paid traffic generation options too. 

This peek into the life of a content creator might have given you some idea about being a content creator. If it seems like a daunting journey ahead, we are here to help you. You can become a content creator at KoolStories- micro learning platform, and share your expertise with learners. Wait! Hear out the interesting part. You get to monetize your skills!


What makes a content creator successful?

A content creator gets successful only when his content has worth and is liked by his audience. Moreover, the content should be humble in nature and have the requisite people skills to garner an audience.

How can a content creator make a living?

A content creator can earn through vast avenues. The popular ones include creating content as a freelancer, helping brands gain engagement through sponsorships, making and selling merch, online teaching, referral marketing and helping raise awareness regarding a cause. 

What kind of skills do content creators need to have?

As a content creator, you need to have the skills of doing research, planning, ideation, creativity, soft skills, quick thinking, improvisation, SEO, discipline and time management.

Is content creation profitable?

Yes, becoming a content creator is a very profitable career option. You can make money easily by creating content for brands and businesses, doing promotions and gaining a profit percentage of the sales share. 

How can content creation be improved?

You can improve your content creation drastically by being current and up-to-date with the latest trends, understanding the needs of your target audience, analysing what your competitors are doing, and finding your unique voice and style.