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Christmas Activities Countdown: 9 Feel-good Things To Do 

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Published on: 01 Dec 2021

Christmas 2022 is going to be everything but traditional. All those well-adorned, bauble laced streets with fairy lights and carols echoing in the background are sure a treat to the senses. Still, this year we are doing things differently. 

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It’s time to spice up things to do this Christmas. With limited outings and fewer options, here are fun yet kind, simple yet innovative ways for a merry Christmas. 

1. Arrange for a Drive-in Cinema

Christmas Activity - Arrange for a Drive-in Cinema

Instead of just watching Christmas-themed movies on your laptop, arrange for a drive-in movie night with your neighbours. Handpick tasteful films like It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street. If you cannot decide, go with the Christmas special of Dr Who. That’s epic!

2. Wear a Jumper for a Cause

Christmas Activity - Wear a Jumper for a Cause

Confused about what actually is a Christmas jumper day 2022? Well, it allows you to dress up for a fundraiser. All you folks in the UK have a splendid opportunity to participate in a campaign to save the children by donating £1 or £2 on Friday 11th December. If you've missed out on it this year, be ready next year. 
Apart from this, there are different charities to take part in. Search for donation drives and charities and giveaway needful essentials. 

3. Be the Real Secret Santa

Christmas Activity - Be the Real Secret Santa

Spread some happiness around and become a secret Santa for the needy. Prepare some really heartfelt gifts (that are not too heavy on the pocket), set up a hot chocolate station, a cookie swap or something similarly sincere. The idea is to bring a smile to people. If you haven’t been doing that already, make it into a new Christmas activity and repeat it every year with fresher modifications.

4. Round up Out-of-the-box Christmas Gifts and Decor

Christmas Activity - Round up Out-of-the-box Christmas Gifts and Decor

Count your blessings this year by staying indoors and cherish valuable family and friends. Bring a smile on their faces by being a little creative with your Christmas gifts. Allow us to spoon feed you with these unique gifts ideas
Since you decide to put some thought into the gifts, why let your decor be any less avant-garde? Try out the really cool decor ideas to stylishly deck up your house and inside and out. You can also spend some extra time to come up with some interesting gift/hamper/goodie wrappings.

5. Bake Some Home-made Goodness

Christmas Activity - Bake Some Home-made Goodness

As you sit surrounded by family and friends with that titillating Christmas vibe, forget about the calories and bake some love. 
Huddle up with your kids in the kitchen and go on a bake-a thon. Split up in teams or put in joint efforts to bake cookies, cupcakes and gingerbread house. Not to forget, this traditional festive gesture is to spread happiness and what better way than drinking hot cocoa, or eggnog in cosy PJs near the fireplace. Oh, but wait! You can always surprise others with a batch of yummy Christmas treats. 

6. Recycle and Save the Environment

Christmas Activity - Recycle and Save the Environment

As you gather in the tree room to make some DIY Christmas gifts cards with your family, take a moment to think if you can reduce, reuse and recycle. Don’t sweat it; it is super easy. Here are all the crafty and smart ways you can recycle Christmas cards:

  • Make gift name tags. 
  • Cut out decor like gift chains, bunting, and hanging card tree decorations.
  • Use images to create your own DIY Christmas card or collage.
  • You can either take this creative route or go the responsible way and ask local authorities if they have provisions for recycling wrapping paper, plastic bags, etc.

Are you a decor enthusiast looking for ways to up your Christmas Decorations with new ideas? Hop onto the KoolStories app and connect with designers to learn newer ways to step up your decor game.  

7. Huddle-up for a Family PJ Party

Christmas Activity - Huddle-up for a Family PJ Party

Don't be disheartened if you cannot be with as many people as you want for Christmas 2022, but that cliched huddle-up is still possible. But with a twist! Pull out those tacky, ghastly Christmas sweaters to go with your most festive set of Pjs and arrange for a storytime every night until Christmas. As the city outside turns into a winter wonderland, build your own cosy corner under your creatively decorated Christmas tree. Sing carols, turn up favourite holiday tunes, watch movies, play games, orchestrate a book read and let your home ooze festive excitement. 

8. That Lip-smacking Vegan Christmas Spread

Christmas Activity - That Lip-smacking Vegan Christmas Spread

'Vegan diet' is just about the most popular kid around town. With newer ways to cook plant-based produce, it's time to add a fun twist to the traditional roast dinner. Thanks to chefs for experimenting with so many ingredients, your vegan Christmas meal will surely cast an impression on your dinner party. If you are not convinced, see how kale can save Christmas at the last minute. 

9. How many weeks until Christmas?

Christmas Activity - How many weeks until Christmas

The basic do-da is not nearly enough to stand out. So as we do things unconventionally this year, your advent calendar must be equally happening. Craft one using varied themes. For sure, take inspiration from the many ideas available online. But remember to take the creative route. 

There are tons of things to do and many different ways to spend it well at Christmas. But we bring you the most relevant, in-trend, and joyous things to do. Go with one or all because tis’ the season to be jolly.  



What are the activities during Christmas?

Activities you can do during Christmas:

1.Take a warm Holiday Card Photo
2.Post Soldiers Holiday Cards
3.Decorate a Gingerbread House
4.Bake Christmas Cookies
5.Plan a Family Photoshoot
6.Host a Christmas Craft Party with family and friends
7.Write Letters to Santa

How do two people make Christmas fun?

Two people can make their Christmas fun by :

1. Decorating cookies
2. Make your own presents for family and friends
3.Go to local Christmas parades
4.Decorate the house
5.Make paper snowflakes and globes
6. Read old stories
7. Bonfire

What do families do on Christmas Eve?

Some common things families do on Christmas eve involve:

1.Watch a Christmas movie
2.Open gifts
3.Bake Christmas cookies and cake
4.Huddle up under the Christmas tree in your sweaters
5.Make and exchange Christmas cards
6.Make a gingerbread house
7.Read classic Christmas stories
8.Prepare a special Christmas dinner
9.Attend Christmas eve Church service

What are some fun Christmas traditions?

You can come up with unique Christmas traditions for your family and friends. But here are some fun ideas to spice up your Christmas:

1.Make an interesting advent calendar
2.Write letters to Santa
3.Find a unique Christmas tree topper
4.Host a Christmas karaoke night
5.Go carolling around the neighbourhood
6.Wear your best Christmas sweaters and jammies
7.Exchange ornaments
8.Cook Christmas meals together
9.Arrange a fun Christmas game night

How do I entertain my kids for Christmas?

Celebrating festivals with children is a whole different ball game as they tend to get bored quickly. However, we are here to lend you a helping hand to make Christmas a fun, unique experience every year for your kids:

1.Create theme-based advent calendars
2.DIY Christmas ornaments
3.Baking Christmas cookies
4.Gingerbread house decoration
5.Fun ice skating games
6.Writing letters to the Santa
7.A Christmas karaoke night
8.Personalised gift wrapping
9.Doing charity drives and donations

How do you make Christmas Day fun?

Make your Christmas day fun with:

1. Taking a Holiday Card Photo.
2. Sending Soldiers Holiday Cards.
3. Decorating a Gingerbread House.
4. Baking Unique Christmas Cookies.
5. Planning a Family Photoshoot.
6. Starting a New Family Tradition.
 7. Hosting a Christmas Craft Party.
8. Writing Letters to Santa.

What can you do outside for Christmas?

Outside activities to do on Christmas:

1. String popcorn & cranberry garland for the birds
2. Decorate with nature for the holidays, indoors & out
3. String a Christmas nature garland
4. Create an ornament from nature
5. Make birdseed ornaments
6. Decorate an outdoor tree for wildlife
7. Build a holiday card tree
8. Make twig stars (they make perfect tree toppers!)
9. Take a holiday light walk