Easy Calligraphy Exercises To Perfect Your Handwriting

So finally you have made up your mind to discipline those wayward letters by learning calligraphy. Good choice! But now as you sit with all those new calligraphy tools and gear, looking for easy ways to master hand-lettering at home, it is only natural, to begin with, some easy warm-up exercises. 

This meditative age-old art form is the most satisfying hobby and activity on the internet currently. There is nothing better than the expressive visual experience of calligraphy. While there are fabulous ways to improve your calligraphy skills, some beginner calligraphy drills will surely be helpful. 
Pull out all those fancy pens and brushes. It is about time you impress people with beautiful hand-lettering. 

What are Calligraphy Exercises?

What are Calligraphy Exercises?

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Calligraphy exercises formally called "calligraphy drills" or "lettering" are must learn foundational strokes when you start. These include zigzag, oval, loops, chains, and straight-line strokes. 
No skilled athlete makes the mistake of going for a sprint without a good warm-up session. But you can be like this professional person when you loosen your muscles with a couple of random strokes. 
These calligraphy drills are useful to practice for they:

  • acclimatise you to the art, and the tools  
  • builds consistency and establishes the flow 
  • loosens the arm and hand 

You are here because you want to start correctly with modern calligraphy. Here is how: 


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Calligraphy Exercises

Give yourself some time. Maybe wait for the creative juices to flow. When you find that right comfortable spot, kick off with the following:

#1 Circular Strokes

Calligraphy Exercises - Circular Strokes

The oval or circular stroke is one of the seven basic calligraphy strokes. It is fundamental and is incorporate in lettering. Therefore, practice the oval stroke by: 

  • Holding the pen or marker at an angle.
  • Rotating the pen in a circular grinding fashion by using more of your arm. 
  • Ovals are extremely important for they are exhaustively in use for alphabets like g, b, d, p, etc. 

As a beginner, you are probably tempted to learn the copperplate script calligraphy for it is easy to follow and aesthetic. But this calligraphy script is also all about basic oval shape. So, attempt this drill to develop a thorough foundational understanding. 

#2 Line Strokes 

Calligraphy Exercises - Line Strokes

Making horizontal and vertical lines is how artists warm-up during initial drawing lessons. 
But you calligraphy learning creative minds are no less. Start your warm-up by making straight lines. Here are a few tips:

  • Etch some straight like in a horizontal, vertical, and at an angle. 
  • Put some arm work into it to glide the pen. 
  • Adjust the weight on the lines by tightening the grip. This is an excellent calligraphy technique to add contrast. 

#3 Loops and Chains

Calligraphy Exercises - Loops and Chains

The goal of this calligraphy exercise is to become consistent with loops. This is super helpful for modern calligraphy. Begin by:

  • Making loopy cursive alphabets like the letter L.
  • Try making both ascending and descending loops. 

Calligraphy Handwriting

Source: Justine

Calligraphy is also about making chains. Practice making ovals in a continuous series so that your hand gets used to the pattern and remains consistent. The idea is to know how to increase and decrease pressure for thick or thin effect. The same principle applies when you use Procreate for calligraphy or hand lettering. Are you intrigued by these practices? They will certainly get the creative juices flowing and will get your hand prepared to create those marvellous flowery alphabets. 

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