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7 Bold Marketing Techniques For Online Success in 2022

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Published on: 29 Sep 2021

As we move over to 2022, technology is refined and the audience is much smarter. The old content, rank, and subscribe tactic is out. The people thirst for something much more.

To quench this thirst, digital marketers adopt hundreds of strategies- fifty of them get don’t stand a chance and the other half deliver prolific results.

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When this happens, a new, bold marketing technique takes birth and the obsolete ones are discarded for good. But is that strategy the right fit for your niche? Let’s plan and observe the marketing techniques in vogue for 2022.

#1 - The audience wants a visual treat

The audience wants a visual treat

There is an ample amount of data and research which shows that masses love nothing more than a visual treat. But, there is tough competition with readable content making waves in the market. As smart speakers increase voice search content consumption, marketers mistakenly give visual content less value. However, marketing research says otherwise.

In 2020 and the year to come, people and their love for visual content will only soar higher.  Because visual content is at its zenith, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are enjoying their time in the sun.

Apart from a common tried and tested technique, there is a psychology behind why people love pictures more than plain text (and no, it’s not lethargy)! We, humans, are complex creatures but our anatomy makeup can be used to understand our psyche better. Saying that people like images more would be vague if not bagged by biological proof.

Therefore, the fact that 40% of all nerve fibres connected to the brain linking to the retina, make more neurons dedicated to vision as compared to the other senses. When this happens it is acceptable to say that our brain is ruled by vision.

Thus, the power of visual content is established. When marketers leverage this finding to their advantage, visual content marketing takes shape. Elements like colour psychology are employed for extra influence.

#2 - Video Marketing

Video Marketing

If an image can have a stunning influence on the human brain, imagine the effect a video would have! It’s spectacular how easily you can wield videos to meet all your business needs.

Among all other types of visual content, videos are the most versatile and shareable medium. Consider them like a spice that goes well with blogs, articles, landing pages, and social media. They capably demonstrate, explain, entertain and engage anyone. Just know what your audience wants and how they want it.

#3 - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The market is content hungry. While everyone else is curating mainstream content, you can take your marketing up a notch to give viewers something to think about- experience-driven content.

In times where the visual market skyrockets, augmented reality (AR) gives people are deeper plunge into the visual experience. This ultimately builds engagement and increases usage to satisfy the end goal of marketing. Thus marketing, when combined with such elements of disruptive technology, gives strategies a whole new face.

Augmented reality is a fantastic way to combine actual and imaginative worlds to stimulate people and give them a near-reality experience. Extensive uprise in filters on Instagram and Facebook indicates that people love augmented reality.

Similarly, virtual reality, as used by real estate companies, indulges users in an entirely virtual manner. Both AR and VR are equally competitive to grab user attention and has their own usage as per the niche.

#4 - Problem-solving content

Problem-solving content

Moz found out that around 8% of Google searches are questions. This crucial piece of information is spun around by skilled marketers to their advantage. They simply produce content that circles around to solve people’s problems. The focus on providing real value to people is so high that a Google tool (in the beta testing mode) serves as a repository of people’s answered/unanswered queries.

In a market where there is a dearth of content that provides trustworthy solutions, become a brand that people look up to. Your blogs, newsletters, infographics, surveys, videos, and reports will be valued only when they immediately solve problems.

Employ tools like answer the public to know queries people make on a specific topic, demonstrate “how to...” and “step-by-step methods” through videos that the audience of any age group easily follows, or make an eye-catchy, data-rich infographic.

#5 - Convey with Brand Story

Convey with Brand Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? But aren’t they just for the kids? Well, businesses recently learned to wield the power of good storytelling and the results promote brand popularity. Well, the biology behind this had to be tracked and it shows that a good story releases oxytocin. This oxytocin makes you happy, trustful, and compassionate. These are the popular emotions brands love to attract for their success.

Apart from the oxytocin factor, a good story aids memory. It is the same science that works behind mnemonics. A solid narrative appeals to the emotions and makes elements embed in your memory in a more solid manner. This is why advertisements with a good storyboard become evergreen and associated elements like jingles, logo, name, etc. stick.

This shows the influence of a quality constructed narrative.

Remember that when people relate to you, they develop a fondness and frequently revisit.

#6 - A whole new level of Branding

New level of Branding

Another marketing trend evident in the past year and is here to stay is branding. Just like people resonate with a story, they also feel special when they are given a megastar treatment. Although there is no upper limit to how well you treat your customers, surely branding is where you can begin.

People become loyal when brands appeal to popular emotions, demonstrate reliability and fulfil their demands. This cycle begins when your marketing efforts are aligned to ease the life of people who follow you. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to construct a brand strategy that accentuates your business’ point of view, highlights belief systems, and most importantly, provides value.

You can learn more about branding and design through 15 minute micro-courses on our app. Connect with top-rated experts and learn smartly. 


#7 - Podcast

The future is voice search and a popular enabler of this mechanism is ‘podcast’. Conversational language is the future of SEO. As Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technology is evolving, and currently, there are over 4 billion digital voice assistants that are collectively using learning mechanisms to rapidly progress in the said evolution.

“Alexa, play the song Wonderwall by Oasis” counts as one voice search. Now, how easy is that! Every piece of technology that has a voice receiver or a mic and can connect to the internet can be used for voice search. The basics of this phenomenon are visible from the dialogue system that a computer uses to engage with the user. To ensure ease of flow of dialogue, in some devices users don’t even need to activate the virtual assistant to make a search.

A big note to digital & content marketers here- every success milestone of this technology will mean a drastic change in SEO techniques. The language of the content will HAVE to be conversational. That means question keywords, long-tail keywords and filler words like ‘into’, ‘definitely’, ‘on to’, and so on gain more and more importance (note to freelancers: word count will no longer be an issue. Write on, fellas!). Blogs become blog+podcasts, articles become articles+videos, and so on. Hard work but also interesting work.

Surely, some of these techniques seem a tad too bold. But isn’t that the point of developing technology? Far-fetched things become measurable goals, and measurable goals are achieved with ease. Speaking of goals, as far as marketing ROIs are concerned, the smart thing to do would be investing more in R&D and restructuring marketing expenses in a way that R&D complements strategy & execution.


What are successful marketing techniques?

The best marketing strategy is built on the following broad techniques:

  • Giving the target audience something new to consume
  • Positioning your value proposition or unique offerings among the right demographics
  • Finding and using the most fertile space for promotional activities
  • Evaluation of success and loopholes by analysing past activities

Based on these fundamentals, it becomes easier to curate a customised marketing strategy to achieve the unique goals of each stage. 


What are the 7 elements of a marketing plan?

The 7 elements or the 7 P's of a marketing plan revolve around the product, price, promotion, place, people, process and physical evidence. A well-rounded plan touches all these aspects and describes the roadmap to achieve them. 

What are the pillars of marketing?

There are 4 pillars of marketing, also called the 4 P's, namely, product, price, place and promotion. 

What are the 4 types of marketing strategies?

The 4 most popular types of marketing strategies include:

Cause marketing: Here, companies support a social cause, raise funds and spread awareness. 

Relationship marketing: This B2C marketing aims to maintain a long term relationship with the customers through feedback forums, loyalty programs, and product improvement. 

Paid marketing: As the name suggests, here, digital marketing works through paid mediums to each customer through advertisements, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, guest post, etc.

 Word of mouth marketing: It is the best type of marketing to drive loyal and genuinely interested people towards your brand/company. This type of marketing thrives on creating a good impression on the user so that he is motivated enough to pass on the message to people in his close circle. 

What is the best marketing technique?

The best marketing technique is a blend of all the best marketing practices that displays your offerings and casts a positive impression on the target audience. Here, you can use brand storytelling, video/audio marketing, digital PR, testimonials, target audience analysis, retargeting, and content marketing.    

What is the best way to promote a business with social media?

Most importantly, choose the right platform.
Engage with your potential audience and create a community.
Also, do not try to shove your message down your audience's throat. Provide value and make a genuine connection.

What are the 3 types of digital media?

The three types of digital media:

- Earned media
- Owned media
- Paid media.