Best Halloween Decorations Ideas for Spooky 2020

It is that time of the year, already - Halloween is right around the corner! Squirrel away your old trinkets, as we have handpicked the spookiest Halloween decorations ideas for you. Get a bit creative to give a fun twist to all those tinsels (bats, pumpkins, skeletons, spooky ghosts, and witches). Put these up and be sure to impress all trick-or-treaters or every Halloween party guest. 

  1. Pumpkin paper lanterns
  2. Skull/pumpkin lights
  3. Creepy cutlery
  4. Pagan altar corner
  5. Colorful pumpkin carving
  6. Bloody wreath
  7. Halloween candy cauldron
  8. Scary staircase
  9. Crawley spider spots
  10. Sanitizer station
  11. Wizards' dining
  12. Lawn ghost guests
  13. Skull bookends
  14. Black magic space
  15. Cobwebbed corner
  16. Vampire punchbowl
  17. Hanging heads

If you feel extra inspired, do experiment with your Halloween costumes this year. Give in some brainstorming sessions and dress your best for this spooky season.  

While you plan everything else, let us handle the decor. Here are some brilliant ideas to make your house more eerie and ghostly for Halloween of 2020.  


Pumpkin paper lanterns

Halloween Decorations Idea - Pumpkin Paper Lanterns

If you are looking for cheap Halloween decorations, go with lanterns. Buy a bunch of them from the store and swing your DIY skills into action. For this, all you need is some dark-colored paper, contrasting to your lantern shade. Cut out into different spooky shapes (bats, moths, spiders, snakes) and glue them to your lantern. 
Hang these Halloween lanterns in a dark corner and enjoy the creepy ambiance. 


Skull/Pumpkin lights 

Halloween Decorations Idea - Pumpkin lights

Led tealights are among the many cheap Halloween decorations. They are a safe spot to portray creativity this fall. 
Pick a bunch of pastel-tinted fairy lights (preferably white). Tie pumpkin or skull cutouts at regular intervals. Design them as creepy as you can. If possible, pick the ones with red led light. Combine them with black colored skulls for a vampire-themed Halloween party. 


Creepy cutlery 


Why restrict Halloween to wall decor and ornaments? Spice things up a bit and creep out your guests with appropriate cutlery. All it demands are good craft skills. Cut jack-o-lantern faces and stick them to jars and glasses. Decorate straws or pitchers if you plan to serve Halloween cocktails. 
If this seems too predictable, glass paint or puff paint mugs with cobweb patterns. Serve eccentric colored drinks that complement it. 

Pagan altar corner 


The scariest night of the year demands some additional efforts. And there is nothing better than a spine-chilling altar. Since Halloween is a modern rendition of a pagan festival called Samhain, build a pagan altar in the living room. Assemble it with faux bones, skulls, candles, and crucifixes. 


Colorful pumpkin carving


Nothing speaks Halloween more than fun pumpkin carvings. But it is time to take it to the next level this season. Make a shift from the mundane yellow-orange color and paint the pumpkins in fun neon colors of green, pink, or blue. 


Bloody wreath 

Halloween Decorations Idea - Bloody Wreath

Let them trick-or-treaters know about the spookiness of the place they are about to enter! Make a wreath, dripping with red paint, or with crumpled leaves and small pumpkins. Hang it up on the front door. 


Halloween candy cauldron 


This holiday is all about the petrifying sweetness it comes with. But you ought to keep it scary enough to match with the Halloween spirit. If you do not wish to hand out candies, there is enough room to play around it. A popular concept is to put all candy into a fun bowl, for instance, a witch candy cauldron. You can also carry this cauldron around while going for trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood. 


Scary staircase 


Decorate every spot inside and out for Halloween. You can get really creative, especially with the staircase. Decorate ropes to look like a spidernest and intertwine it in the banister. 

Crawley spider spots


Make a family of DIY spiders and scatter them around the house. Paint them in fun colors to add some glow to Halloween decor. You can use them for different purposes. 

Sanitizer Station


With an ongoing worldwide pandemic, we ought to celebrate every holiday with a lot of caution. But that should not stop us from being creative. Since sanitizers are here to stay, pour them into squeezy bottles to keep up the Halloween spirit. A good innovation would be to decorate a store-bought bottle with a skeleton design. 


Wizards' dining


Take Halloween to your table and prepare a wizard themed spread. Since God lies in the little details, decorate your dining area to perfection. 
Collect scene setters to enhance the theme. Add a complementing centrepiece to complete it.  


Lawn ghost guests

Halloween Decorations Idea - Lawn ghost guests

A frightening set of ghost figurines are one of the many Halloween big props. The bigger it gets, the freakier it is going to look. Pile up pumpkins one on top of the other to make it look as tall as an actual person. Veil this with a transparent white cloth. Wire the head with led lights and place it in a dark corner of the lawn.  


Skull bookends

Halloween Decorations Idea - Skull bookends

Plant your house with Halloween decorations as much as you can. This is the trademark of a well-ornamented space. Give your books the luxury of enjoying the spooky season and stash them together with spooky bookends. A skull or a slit wrist pattern would make a good bookend. 
They are easy-to-make with DIY tools at home. Add a hint of sinister feel by adding dripping blood illustration to it. 


Black Magic Space


Bring Halloween to your guest right when they enter through the front door. Welcome them with a black magic ritual. Use faux bones, herbs, crytals for the same. 


Cobwebbed corner

Halloween Decorations Idea - Cobwebbed corner

The most commonly seen Halloween decoration is a cobwebbed ceiling or corner. The idea is to cover an area with cotton or white tapers to make it look old and haunted. Try this on a nook with a window. Add to the creepiness by decorating it with candles. 


Vampire punchbowl 

Want to serve Halloween cocktails? Be innovative and put out a very appealing punchbowl. A good idea is to present a red fruit drink in a blackish punchbowl. Add fang details to add to the vampire theme.


Hanging heads 

Halloween Decorations Idea - Hanging heads

What is creepier than hanging heads? Hanging mummy heads! 
They are easy to make and are not too mainstream, either. To make monochromatic mummy heads, wrap tissues or gauze bandage around an oval base. Leave space for the eyes and stick protruding eyeballs. Voila! Your ceiling decor is done. They will look best on the porch and make beautiful Halloween decorations outdoors. 


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