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17 Tips to Boost Your Photography Skills

Photography is one of the perfect outlets for creative fluidity. This expressive art is both a skill and a talent. With at least one camera in everybody's pocket, photography has become majorly popular today. 
If you are a professional photographer or even an amateur, there are tons of tips to learn about this art of self-expression. But before editing, it is key to learn the basics. Even the best camera equipment cannot guarantee you the perfect capture. The solution? Handy photography tips! 

Here is a step by step guide to help you improve your photography. 

#1 Whip out the User Manual


That user manual that we so easily discard, has essential information on how to optimize the camera to take better photographs. 
It is advised that you retrieve and gloss through your camera's user manual. This manual (though not appealing enough most of the time), will bring you closer to your camera's unique features. Read the function of each button and the usage of all settings. 
It is the primary way to get intimate with your camera. The next logical photography tip, after reading the user manual, is to implement each step. Make the adjustments that the user manual suggests and you will notice a huge difference in the images you take. 

#2 Control Focus


Learning how to control the focus of your camera is the first important step to getting picture clarity. Clicking with autofocus is like driving a car on autopilot mode - safe and sound but with no added thrill or skill. While managing the focus you can shift it as per your requirement to produce more creative photographs. This trick to improve photography will clearly add a new perspective to your snaps and will help to achieve the Golden Ratio mentioned below. 
The primary step is to know your gear and how to switch its focus. The user manual will come handy during this phase.  

#3 Manage White Balance


The white balance is responsible for the exposure and colours in your shots. While there is an inbuilt White Balance setting in your camera, you may want to adjust these settings for different lighting. A cloudy preset will attribute a different aura to your photograph than an auto white balance. In a nutshell, adjusting the white balance will greatly affect your snap. You can get dramatically better or different results by selecting or changing white balance settings to suit your lighting conditions. 

#4 Find Inspiration


The biggest obstacle faced by all creatives is the lack of motivation or creative stimulation. Since it is a major impetus behind creative skills like photography, inspiration is the need of the hour. Look for captivating vistas and sceneries to photograph or read photography books and portfolios online. Take inspiration from fellow photographers and continuously find means to evolve and improve. 
Looking for a quick fix to inspiration? Quickly meet professional photographers on our skill-sharing platform, Kool stories. Come together and collaborate with each on interesting projects and prepare to be inspired. 

#5 Use a Tripod 


Although carrying a tripod around may seem like a hassle but it's worth the effort. Using a tripod to shoot, improves your picture quality by attributing its sharpness and balance. This way you can plan your frame in advance and mount it at the desired angle. Use a tripod to take well-composed and stable photographs. This is the best photography tip for all beginners. 

#6 Carry Your Camera Along


The fastest way to improve a skill is through rigorous efforts and practice. This stands true for photography skills too. Therefore, make use of your camera and take it along wherever you go. With a camera in your reach, you will learn to use it more instinctively.
The urge to photograph any majestic object or scenery will automatically instill in you like a practice. So the next time the sky turns pink, you will reach out to your camera for some spontaneous photography. This is the benefit of carrying a camera along wherever you go.  

#7 Hop Out of Your Comfort Zone


Good things only come to those who get out and grab it. In fact, the best learning happens when you are ready to work for it and the primary step is to get out of your comfortable atmosphere. 
This implies when improving your photography skills as well. It is only when you step out of your comfort zone that you realize what you like and what you don't. 

#8 Shoot Daily


Nothing beats continuous practice. So practice a thousand times to achieve that level of perfection and take one day at a time. Use your camera daily, try to learn something new by experimenting and you will notice a significant improvement in your photography skills. When you are in a habit to carry your camera around, the desire to photograph will increase every time. 

#9 Experiment a Bit


Photographers are continuously experimenting with colours, lines, edges, sceneries, tones, saturation, and a lot more. As a photographer, you too should experiment a bit to find what truly appeals to you. Maybe you're better at monotone portrait photography and are stuck with capturing sunsets.  
This knowledge comes from experimenting around and shaking up things from time to time. 

#10 Broaden Your Perspective


It is always a good idea to find new inspiration and experiment a bit. But don't be stuck with the same perspective; get out of your comfort zone to manipulate settings. Make use of different props and camera angles to shoot. Maybe try out that cool photography trick you saw on the internet. The whole idea is to play around and come up with something new every time. A new perspective will spice up your creative instincts and give you the motivational nudge you are looking for. 

#11 Find a Mentor


The trusted advice of a mentor is truly golden when learning a new skill. To improve your photography find a photographer that motivates and inspires you. Reach out to him/her and put across your ideas with some of your portfolio shots. 
Consider interning under them. It can be a great way to learn something new by merely observing the craftsman at work. Carry their gear, edit for them, offer your unique insight, are all ways to hit an interaction, and learn along the way. 

#12 Identify the Golden Ratio


If you aspire to become a better photographer, befriend the rule of thirds, also known as the Divine Composition, Golden Mean, or Phi. This golden ratio was conceived by Leonardo Fibonacci. It is a method of composition that is used by photographers, architects, and companies like Apple and Twitter to create the most aesthetically pleasing design or photograph. 
Leonardo Fibonacci identified a universal ratio that existed in nature which made everything more pleasant to the eyes. Gaining knowledge of such critical topics can greatly amplify your photography skills. 

#13 A Unique Point of View


The end goal for every photographer is to make mundane objects look ravishing and unique. So naturally, a pro photography tip is to develop a unique point of view - one that presents basic objects in a different light. 
So, begin will still life photography like mugs, chairs, trees, keys, and find ways to make them appear exceptional. 
This unique point of view comes from an imaginative outlook of viewing things. Brainstorming is a practice that greatly helps. Sit with your ideas, come up with your unique vision, pen down key takeaways, and implement this personal data for the next time you photograph. 

#14 Tell a Story 


The most fetching photograph is one that tells a story and communicates emotion. This happens when you shoot with an intention. Therefore, the first step in this direction is to look for what you are trying to convey in a single frame. Have a mental picture clear in your head and then hit the "click" button. It is this intention that gets imbued in your photograph and reaches the viewer. Don't let every picture be "just another click". 

#15 Analyze Your Old Work


A terrific way to learn and improve is from the self. While there is so much that a mentor can teach you, actual learning begins from self-analysis. Be your own critic and look for places to improve. Study your weaknesses and work towards them. 
Review your old photoshoots and investigate areas of improvement. Implement these new findings meticulously. You will certainly track a steep improvement in photography skills.  
Another useful way is to ask for honest feedback from your friends and family. Take their suggestions into consideration and enhance your skills by making some changes. 

#16 Edit Seamlessly 


No matter how hard you try there will always be that one thing that can be improved. Bring editing to the rescue. Editing is essential to digital photography and a good edit can make a huge difference. Photographers use editing software like Snapseed and Adobe to bring that hint of uniqueness to their shots. Know that editing is a part of the process and is a great way to improve your photography skills.   

#17 Have Fun


This is by far, the biggest tip in this entire list. You only learn more when you enjoy the process. All of the above tips will render useless until you actually have fun with photography. Acknowledge this great art and create moments that matter. Photography is about capturing emotions, having fun, and making everlasting moments. 

That was a list of the most selective ingredients that can amp up your photography game. Give each of them a try and record your learning journey. Upskill at will with us by employing such effective methods.

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