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12 Exclusive Billion-dollar Skills To Learn

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Published on: 07 Sep 2020

All thanks to technology, the job market has witnessed a shift over the years. Employers are now on a head-hunt for people with a particular set of skills. Gone are the days when job/earning prospects only depended upon college degrees. Those with nifty skills are more favored in today's gig economy. A profitable skill set is helpful to start your own business or freelance. Hence, skills acquisition is in vogue. 

There are as many skills to learn as the number of fish in the sea. Listen to your inner calling, study the market demand pattern, and choose the most lucrative skill. To simplify things for you, here is a list of the 12 exclusive billion-dollar skills to learn. 

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Writing 
  3. Copywriting
  4. Coding
  5. Translation
  6. Computer Programming
  7. Communication Skills
  8. SEO Analyst
  9. UX Design
  10. Digital Marketing
  11. Video Making
  12. Social Media Marketing
  13. Entrepreneurship
  14. People Skills

Let's waste no time and browse through carefully chosen skills to boost your career. 

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Coding makes use of a programming language to instruct the computer and make it behave the way you want. It makes use of computer programming languages like Python, JavaScript, C++, C, Ruby, PHP, etc. 
Not only is coding helpful to connect with computers, but also to people. 
Through a coding language, it becomes easy to:

  • Create a website 
  • Build a mobile application
  • Build an online shop
  • Aids software development

If you are a computer geek, coding is a must learn. Since computers are here to stay, learning to code becomes vital and profitable. Computer technology will be ever-evolving and greater will be the demand for coders. 

Billion-dollar Skill - Coding

SEO Analyst

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It involves the enhancement of a website's content to divert heavy traffic through organic search results on search engines. Learning how to SEO demands you to track search engine algorithms, stay current to recent SEO trends, and customize content to attract your target audience. 

The internet floods with oodles of content every day. An SEO analyst works his magic to deliver the content to its target audience. 

The skills of an SEO expert are needed when deciding on a business's online presence. With technology came the internet, and brands learned to benefit from it, by erecting a virtual presence. This virtual presence is crucial today. Hence, the services of an SEO analyst will always be sought after. 


Writing is the most useful creative skill to learn. To express yourself on paper is highly demanded in every sphere today. It is fundamental and an asset.

With various types of writings, it is wise to start with your research. Look into the writing that attracts you and begin! Writing as a skill is simplistic and even. Just find the right words and spill your thoughts on paper in the most coherent, concise, and capturing manner. Though there are many writing courses, writing is a muscle that develops over time. 

It is a billion-dollar skill, for it is vital to make sales. Brands pay their writers to spread the word about their existence with a creative ting. 
Today content writing has shaped into a full-blown profession and a well-paying freelance career too. 


Billion-dollar Skill - Writing


People often use content writing and copywriting interchangeably. But there is a huge difference between the two. 
Copywriting is the skill of writing content that is saleable enough for the target customer. It is salesmanship via words. You sell something on-screen by writing. This writing has to be commercially lucrative. For instance, a website's homepage, land page, taglines, brochures, etc is copywriting. 

A copywriter thinks from a user's perspective and curates content that is appealing, persuasive, calling, emotionally intelligent, attractive, and saleable. This requires one to know the working of human psychology to make a purchase decision.  

The maximized use and reach of virtual identity has increased the demand for copywriters worldwide. It is a skill that comes with practice and is exceedingly difficult than plain content writing. 

If you think you can market via your words, give copywriting a go. Get on with your research and flip through plenty of articles online and then decide on a course to take. 

UX Designing

UX designers view technology and product from the user's point of view. A UX designer understands the needs of the end customer, his experiences and crafts, or improves a product accordingly. 

Since brands have become more user-centric, there is a rising demand for UX designers. To fulfil this customer-based approach, UX designers bridge the gap between product developers and the final users. 
When you learn the skill of UX designing you aim to make a product more enjoyable, useful, and serviceable to the users. 
If you have sound analytical skills, then this is the skill for you. 

Communication Skills

If you find writing tiresome, there is an option to work on public speaking or communication skills. This skill smoothly puts across an idea and is tremendously profitable in every walk of life. Lively and pleasant communication builds relationships at the workplace and is a much needed soft skill too. 
To enhance the way you communicate, be mindful of every interaction you make, and review it to make positive changes. Observe great orators and their use of language to cast an impression. Such effective communication is exceedingly favourable to both your professional and personal life. It is a real money maker if utilized correctly.

Billion-dollar Skill - Communication Skills
Graphic Designing

The skill of graphic design is the best option for all you artistic people. Anyone with an interest in colour schemes, patterns, designs, and art should acknowledge graphic designing as a profession. 

This computer-related profession is on the surge. Just like writing, this is a great freelance and remote working job too. Now that companies value creative talent more, graphic designers are required to produce designs for front-end, blogs, website pages, company logos, and much more. 

Billion-dollar Skill - Graphic Designing


This is where learning a famous foreign language comes in handy. If you are bilingual, multilingual, or a polymath, try your hand at a translating gig. With the existing language gap worldwide, translation jobs will never go out of fashion. Technology helps in translation, but only to some content. 

Pick up a language and get fluent enough. But it is necessary to do your homework and research to select a niche. There are varied types of translations like legal, medical, luxury, scientific, financial, literary, and much more. 

Digital Marketing

There are countless people and brands in the digital world today. Therefore, it becomes tough to reach every potential user in such a profoundly competitive space. This is where businesses need the expertise of a digital marketing specialist. 
Digital marketing is selling your product or services for all digital platforms like television, advertisements, SMS, emails, online channels, billboards. Through elaborate strategies, digital marketers can reach the target audience, persuade them, and convince them to make a purchase. A digital marketer knows all his electronic mediums and curates techniques to reach the users. 
Today, digital marketing campaigns are most needed to build an online presence and build consumable content that increases sales and exposure. Anybody with marketing experience or interest should surely learn this skill.

Billion-dollar Skill - Digital Marketing

Video Making

Videos, hands down the most interactive form of marketing and virtual interaction. This is because videos take minimal effort, have less user contribution, and are readily consumable. Therefore, video making is here to stay. The craze of video bloggers on YouTube is proof enough. 

With accessible technology comes built-in video making features. This removes all cost-related bars associated with it. All aspiring videographers start with the basic tools/devices and make use of their aesthetic intelligence to make their content user-driven and engaging. 

The many incredible free video making and editing software has made it one of the most indulgent skills to master. In fact, every brand is on the lookout for a professional video maker for its promotional agendas. 

Billion-dollar Skill - Video Making


Social Media Marketing

The social media craze is proof enough of its influence on our daily lives. Now, brands have tapped into this realm to profit and it has given birth to social media marketing. Social marketing is the next big thing. It involves using social media platforms like Google+, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, for:

  • creation of a social media presence
  • reaching the target audience
  • gaining followers
  • curating thrilling and engaging posts
  • spreading awareness about a product/service
  • diverting users to take action 
  • increasing sales

It is more than often that digital marketing and social media marketing strategies are built similarly. But the former is much broader in reach and channels, while the latter is limited to a select few social media. 
If you think you have a handle on social media better than others, definitely give social media marketing a try. 

Computer Programming

A computer programmer instructs the computer by programming it to suit individual company/brand/individual needs. It is a billion-dollar skill to develop as machines rule the future. Thus, the expertise of the computer programmer facilitates:

  • Smartphone application building
  • Built programs for devices like phones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. 

The skill of computer programming is useful for those with a background in computer science or advanced problem-solving skills. 

Billion-dollar Skill - Computer Programming


The rise and fall of the economy are dependent upon businesses. The more enterprising business enter the market, the higher the job prospects and the greater the employment. But merely having an ingenious business plan is not enough. Entrepreneurs need to continuously develop and sharpen their business skills, which include:

●    Creative thinking - What takes an ordinary small business to great heights? The solution lies in creative thinking blended with superb execution. This is possible only when an entrepreneur can:

  1. Identify problems
  2. Brainstorm creative solutions
  3. Add innovation

●    Risk-taking - A successful businessman is a risk-taker. This quality allows him to go the extra mile by analyzing short term and long term benefits. It is risk-taking with careful planning that sometimes makes all the difference.

●    Leadership - Leadership skills are core managerial and administrative qualities employers avidly look for. Additionally, they are equally essential entrepreneurial qualities because of the positive effect they have on team management, collaboration, and promotion.  

●    Sound decision making - Prolific decision making is the essence of a good entrepreneur. A successful business is built upon the groundwork of thoughtful and beneficial decisions. The right distribution channel to choose, the correct business strategy to adopt, the best people to hire, the favourable expenses to make are all core decisions an entrepreneur forms.

●    Growth-oriented mind-frame - A real businessman is growth-oriented. He/she is a level headed person with a decent emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ). They think big and build competitive market strategies. Such top entrepreneurs handle business maturely, learn from their mistakes, and scale their business with creative and critical thinking.

Thus, good entrepreneurial abilities, combined with self-discipline, work ethic, stress management, and resourcefulness shape businesses in 2020.

Billion-dollar Skill - Entrepreneurship

People Skills

It is people who make an organization. From job interviews to team management, the ability to influence and understand others makes a huge difference. Apart from individuals in real estate, marketing, showbiz, and advocacy, people skills are exceedingly needed for those with desk jobs.
This is because developing them help you become:

●    Empathetic
●    Flexible
●    Active listener
●    More patient
●    Tolerant
●    Persuasive
●    Proactive in approach
●    Supportive and honest
●    Open-minded

By understanding their influential ability and relevance, the talent to communicate seamlessly with machines and real people is thus forecasted to become higher yielding in the future.

Those were our top picks for the most lucrative skill to learn today. Knowledge of the above skills can be gained either independently or with the help of a mentor. Our micro learning platform, KoolStories is the perfect way to begin your digital knowledge gaining journey in the company of like-minded people. Learner's get to connect with professionals worldwide for a sound learning experience in one click. Download KoolStories for simple, smart and quick learning. 


What job skills are most in demand?

The hottest skills shift every year due to demand changes in the market. In 2021, the most in-demand skills revolve around data analysis and technology. Developing these skills will give you an edge, allowing you to adapt, adjust and learn quickly in the face of transitions. These skills include:

2.Affiliate marketing
3.Emotions intelligence
4.Scientific computing
5.Business analysis
7.Artificial intelligence
8.Cloud computing
9.Video production

What skill can I learn in 3 months?

There is always room for improvement, and if you are an avid learner, you can easily pick up and master new skills. Although some may take more time than the others, here are some beneficial skills you can easily learn in 3 months:

1.Public speaking
2.Excel and PowerPoint
3.Photo editing
6.Social media management
7.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
8.Learning a new language

Which skills are in demand?

The technological intervention has spread across verticals and brought about a revolution in the way businesses operate, thus making the most in-demand skills blended with technical prowess. These highly popular skills include:

2.Virtual reality (VR)
3.Product management
4.Machine learning
5.Data analysis
6.Search engine optimisation (SEO)
7.Video Production
8.Mobile application development and
9.Motion graphics designing

What are high paying skills?

High-paying skills are a bunch of technical and non-technical skills which are higher in demand due to the shift in market trends in 2021. Companies willingly pay a handsome salary to candidates with the following skillsets:

1.UI Designing
2.Cloud computing
4.Video production and editing
5.PR Relations
7.Audio production

What are the top 10 high-income skills?

The top high-income skills are dependent on the current and predicted market trends. Learning these skills can add value to your current skill set or take you further in a dedicated direction:

1.Artificial intelligence
2.Financial skills
3.Web design
4.Analytical skills
6.Graphic designing
9.Project management

Why computer programming or coding is so important for students in today's era?

Programming helps young learners gain problem-solving skills, i.e., solving a problem logically and creatively. Coding also enhances thinking ability and enables one to think logically, strategically and analytically.

Why is it important to have good communication skills?

Having good communication skills in life will ensure that everyone around you will understand you. It makes you confident and assertive. There will be minor misunderstandings, and you will rarely have to face issues with poor communication.