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Audio learning for a fast-paced world

Step up your learning with informative audio for quick and targeted knowledge consumption on the go.

Audio social learning

Videos to drive mastery learning

Step up your learning with demonstrative know-how videos for quick skill learning and retention.

Video social learning

Get hooked to audio-video learning

Elevate your upskilling endeavours with regular content from our skilled creators. Tap into a world of audio-video with a click!

Our Content Creator Hub

The Kool community is a diverse hub of talented creators, skilled professionals and teaching enthusiasts who share their skills, passions and knowledge with you.


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Kool Stories is a social learning app for learners and skilled individuals alike. We equip the learners with modern audio and video learning tools for quick consumption and retention. The app ensures that learning happens in a conducive, personalized and curated manner, where users are free to operate within their interest domains. Furthermore, it is an upskilling oriented knowledge-sharing space for seasoned professionals to showcase their talents and share knowledge.

Kool Stories is a skill learning app focused on microlearning through know-how video and audio content. With the app, you can easily select your interests. This allows the learners to browse through content within their interest domain, connect and book sessions with seasoned professionals in their respective fields, share progress, and upskill. The skilled professionals or content creators can build an authoritative portfolio to attract the global learning audience, assist learners, get gigs and earn money for sharing their knowledge through audio and videos.

If you are an ardent learner, Kool Stories is the appropriate place to fulfill all your learning needs with interactive audio and videos. Simply, log into the Kool Stories app and step into a world of skill learning. Select what you wish to learn under Interests and search for the appropriate mentor within the skill community. Learn from their courses or connect with them through a one-on-one session for a more personalised learning experience.

If you have a skill to show and extensive tips, tricks and hacks, the Kool Stories app lets you find a suitable learning audience, spread knowledge and earn money. Sign up on the “Become a creator section”. Build your Profile showcasing your expertise through audio and videos. Develop courses for learners and decorate your Portfolio with your best work to create authority. Upload regular content on the app to gain maximum exposure and visibility within your skill domain. Set competitive rates for your learning sessions and private classes.

Yes! The Kool Stories app is a free audio and video learning app. Its iOS, Android and Web App will be launched soon.

To become a content creator at Kool Stories sign up on the “Become a creator section”. You can also send us an email at enquiry@koolstories.com with a general description about yourself which includes your name, skill expertise, social media/website links. Following that, our team will connect with you to discuss the next steps based on the submitted information.

When you join the Kool Stories Content Creator hub you get the freedom to share your knowledge and build your community of like-minded experts. An expert can earn by providing micro-courses or by guiding learners through live sessions. Additionally, the Creators are exposed to a bunch of resources that help them enhance their social profiles, and receive massive exposure through advertisement and content distribution.

The Kool community is a hub of Kool Stories’ loyalists who regularly share their learning, achievements, and showcase their skills with us. If you wish to gain visibility in the community, send us an email at support@koolstories.com or hit us up on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. To support our cause of uniting skilled people and learners, simply use #ReleaseYourInnerTalents.

Step Into a World of Social Skill Learning with Kool Stories.

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