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Empower your journey towards becoming a skill influencer with a skill sharing platform that gives you the right exposure. Your skills don’t define you, but they sure make you. Bask in their glory. It is time for you to be where you can skill, upskill and grow.

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Kool Stories is aimed at connecting skilled & other individuals to promote personal & professional growth by means of creating content & opportunities and reducing the skill gap across several skill domains.

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A part of reducing the skill gaps is allowing room for improvement i.e. upskilling. Kool Stories is aimed at connecting people & resources to allow free knowledge-sharing & creating an ecosystem of skill growth.

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We're essentially going to be an ecosystem that allows users & skills to grow with their community. We abide by the principle that skills need people to grow, and people need skills to grow & thats our Kool Story.

About Kool

Kool Stories is a product of Kool Group Ltd. It is a fun new way to acquire trending skills and convert your interest into passions. You connect with like-minded, driven people, and collaborate on a revolutionary digital, social learning journey.

our company

Our Company

Kool Group Ltd. came into existence in 2019 when three friends- Michele, Alessandro and Jacopo - brainstormed some serious digital learning solutions over coffee. These trailblazers wanted people to get together for a learning experience of a lifetime. Thus, Kool Stories was created.

our co-founders

Our Co-Founders

Kool Stories is a social learning and networking platform, conceptualized in London. It was conceived in the minds of three modern-day thinkers- Michele Lacerenza, Alessandro Cannella, and Jacopo Lai. They were on a mission to greatly simplify learning for all and ended up with a supreme tool that meets both learning and socializing needs.

our mission

Our Mission

Our ultimate aim is to make skill learning a quick, easy, and accessible activity. We give the global learners’ community all the best features of digital learning and social learning in one tool - Kool Stories. With these handsome features, your learning gets interesting and thoroughly streamlined.

A Place to Nurture Your Skills

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