Why Kool Stories?

A Social, Simple and Smart Learning approach. Designed for talent - Like You.

Learn from skilled like-minded people

Connect with knowledgeable skilled professionals in your interest domain to network, learn and gain prompt consultancy. Make your learning journey social with like-minded people.

Knowledge-sharing through micro audio and video

Streamline your learning by consuming effective micro know-how content curated by experts in 100+ skill domains.

Easily monetise your skills

Gain quick exposure, content virality and an opportunity to monetise your skills by spreading knowledge in your area of expertise.


Create micro audios to share your knowledge, experience, tips and understanding on topics related to your skills and interests.

How Do You Learn With Kool Stories?

Share your skills in a global talent community of like-minded people. Gain maximum exposure through 3-minute know-how audios and videos. Unlock a wholesome social learning experience.

Build your Profile

Create a unique profile by highlighting your skills through audio and videos in your Portfolio. Showcase your skills and actively participate in knowledge exchange to generate an outstanding place value in a sea of talent.

Become an Active Learner

Exchange ideas, tips, knowledge and much more through modern-day audio and video features. Share knowledge with fellow learners, showcase your progress and exhibit your proficiency to engage in upskilling with like-minded people.

Earn through your Skills

Grow as a skilled professional and earn swiftly by providing consultancy to learners. Become an active member of our social learning network, showcase your skill and gain an audience.


Frequently Asked Queries

Kool Stories is a social learning app that connects learners and skilled individuals through curated audio and video. The platform’s main objective is to enable knowledge sharing through bite-sized quality content from seasoned professionals and learners. The idea is to promote people, businesses, ideas, collaborations, & fresh opportunities, giving way to personalized knowledge exchange. One of the primary goals of the platform is to connect people across borders. It's about removing obstacles that restrict skill growth & talent. The app aims to become an all- inclusive space for bite-sized know-how content.

Kool Stories is the most interactive and fun way to learn. It allows you to connect and grow with people around the world. All you have to do is get connected with people within your skill or interest domain. Get in touch with the people who foster similar Interests as you or are skilled enough to help you enhance any passions you have.

Kool Stories is inclined to connect you with the most talented and driven people around the world. We help you establish your own set of connections and create a robust network. To begin with, simply find, sort and connect with individuals visible on the Kool Stories feed. You have the liberty to accept or deny incoming connection requests. Or else, you can also do a manual search for friends or people you may know. Once connected, you can exchange messages, view, share, rate, comment, reply to their audio and video posts, pick a new skill, or become a mentor. The idea is to build an all- inclusive network, to socialize, learn and share.

As a social learning app, Kool Stories is designed to help its members connect with like- minded people to unravel new upskilling opportunities. The platform allows users to display their talents/skills and build communities for collective and individual growth. The platform also enables connections based on skills and mutual interests so that the user's learning gets direction & definition. Whether you’re looking for a new project or want to collaborate and start a new venture with someone, this is where you should be. Acquiring skills through crisp and categorized audio and video can help instantly upgrade in this fast-paced digital age. Your abilities and skills shape your personality, career, perspective, and a lot more. Learning new skills does not have to be expensive if you play your cards right. As mentioned earlier, you can freely access tons of avenues for learning through social learning on Kool Stories. For instance, learning a new language, improving calligraphy, data analysis, mathematical and STEM education is highly accessible through digital portals. A social learning platform like Kool Stories is just what you need for this. Platforms like ours promotes upskilling and reskilling in a warm, interactive social environment with like-minded people. Thus, knowledge sharing becomes unobstructed and accessible for all.

Kool Stories is a social upskilling platform. Upskilling is essentially learning in a way that one's ability to perform skills improves. Digital upskilling has been at the core of recommendations for future workforce development by world leaders in education. Thus, we provide a means for online upskilling to the future workforce so that they can not only learn but also upskill. This highlights the importance of regularly taking the opportunity to upskill for people. Upskilling refers to people learning new skills to keep up with the changing demands of the skill market, enabling them to fill skills gaps and remain competitive in the job market. Ongoing digital transformation has resulted in job roles evolving, processes improving, and people seeking new and better ways of doing things – making a ‘lifelong learning’ mindset more critical than ever. Learning a skill is not a one-time process. It requires regular upkeep and up-gradation. Be it soft or hard skills, both have to be polished from time to time. Thus, making them current and impactful. The ‘social’ element makes the learning experience more personalised to learn and teach at a comfortable pace. Adding skills is all about new learning. Moreover, it fosters a cultural shift in the current digitally advanced age. This implies that you become a forever learner. Do not shy away from learning and step into it with open arms. Harbouring such a mindset will enable you to transform into a flexible, agile, aware, and culturally diverse professional. It can be clearly said that upskilling is the best way to future-proof your career. This process of adding to your skillset comes with a bunch of professional and personal gains. On a more personal level, upskilling yourself should be a top priority.

Kool Stories is the simplest medium through which learners can connect with skilled professionals. Likewise, skilled people can tap a knowledge-hungry audience. Thus, we provide the shortest route to learners and trained professionals to find and connect with each other. Kool Stories has a dedicated search box that you can use to look up people. Here, you can type in the skill/interest you are searching for and find relevant people to connect with. Finally, you can tap on a profile and just send them a connection request. Remember that the key to success on Kool Stories is to connect with like-minded people. So all your searches and suggestions are filtered to your interests and skills.

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