About Kool

Learning new things becomes much easier if it is being taught by someone who has already something in common with us. Koolstories is such an application to connect like-minded people with the purpose of improving as well as exchanging knowledge, abilities, and skills.

our company

Our Company

Kool is a revolutionary social network engross on learning and exchanging the skills. The journey of Koolstories started in 2019 with the meeting of these three Italian guys, Michele,Jacopo, and Alessandro in London. With the aim to discover the beauty around themselves.

our co-founders

Our Co-Founders

Jacopo, Michele, and Alessandro are the co-founders of Koolstories.com. Their friendship built on honesty, integrity, trust, and the enthusiasm to learn something new and innovative. They believe that we all have ‘inner power’ which needs to be unleashed.

our mission

Our Mission

As technology has taken over, with its countless advantages and disadvantages. And in this, we somehow losing ourselves. Our mission is to help people to get the 'bestversion' of themselves. In this way, we can create an unstoppable movement of awakening people.

We Create Stories That People Want To Hear & Watch.

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Our Family

Let’s start with something more interesting facts about our co-founders, cto & other team members.

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